Peepholes serve an excellent purpose when you want to see who’s at your door. However, they can also be a threat to security. In order to prevent intrusion, you should consider getting a peephole cover. But how to know which one to choose?

There are several good peephole covers on the market. Consider getting one from a brand like SPEyeGuard since they offer both portable and permanent options. Furthermore, there are options like Peephole Guard Simple Covers, Defender Security S, or Rockguard 620VC.

In order to know which peephole cover would work for you, you have to understand why you need one in the first place, what your security risks are, and which features a good peephole cover has. For all of this information and more, read on.

Best Peephole (Door Viewer) Covers on the Market

1. Rockguard 620VC.CRM Brass Door Viewer Cover

This door viewer cover is a stylish one with a chrome finish and plenty more to offer. You would buy a larger package and get complete coverage for your entire home or dorm. It’s also good or when you’re traveling.

You can get it with a peephole, so if you are looking to buy a new one, the cover will match it and look great with it. The brass it’s made of is durable, so it will last for a really long time. It’s good both as a permanent solution or as a temporary one.

For example, the affordable pack of 10 of these covers is great for dorms, and students could split the price. It’s easy to install and set up, and it will be functional for a long time.

Rockwood 620VC.CRM Brass 160-degree Door Viewer Cover for 620 Door Viewer,...
  • Brass door viewer cover with a bright chrome finish for...
  • The bright chrome finish matches the bright chrome...

2. Peephole Guard Simple Covers

Peephole guard simple covers are a perfect travel accessory. It’s very simple, both in design and in installation. It can be a good idea for dorm dwellers or any similar situations when you need a quick and easy solution for a security loophole that are peepholes.

It looks good, considering how portable it is, and it certainly can add a bit of style to any door, even if you choose it as a permanent solution. One of the best things about it is how easy it is to set up. You won’t need any tools, and all you have to do is peel the protective tape on the back and stick it to your door.

It doesn’t fit directly onto your peephole, but rather above it, and then the cover goes over your peephole from there. It’s affordable as well, and you can get a double pack in case you travel a lot, and you want to stay in several places during your trip.

It can protect you against any spying, including with the reverse door viewer. Another good thing about it is that you won’t have to pick the size since this one fits most doors. It’s small and very portable, which makes it an ideal travel buddy.

Peephole Guard - Covers peepholes for privacy.
  • Protects your privacy.
  • Easy-to-install; peel and stick, no tools required.
  • Beautiful yet affordable.
  • SINGLE PACK, DOUBLE PACK also Available

3. SPEyeGuard Portable Peephole Cover

SPEyeGuard portable peephole cover is a simple device that will offer functionality for you at the same time. It’s best suited for travelers, students, and other people that need simple and temporary solutions to safeguard their rooms against intruders.

It comes in two sizes — one smaller and one bigger — so you’ll have a good amount of options for your door. A good recommendation is to go with the bigger one since you never know what kind of peephole will wait for you when you travel. Or you can get both if the price is not too high for you and always have one no matter what the size of the peephole is.

It can keep you safe from any tampering, and it’s easy to install and operate. The cover slides with ease, so you can always see who’s out there. It disables all actions of a reverse peephole viewer as well.

It comes in white color, and it has a logo on it as well. It’s good for apartments as well.

  • Safeguards against external tampering
  • Protects against illicit spying with reverse peephole...
  • Easy to operate; insert cover into door viewer, pull to...
  • Includes two sizes to fit 3/8-inch and 5/8-inch door...

4. SPEyeGuard Fixed Metal Peephole Cover

This peephole cover is a bit more permanent, and it’s usually used in homes. It’s great against spies and intruders while looking stylish and sophisticated. It’s made of brushed nickel and finished off with metal coating. It’s reliable, and you will be able to get the functionality you need from it, in the sense of ease of movement of the cover.

You don’t need to take your door viewer apart to install it. All you have to do is install it over the existing peephole. It complements wood very well, and it will be an addition to your home’s look. You will have to screw it into your door, so it’s not that good for travelers, renters, or people who stay in dorms. But, at the same time, it’s a perfect option for homeowners as a permanent fixture.

