An uncarpeted staircase looks nice, sleek, and shiny. It’s also far easier to clean than a carpeted one, without a doubt. However, no amount of aesthetics is worth your own life, nor the life of your neighbors or loved ones. So, if and when you can, make sure to get yourself some non-slip stair treads.

Obviously, if you had never shopped for this particular product before, you might be wondering which option is the best out there. After all, some stair treads might only claim to be non-slip, especially if you buy them online from a dubious vendor.

So, in this article, we will go over the top 10 best non-slip stair tread options on the market today. Based on this list, you can figure out which product works best for your particular staircase, indoor or outdoor.

What to Consider When Shopping for Non-slip Stair Treads

Of course, before you can get into the list itself, you need to know what exactly your stairs require. After all, not all treads will serve the same purpose and some might wear out quicker than others. Alternatively, you will need to know which brands offer the highest quality products so that you can avoid frauds and low-end items. With that in mind, here’s our own handy guide to buying the best treads possible.


Traction is possibly the most important bit about stair treads. Without any grip, you might as well not waste money on them. A slippery tread is as good as a slippery stair, i.e. you’ll end up falling and hurting yourself either way.

Of course, there are methods you can use to DIY your way into stairs with traction. However, if you’re looking into buying a set of treads instead of modifying your stairs, then get a material that has a lot of traction both when it’s dry and when it’s wet. Rubber seems to offer the best kind of traction in almost all weather conditions.


And since we’re on the subject of rubber, we should state that it’s one of the best materials you can get for non-slip stair threads. It’s durable, sturdy, and handles well in all types of weather out there. It’s no wonder that this material continues to be used in automobile tires.

However, rubber is merely one of the materials you ought to be looking into when buying stair treads. For instance, you can always opt for a metal option, considering that it will take a really long time before it shows any wear and tear. Most of the metal stair treads are made of high-grade aluminum, perfect for preserving the stairs and offering you just the grip you need.

Finally, we have fiberglass, an interesting synthetic material that offers an insane amount of grip. In fact, there are many different types of fiberglass, covering nearly every homeowner’s stair tread needs.


Traction is incredibly important, but the items should not only grip your own foot — they should also grip the surface beneath them. In other words, you will need a tread that sticks to the stair in such a manner that it can’t fall off or slip.

Oftentimes, it’s enough to have a strong material that has a good grip on either side, like rubber. But not all treads are like that. For example, if you’re getting a fabric set of treads, you will need to apply some sort of adhesive, like tape or glue. Other times, like with metal or fiberglass treads, you might even need to screw them into place.

Quality and Comfort

Getting a cold-looking, rigid rubber tread set is great and all, and it will definitely give you the grip you are looking for. It might even prevent any slipping from occurring in the years to come. However, rubber is not exactly the comfiest material. In fact, just one look at a rubber mat or a tread might make someone think twice before stepping on it.

Comfort might not be a priority when it comes to stair treads, since they are items we largely step on and pay no attention to. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore comfort altogether. Walking on a set of soft-feeling, pleasant-looking mats will feel beyond amazing. And beyond that, it will prevent potential foot injury or blisters as you walk on them daily.

One major portion of comfort is the tread size. If they are too small or too big, they will be more of a hindrance than a help. Plus, they would look absolutely atrocious either sticking out awkwardly or cutting off at the half of every single step. So, if possible, buy a set of treads that matches your stair size and shape precisely, or one that you can alter accordingly.

Installation Process

Installing stair treads is not that difficult. In fact, even with the most complex and heavy treads, you ought to be able to place them on each step by yourself. Which is why most people have no trouble with this task, right?

Well, you would be surprised. A lot of people across the US actually call a professional service to have their treads installed. That’s a quick way to lose money on something that you could’ve taken half an hour to learn from YouTube tutorials. Of course, there are times when the treads actually are difficult to install or remove.

We advise that you do your research and observe user feedback. If more than a few start posting about the difficult installation process, you might want to skip that option entirely.


Do aluminum treads go well with hard-wood stairs, with the metallic gray on top of deep, soothing brown? What about hard black rubber against blinding white marble? You might look at either one of these choices and think that it looks ghastly, mainly because it does.

As we stated earlier, grip and traction are incredibly important. However, don’t sacrifice your home’s aesthetics by buying a product that looks and feels out of place. If possible, get a product with a similar color palette, style, and patterning as the one you have in your home.


No matter what the product might be, there should always be a sort of Goldilocks rule to buying it. If the price is too low, the item might be of poor quality and not worth your time. If, however, the product is too expensive, avoid it as it might be a scam. The best solution is to find a median price and not move too far from it.

