Every day there are so many upgrades that are being made in the field of television that it becomes difficult to choose which television set to go for. Technologies are quickly becoming redundant and added to the cost of the device itself; it becomes quite a challenging task to zero in on the device that you plan to buy. At times, it even makes more sense to buy a used TV, but what should you look for when you are purchasing such?

When you are buying a used TV, you will need to check why the seller is selling the TV, whether the TV is functioning properly, whether the picture is clear, and any loose connections. You will also need to check whether the price of the TV fits your budget.

Once you have your mindset on buying an old model, doing a bit of homework before you purchase the TV is critical. In this article, you will find a list of things to look for when you are buying a used TV. Remember to ask these questions before you make the purchase so that you know you are getting yourself a fair deal.

Find Out Why the Seller Is Selling the TV

Today’s average consumer is baffled with the number of options they have when it comes to purchasing electronics. There are many options from cathode ray TV to plasma screens and LCD and LED television sets.

The technology is evolving at a highly accelerated speed, giving the end customers a variety of options to choose from. With used TV sets, getting the best deal from the options available in the market becomes even more challenging.

When you go to look at TV sets in a second-hand store, the first thing that you need to ask is how the TV ended up there in the first place. You can ask the store owner about this.

There could be multiple reasons behind it – starting from the obvious one where the TV broke down to any particular piece being flawed, or it could be because the owner simply wanted to upgrade. The reasons can be myriad, and you need to consider them before making a decision.

In fact, these are the very first questions that you need to ask before you move on to the more technical questions. For instance, if the owner had found a defect in the TV, then there is a fair chance that the defect might resurface later even if it has been temporarily fixed. It is better to steer away from such a deal. It is critical to have it clarified right from the outset as to why a TV set is being resold.

Technical Questions to Ask When Buying a Used TV

Does the Picture Come Clear on the TV?

It is essential that the picture comes clear and without any glitches on the TV. Imagine coming home after a long day at work and switching on the TV only to be confused by what you see on the screen. A clear picture is the bare necessity in a TV and can be a deal-breaker if there is an issue with the picture quality.

You can compromise on the brand and make of the TV, but it would be sacrilege to compromise on the picture quality. If you can, check certain vital features such as contrast, resolution, and HD compatibility. If you are uncertain, get it checked by a professional you trust.

There may be small issues like picture spots that are almost invisible at first and gradually become a glaring problem. A professional can get the device for you in this regard.

How Worn Out Are the Ports?

Television sets come with numerous jacks and points and plugs so that they can be connected to a number of external devices such as speakers, screens, Chromecasts, Bluetooth, etc.

In case the previous owner has extensively used these ports, then the probability of damage and wear out is very high. It may also lead to loose connections. To avoid this, it is better to check right from the outset whether all the ports are functioning well.

Is the Audio at Par?

Just like the video, the other most crucial thing in your purchase is the audio. In case the audio is sub-par, then you will again have problems with the TV set right from the beginning. Imagine watching a soccer match without the sound on, not quite the best experience, right?

To avoid this, make sure that the speakers are fully tested to ensure that they are in good working condition and that the audio quality is acceptable. Otherwise, you will have to invest in upgrading your audio at an additional cost.

However, there are some easy fixes to solve audio problems with certain TV sets that can be seen online, such as this video:

Can the TV Unit Connect to the Other TV Accessories?

You may already have certain TV accessories with you, either from your previous TV set or the usual accessories that go with other devices and which you intend to pair with your TV as well. It becomes important to ensure that the accessories can be linked to the new TV set that you are purchasing.

For instance, if you have a DVD player or an Xbox, then you would want to be able to connect them to the TV set. So, it is important to ensure that the TV is not too outdated and is rather compatible with your DVD player and video games, etc.; otherwise, it would be a waste of your money. The Fire TV Stick Streaming Media Player is increasingly becoming the chosen TV accessory that even goes along with many contemporary TV sets.

What Is the Exact Size of the TV?

The TV size is also an important factor – not only from an aesthetic side but also from the point of practicality. Buying a TV that is too small for the room will emit sound at a much lower volume than what is ideal for the room. Similarly, if the TV is too big, not only will it be a hassle in hanging it up on the wall, but the sound from the TV may become more jarring.

The screen size, space on the wall, and the size of the room all play a pivotal role in determining the size of the TV. A TV with a small screen will interrupt the viewing experience in a large living room, and the weaker speakers in a smaller TV will lead to a poor listening experience.

How Much Should You Spend on a Used TV?

Deciding on Your Budget

It is best when you come up with a number then search for TV sets that fall within that range. However, scenarios may arise where a certain amount of wiggle room is required in that number, and that is when you may need to regroup, decide on whether the price is actually worth it, and then close the deal.

Prices, even if they are for second-hand objects, often seem extremely exorbitant, but if you have done thorough research, it is quite likely that you will be able to score a TV within the price range that you have set out. There is a variety of second-hand TV sets that may be available in different configurations.

Shop around various second-hand stores for sets that fall within the pre-decided budget range, and it is quite likely that you will find a television set that will suit your requirements as well as fit the budget.

Is the Price of the Second Hand TV Justified?

There are a lot of factors that influence the price of a second-hand television. Things such as the amount of time that has passed since the buying date of the TV, any defects in the functioning of the device, the inclusion or exclusion of any special features in the set, and also the model and make of the TV have a direct impact on the price of the TV.

It is natural that a TV that is sold only within a year after purchase will be costlier than one that has been sold after five years of use provided they both are of the same brand and have a similar set of defects if any. Similarly, depending on the make of the TV as well, the prices will vary; for example, a plasma TV, for instance, will be less costly than an LED.

It is important to narrow down your options by selecting the brand, make, number of years in previous use, and other similar factors and then head out to check what is available in the second-hand market and if there is anything that will give a good value for money.


With a new TV, you also get a warranty for a certain time, but that is not the case with a used TV. You will need to be extra careful when purchasing a used TV set, so that when, at the end of a long and hectic day when you sit down to unwind in front of the TV you are really able to enjoy it.

Blurry pictures, broken receptions, and distorted sounds will not help. Hope you find the points mentioned above to be useful and it helps you choose the right TV set for your viewing pleasure.

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