It’s very durable, and it will last you a long time. This peephole cover also has an automatic self-closing system, which will make your life easier.

Privacy Logic Speyeguard Fixed Peephole Cover, Matte Black, Metal Plated Finish
  • Slides up to view, self-closes to cover peephole with...
  • Provides greater security than swing or pivot-style...
  • Installs over existing door viewer, does not require...
  • Protects against external tampering and illicit spying...

5. Defender Security S 5084 Portable Plastic Cover

This peephole cover stands out because of its portability and lightweight. It’s white and made of plastic, which accounts for portability. There are different options when it comes to sizes and several different packs that you can buy.

It will protect your privacy perfectly, disabling reverse door viewers. It will fit most peepholes, especially if you choose the bigger one.

This one may not be that great for homes, but it’s a good option for dorms, travelers, hotels, hostels, Airbnb’s, offices, and other spaces that have unsafe peepholes. Because it’s so easy to install, you won’t need any tools to do it, and you’ll have a secure peephole in no time.

Prime-Line S 5084 Fixed Door Viewer Privacy Cover, 1-5/8 In. Outside Diameter,...
  • Used by numerous homeowners as added security at home...
  • Used to cover door viewer and peepholes from the inside
  • 9/16 inch inside diameter with 1-1/2 inch outer...
  • White plastic construction

How to Find the Best Peephole Cover

Peephole covers are simple yet useful little tools. As such, you can’t make many mistakes no matter which one you pick, although there are several things to be aware of.

The Size of Your Door Viewer

Door viewer sizes vary widely, so you have to be careful not to pick a peephole viewer that is too small for your door. That way, everyone with a reverse viewer could still see into your home. At the same time, a bigger peephole cover than your peephole will do the job, but it will not look good.

So, measure your peephole before ordering or buying anything. This should give you the right answer when it comes to the size of the peephole, and you’ll be able to find the one that works for you.

The Look

While the look of your peephole cover may not be the first thing you think of, it’s probably going to be nicer for you if it looks nice. There are all sorts of peephole covers — from wooden and artistic ones to plastic ones or the ones made of metal. You’ll likely choose this based on the look of your door and the viewer.

For example, if your door viewer is already brass with chrome coating, you would pick a cover to match. If your door is wooden and you want the peephole to match that design, you can choose a wooden one.

Plastic ones are usually not a top choice for people, but they are generally good for traveling or situations where the look isn’t important.

The Ease of Installation

A peephole cover shouldn’t be hard to install. Of course, you can always find ones with a more complicated design, but most people want something simple. If you’re getting one for your home as a permanent installation, needing more tools and time may not be a problem.

But let’s say that you are renting an apartment or a house and you can’t make any alterations. In this case, you would probably enjoy something adhesive that won’t harm the door or the existing peephole. The same goes for travelers.

Also, if you are in a dorm and you don’t own any tools, you will probably want something easy to install.

The Functionality

The basic purpose of a peephole cover is to cover your peephole. However, it should also be functional for you. A peephole cover that makes access to the peephole hard or impossible on your side is not a good peephole cover.

It shouldn’t slow you down or prevent you from using your peephole, but rather prevent other people from using it while enabling you with normal function.

The Price

Peephole covers are generally cheap, so you probably won’t pay much attention to the price tag on them. Most range anywhere from $5 to $15 USD, and you’ll be able to find multiple of these in a pack.

The priority, in this case, would be the other factors, especially the size and the functionality. The shipping for them is also cheap since they are small. You can also buy one in a hardware store and skip the shipping entirely.

The Portability

Portability may not be the most important factor to most people, but for those that move around a lot and want their room or current residence to be safe, it’s a very important thing. Most peephole covers will be portable, but some may be more complicated to install.

Look for those that are adhesive and have several of them in one pack. The adhesive element will wear out after a few doors, but you’ll be able to install these with ease. Needing tools for this can be annoying, so stick with the sticky ones.