Of course, figuring out the median price for niche products like non-slip stair treads might be difficult without doing some research. So, here’s what we suggest you can do:

  • Open several different popular retailers (Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, etc.)
  • Browse the most popular options for stair treads
  • Read the user reviews
  • Sort the best 30, 40, 50, or however many options by price, ascending or descending; your median price range is between the two extreme ends of that list.

Best Non-slip Stair Treads on the Market

1. Eden Non-slip Stair Treads

At the very top, you have the Eden Non-slip stair treads, a suave solution available in four different colors. It’s the perfect option for any home, as it will fit any and all staircase colors and designs.

EdenProducts Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads for Wooden Steps [15pcs 8x30] - Slip...
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Of course, the Eden treads are more than just their looks. The powerful wool weave is strong enough to withstand many years of continuous movement. More importantly, it’s durable and incredibly hard to damage. And the weave is so dense that it provides the best grip imaginable.

In terms of grip, the flipside of each tread contains an anti-slip adhesive surface that keeps the item in place. You can walk on top of it at any force and it will still remain unmoved. In addition, the dimensions are the perfect size for any type of staircase. They will not dangle or fall short of reaching the step edge.

Aside from all of these features, Eden treads are also incredibly easy to install and just as easy to clean. Simply go over it with a vacuum cleaner once and all dirt and dust are gone. It’s the ultimate solution for kids, seniors, and even pets.

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2. Delxo Non-slip Stair Treads

Delxo has made splendid stair treads that can work well both outdoors and indoors. Their surface, either black or gray, is made of high-quality suede. Not only does this add a touch of class to your home, but it’s also an incredible anti-slip solution. The traction of suede is spectacular, and no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to slip on these treads.

Delxo Non Slip Carpet Stair Treads, Set of 14,Rug Non Skid Runner for Grip and...
  • ★ Perfect Design: With our pre-cut 6x30 inch Black...
  • ★ Commercial Material: Polyester non-woven fabric...
  • ★ Easy Installation: Please notices that there is a...
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The backside of Delxo’s treads provides just as much traction. It’s made out of thermoplastic rubber or TPR, known for holding onto some of the most slippery surfaces. Once you install these treads, they will stay in place and will not move. And the installation is incredibly simple, as is their removal.

Each of these treads can go into the wash 20 times in a row before you can see any significant damage. That is how durable they are. Add to it the non-slip tape, the tough suede nonwoven surface, and the incredible flexibility with different stair designs and you have yourself a product worth buying. Furthermore, the elegant design makes them fit any home decor.

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3. Crystal MX Non-slip Stair Treads

With all of these durable options, it’s high time we move onto something a bit more carpet-like. And what better option in that regard than the splendid Crystal MX non-slip treads?

One look at these beautiful treads and their color options makes you want to own them post-haste. They do look like they would fit any home, be it a modern apartment or a house with a near-landmark status. But the color and the pattern are merely the tip of the iceberg. Crystal MX’s treads are truly a sight to behold.

CrystalMX Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads, Anti Moving Grip and Beauty Rug Tread...
  • ANTI MOVING & SLIPPING SOLUTION: Our stair treads...
  • PERFECT SIZE FOR YOUR STEPS: Size 8" X 30", 15 pieces...
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First and foremost, the carpeting exterior makes for quick, quiet stepping, so you won’t annoy any neighbors if you quickly run up and down the stairs for any reason. Furthermore, the outer layer is so comfortable that your kids and pets will love spending hours just sitting on these treads.

Next, there’s the anti-slip lower layer. It’s so strong and has such a powerful grip that once you set the treads up, they stay there. And the standard  8″ X 30″ size fits nearly every stair format out there. Should it not, don’t worry — merely cut off the section you don’t need and you’re good to go. In fact, cutting them won’t even affect the pattern!

Finally, each of these treads is easy to install and remove, with no extra effort required. In other words, Crystal MX has an interesting all-purpose product on their hands which we cannot recommend enough.

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4. Elogio Stair Treads

Elogio stair treads are the next in the line of splendid carpet mats with exceptional comfort levels. They work on both ceramic and hardwood stairs, as well as any other material that can be potentially dangerous and prone to slipping.

ELOGIO Carpet Stair Treads Set of 13 Non Slip/Skid Rubber Runner Mats or Rug...
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This effectiveness is thanks to the strong carpet tape that comes included with the package that leaves no residue behind once we remove it. The tape will keep the Elogio treads tightly in one place, protecting your loved ones from any sudden falls.

