Adult wipes have, for many years, been regarded as a cleaner and gentler alternative to toilet paper. They’re used by millions of adults worldwide who believe they’re superior to toilet paper. So, how about baby wipes; can they be used instead of toilet paper?

Adults can use baby wipes instead of toilet paper. They are an excellent option if you have sensitive skin but can be costly. Still, they leave you feeling cleaner and help reduce odors. However, baby wipes can also remove the healthy bacteria from your skin, making you more prone to infection.

Even though baby wipes aren’t as environmentally friendly since they’re not flushable and don’t disintegrate as readily as toilet paper, many people can and do use them. This article will explain why you can use baby wipes instead of toilet paper. 

Baby Wipes Are Well-Suited to Those With Sensitive Skin

Even the softest 4-ply toilet paper can irritate very sensitive skin, primarily if used relatively often. Sometimes, toilet paper can cause hemorrhoids and anal fissures, both of which are painful conditions.

Unlike most toilet paper, baby wipes don’t leave any lint behind, which can irritate the skin.

Furthermore, baby wipes don’t contain harsh cleansing ingredients, making them a very appropriate alternative if you have sensitive skin.

Baby Wipes Leave You Cleaner Than Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is dry and contains no cleaning agents, which is why many people prefer using wipes.

Both baby and adult wipes contain wet cleansing agents, which gently remove leftover mess and bacteria.

Since any bacteria left on the skin can cause a urinary tract infection, using baby wipes instead of toilet paper makes sense if you’re prone to such issues.

Baby Wipes Help Prevent Odors

No one enjoys being smelly, as it implies that you’re not completely clean. This can be embarrassing, especially in a professional or romantic setting.

Toilet paper will only remove surface dirt and not any lingering odors. Since baby wipes do a better job at cleaning, they help remove any smells that can make you feel self-conscious.

Drawbacks of Using Baby Wipes

As with most things, there are both pros and cons, and baby wipes are no exception. Although the benefits appear to outweigh the disadvantages, it is worth considering the few drawbacks to using baby wipes.

Baby Wipes Can Remove Healthy Bacteria From Skin

Baby wipes can leave you feeling much cleaner than toilet paper and do a good job of removing bacteria on the skin that leads to urinary tract infections.

This antibacterial function is generally beneficial, but baby wipes can remove the healthy bacteria naturally present on human skin if used excessively.

This healthy bacteria helps the skin fight harmful infections from more potent bacteria, fungi, and viruses. When beneficial bacteria are removed from the skin, it can make the person more prone to skin infections.

The Moisture in Baby Wipes Can Be Problematic

Although the cleansing moisture in baby wipes can be beneficial, it could also be problematic if you don’t use the product correctly.

If you use a baby wipe without allowing the area to dry completely, the leftover moisture can cause a build-up of bacteria. When this happens repeatedly, you could develop a bacterial or fungal infection.

They Are More Expensive Than Toilet Paper

If you’re on a budget, toilet paper may be a better option for you as it’s generally cheaper than baby wipes.

Additionally, with toilet paper, you can customize how much you use, which isn’t an option with baby wipes. Whether you want to use only one square of toilet paper or half a dozen, it’s entirely up to you.

Unless you cut a baby wipe in half (which can be messy and awkward), you’re forced to use at least one wipe each time.

Baby Wipes Are Harmful to the Environment

Some baby wipe brands claim that their products are flushable, but unfortunately, this isn’t generally the case. Wipes can easily and quickly clog your toilet or entire sewage system if you flush them, particularly if you flush many of them at once.

Even if the wipes are said to be flushable, they should only be flushed one at a time to prevent a blockage in the sewage system.

Unlike toilet paper (which disintegrates quickly once flushed), baby wipes remain intact and can cause plumbing problems, particularly if you have a septic tank.

They’re water-resistant, and it can take around a hundred years for one baby wipe to disintegrate fully.

It’s now common to see baby wipes in rivers and the oceans. Since they contain microparticles of plastic, they’re harmful to fish and other animals living in the water.

Differences Between Baby Wipes and Adult Wipes

Adult wipes are widely considered a suitable substitute for toilet paper. We’ve already established that baby wipes are just as suitable, but it’s still important to understand how they differ from adult wipes (toilet paper’s main competitor).

Below are the key differences between baby wipes and adult wipes:

  • Adult wipes are larger than baby wipes as they’re designed to clean larger body areas.
  • Baby wipes are specially formulated for a baby’s sensitive skin. They contain gentler ingredients compared to adult wipes.
  • Adult wipes often contain additional moisturizers and stronger fragrances that may irritate sensitive skin.
  • Baby wipes typically have a soft talcum powder or shea butter scent, or they’re unscented.
  • Adult wipes are more expensive than baby wipes, mainly due to their larger size.

In terms of functionality, baby wipes and adult wipes are, therefore, very similar.


Baby wipes are an excellent alternative to toilet paper if you have sensitive skin or can’t source toilet paper. They’re very similar to adult wipes but are smaller and gentler.

Although they’re cheaper than adult wipes, they’re more expensive than toilet paper. In addition, even “flushable” baby wipes shouldn’t be flushed, and they’re not as environmentally friendly as toilet paper.

Baby wipes might leave you feeling cleaner and smelling fresher than toilet paper, but they remove healthy bacteria from the skin, making you susceptible to skin infections.

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  1. Using baby wipes instead of toilet paper makes an adult feel cleaner as the odor is wiped away at the same time. Baby wipes are best suited for adults with sensitive skin. On the other hand, they can eradicate good bacteria on your skin which can lead to infection. However, many adults using baby wipes are unbothered.

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