Can You DIY a Peephole Cover?

You can DIY most things on the market, but the question is whether they’ll offer as much quality as a commercially made product. You’ve probably seen all those cute peephole covers online, with flowers or similar decorations.

But, you need to consider how much time you are willing to invest in this project. Buying all of the materials for the DIY peephole cover that will work well will cost you more than a regular peephole bought online. Not to mention that you would need to set aside the time to make it and then put in the effort to install it.

That being said, you can if you wish to and if you are particularly crafty. But if not, stick to simple and easy options like these.

Benefits of Having a Peephole Cover

Peepholes have been a big trend ever since they first appeared on the market. Now there are more options than ever. And in truth, they are incredibly useful. It’s like having caller identification — you are able to see who it is and reject them if you so choose.

Or perhaps you just like knowing who it is before opening the door. But, you have the right to choose.

However, they have also become a threat to the security of your home. With simple tools — as we’ll see later — anyone can easily spy on you as long as they wish. And this is an extremely uncomfortable notion, especially if you have children.

Since privacy and security are paramount to most people, clever brands have come up with a solution for this — a peephole cover. The best peephole covers are simple, and yet they provide enough security so that no one can see into your home.

Peephole covers are also excellent for traveling. They are small, very portable, and most would fit into your pocket. You can use them in hotel rooms, Airbnb’s, motels and many other places. If you have a rented apartment, this is a good option too since there’s barely any alteration to the door.

These tools are not a hi-tech thing, but they generally work well, and they give you a sense of safety. There are those that are portable and those that are more permanent. You can also get a new peephole with a cover installed on it.

The main purpose of these covers is to keep you safe and hidden from people trying to spy on you. You can still see through the peephole if you need to, but no one can see you, so that’s the best solution against intruders.

But how can they see you? This question probably bothers many people. Is there a new technology you don’t know about? Aren’t peepholes supposed to work only one way? Well, yes and no.

There are these devices called reverse peephole viewers, which allow anyone to see you through your own peephole, and you probably wouldn’t even know it.

Let’s take a look at these intrusive devices.

How Does Reverse Peephole Work?

A reverse peephole viewer was likely imagined with good intentions in mind. For example, when police officers want to get inside a potentially dangerous home, they can use it to assess the situation there. However, bad people always find a way to turn a good thing bad, so they found a second purpose to this tool.

In essence, and as the name of it says, it reverses the entire point of a peephole, allowing the person on the outside to see in. The lenses of this device reverse the peephole lenses, and the rest is simple. Plus, these devices are generally small and can fit into anyone’s pocket, so you aren’t likely to notice if someone has it.

If a robber wants to attack your home, for example, they could use this to assess the situation inside. And there are plenty of voyeurs who do that sort of thing just for fun. As mentioned, the peephole itself is both your friend and your enemy. The reverse peephole viewer can be bought easily without any suspicion.

Here are some tips on checking your peephole to determine if it has been tampered with and to ensure that it works well:

  • Look closely at the edges. If there’s any gouging, someone might have been looking through your peephole or tampered with it in a different way.
  • Is the view from the peephole poor? If yes, replace it entirely — it needs to work well for you to use it properly.
  • Is the outside part a bit loose? If it is, you can remove that part or just tighten it up or glue it up.

Once you’ve done this, consider purchasing a peephole cover as a form of protection. Even if you don’t suspect having any intruders, you can never be too safe, and it can’t hurt to add that layer of security to your home.


Peephole covers are definitely useful for homeowners, travelers, or students. And there are many quality options on the market, most of which were reviewed in this article. You’ll be safe and secure, while still putting in a minimal amount of work and not breaking your budget.

However, keep your needs in mind. For example, if you’re a traveler and your peephole would mostly be used in properties that are not your own, don’t get a peephole cover that has to be screwed in or attached with other tools. You probably won’t have the tools, so get something portable and adhesive. Always consider the situation your peephole cover will be used in.

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