The upper layer is made of soft, but gripping polypropylene, with a pleasant pattern design that fits most homes. You will be able to clean it easily, be it by hand or in a washing machine. The weave is pleasant enough to the touch that your pets will enjoy climbing up and down the stairs. Most importantly, the mats absorb all noise, so your daily stairs traffic will remain silent and pleasant to the ear.

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5. MATAHUM Stair Treads

Polypropylene fiber seems to be a favorite among stair tread manufacturers. It works well with Elogio’s treads, so it’s no wonder that another major manufacturer like MATAHUM would opt for it in its own product.

MATAHUM Stair Treads for Wooden Steps Indoor Non-Slip Carpet Peel and Stick...
  • SAFE ANTI SLIP SOLUTION- Thanks to Matahum's...
  • INSTALL AND CLEANING IS A BREEZE- Matahum stair treads...
  • PROTECT YOUR STAIRS FROM WEAR- They are a great way to...
  • FREELY CUT THE SHAPE OR SIZE YOU WANT- The size of each...

MATAHUM’s treads have a sturdy outer layer, perfect for high-traffic areas such as indoor stairs. They will offer decent protection against footwear and pets’ claws. But more importantly, they have enough traction to maintain a strong grip on any foot, preventing you from slipping and having an accident. And since the surface is so smooth, you can clean all the dirt and hair away with some brushing or vacuuming.

Each tread comes with an anti-slip backing that doesn’t budge against any surface. All you have to do is peel the outer layer and stick it to the step. Removal is just as easy, and it doesn’t leave any glue residue behind, nor will it damage the stairs’ surface.

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6. Handi-Treads

Indoor treads and mats are one thing, but what if you need something that has to handle harsh weather conditions, something that needs to have a strong grip even when it’s cold or wet out there. Well, Handi-Treads has you covered with one of the best sets of anti-slip treads on the market.

Handi-Treads Anti-Skid Aluminum Surface Tread for Wood Applications w/Mounting...
  • Our aluminum non skid tread is a permanent superior...
  • Our non skid treads are designed to be mounted both...
  • A single non slip safety tread can be mounted to a wood...
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Handi-treads are made from high-end aluminum. They come with pre-punctured holes, making them easy to fix into place on any type of outdoor stairs, but it fits especially well on wooden stairs, ramps, porches, and other surfaces. It only takes a few screws and the mounting is done in mere minutes.

The aluminum surface is strong enough to handle any traffic, even from the hardest of work boots. In addition, its outer layer is coated so it won’t rust, making it the perfect set of treads if you live and work in a climate with lots of rain or snow. You can also use them in indoor areas that receive tons of moisture, such as garages and basement stairs.

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7. Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Stair Treads

Bungalow Flooring Waterhog treads are made of PET fiber, a durable and tough substance that can handle quite a bit. Not only is this material resistant to any kind of slipping, but it’s also quick-dry, so you can feel safe walking on it during stormy weather. More importantly, the PET fiber is 94% recycled material, making it a clean, green option that definitely has our seal of approval.

Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Stair Treads, Set of 4, 8-1/2 x 30 inches, Made in...
  • DETAILS - Set of 4 treads each measuring 30-inches long...

The rubber backing is also 20% recycled material, and just like the front, it’s incredibly strong and slip-resistant. You can place these treads anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and they won’t move a single inch. Both sides are easy to clean and maintain, and they won’t stain or rot.

In terms of design, Bungalow Flooring Waterhog treads are a bit more simplistic and rugged, which works well for outdoorsy types. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not attractive. The treads come in six different color choices, all of them simple and to the point. In other words, they will fit almost any space, be it inside or outside.

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8. LifeGrip Anti-slip Traction Treads with Glow in Dark Stripe

PET material seems to be all the rage with both indoor and outdoor treads. One such option, the LifeGrip Anti-slip traction treads, makes full use of this durable substance. After all, it can handle everything from rain, snow, and friction, as well as both extreme heat and cold.

LifeGrip Anti Slip Traction Treads with Glow in Dark Stripe (10-Pack), 6" X 28",...
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  • MADE FROM PET MATERIAL: Our General Anti-Slip Tapes are...
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LifeGrip also has the advantage of being easy to install. The acrylic adhesive on the back of each tread will stick to the surface of the step and hold its own for a long time. Plus, it’s waterproof, so it won’t come off even after heavy rain. But don’t fret, you can still easily remove the treads if you need to clean them or replace them — though you won’t need to, since they are easy to clean even while glued to the stairs.

But by far the most prominent feature of LifeGrip treads is the patented glow-in-the-dark stripe. This photoluminescent line helps you see the steps in particularly dark environments. You can come back in the middle of the night and manage to climb your steps without any serious injury. In addition, you can charge the stripe either via sunlight or using artificial light sources.

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9. Hedume 4-Pack Rubber Stair Mats

With Hedume rubber mats, you have another strong outdoor option made from reclaimed materials, and this time it’s another simple design that works. Hedume mats don’t look like much when you look at them; after all, they’re just hollow rectangular treads with a neat design pattern. But that’s the ingenious part, since the mats don’t require any special adhesive surface to stay in one spot. You literally just place them on the steps and they don’t move unless you move them.

Hedume 4 Pack Rubber Stair Mats, Non Slip Stair Treads Mat, Rubber Scroll...
  • New Upgrade - Thickness upgrade from 3mm to 4mm,...
  • Package Included - 4 pack rubber stair tread, provide a...
  • Decorative Design - Adds a unique touch to your front...
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Easy installation is merely the first benefit of Hedume mats. They are just as easy to keep clean and spotless. Since they are hollow, all you need to do is spray them with some water to get the grime and dirt out, or go over them with a clean cloth. Their design also allows them to handle harsh weather better than most solid mats on the market.

Finally, the Hedume treads contain both natural and reclaimed rubber, making them another green and eco-friendly choice. You can use them indoors, though they are predominantly an outdoor stairs product.

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10. Rubber-Cal ‘Coin-Grip’ Non-slip Rubber Tread Stair Mats

The final option for this list, the Rubber-Cal ‘Coin-grip’ tread stair mats once again prove how effective rubber is as a traction material. But more importantly, these treads show that the design of a product is key to its effectiveness.

Rubber-Cal "Coin-Grip Non-Slip Rubber Tread Stair Mats 6 Count (Pack of 1),...
  • Step mats are easy to clean with the use of simple soap...
  • Rubber protects sensitive surfaces such as wood from...
  • Resists damage from outdoor elemental factors such as...
  • Designed to reduce the chances of slip-and-fall...

The surface of each mat has a pattern that reminds the user of coins, tightly put together. This design enables the mats to prevent any slippage, even in wet and cold weather.

Each individual tread is a solid piece of rubber, easy to maintain with a simple rinse and a wipe. More importantly, installing them takes almost no effort as you can just place them on top of any step and leave it at that. The traction of the back of the mats is just as strong as the front, meaning they will not move no matter how smooth the surface underneath is.

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FAQs About Non-slip Stair Treads

What Are Some Alternatives to Non-slip Treads?

It all depends on where you plan to place them. For example, if you need an indoor solution, simply use a carpet runner. When it comes to outdoor stairs, however, you have a few additional options, including:

  • Salt
  • Sand
  • Mineral granules
  • Shingles
  • Bird seeds
  • Dry coffee grounds
  • Non-clumping cat litter
  • Ash
  • Heated melting mats

See also: How to Make Tile Floors Less Slippery

How Many Treads Are Included in a Typical Set?

The number can go anywhere between 2 and 30, though you can always buy additional treads if you require them.

Is There a Set Size for All Treads?

Not necessarily, and most of the time the product page will specify the dimensions of each mat. You can even crop certain treads if you require something smaller or thinner.

My Treads Come With Anti-slip Grip Tape. How Do I Apply It?

Here’s a brief list of steps regarding the application of anti-slip tape (they apply to most tape brands out there):

  1. Clean the stairs thoroughly and dry them well before application
  2. Apply a stripping compound to the area
  3. Rinse the stairs with a wet sponge well
  4. Once dried, apply the primer to specific areas of the stairs where you intend to place the tape
  5. Lay down a strip of the tape around half an inch from the edge of the desired location, and then across the surface
  6. Lift a single strip to remove the first 2 inches of the back
  7. Press the tape firmly against the surface, but make sure not to touch the adhesive
  8. Press the tape down and peel off the next few inches of the backing
  9. Slowly lift the strip and roll over the surface with a rubber hand roller
  10. Repeat the last step until the process is finished.

Last Thoughts

Non-slip stair treads are a necessary safety item for any home with a staircase. But they are more than just a tool to prevent you from falling over. They can also be an excellent aesthetic element that adds some style and class to your home.

So, when buying a set of treads, make sure to get one that fits your home at every level, functional and aesthetic alike.

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