Although many people become friends with their neighbors, friendship can sometimes be tricky to maintain if they’re being obnoxiously loud. However, it’s not always easy to know how much noise is too much because loudness can be subjective. So, what is classed as unreasonable noise from neighbors?

Any sound that’s loud enough to disrupt your day or sleep pattern is classed as unreasonable noise from neighbors. You should confront your neighbor if you find yourself staying awake during the night due to excessively loud noises (whether it’s people, music, or animals).

Many things are classed as unreasonable noise from neighbors, and this article will discuss them in detail. Read on if you want to learn more.

How to Know if a Neighbor Is Being Unreasonably Loud

There aren’t many things worse than noisy neighbors, especially if you have young children or work in the morning. If you’re unsure whether you’re being over-dramatic, there are some signs to look out for that will indicate if the noise is unreasonable.

Below are some of the leading indicators that a neighbor is being unreasonably loud.

The Shouting Disrupts Your Day or Sleep

If your neighbors are shouting so loudly that you lose track of your thoughts or can’t sleep, they’re being unreasonably loud. You should be able to go about your day without dealing with abnormally loud shouting and screaming, so you’re perfectly justified in being annoyed about this.

It might even be worse at night because most people must get up early for work the next day. If the shouting disrupts your sleep, you should speak to your neighbors about it as soon as possible because it may get worse if you leave it be.

The level of shouting may vary. In some cases, the neighbors might be shouting so loud that you can hear them way down the street. In other cases, they might yell at much lower levels so that you can only hear faint noises. If the shouting is so faint that it doesn’t bother you, you might be able to ignore it.

So basically, noise from neighbors becomes a problem if it gets in the way of you being able to sleep or do other activities.

Their Dog Barks for Hours on End

Another noise that is classed as unreasonable is dog barking. Although it’s technically not your neighbors making the noise, their pet is 一 so they are responsible.

You need to be careful when confronting neighbors about barking if it only lasts a few minutes. In that case, it wouldn’t be considered unreasonable noise, so contacting your neighbor wouldn’t be appropriate. It would only be considered unreasonable if the dog barks for long periods or at night when everyone is sleeping.

So you shouldn’t complain as soon as you notice barking. Instead, wait to see if it stops after a few minutes. If the noise occurs daily (or nightly) and isn’t stopping, it’s best to reason it out with your neighbor to solve the problem amicably.

Loud, continuous barking could also be a sign of neglect. If you think your neighbor is neglecting their dog or that it’s in grave danger, it’s always best to call local law enforcement. Doing so could stop the noise and prevent the dog from danger.

They Blare Music That Disrupts Your Day or Sleep

It is considered unreasonable noise if your neighbors blare music too often.

Of course, playing music for a short period shouldn’t be a big issue. But if they’re playing music for extended periods (mainly if it’s so loud that it could damage people’s hearing), you could speak with them to solve the problem.

The worst time a neighbor can blare music is at night because that’s when you need silence to sleep peacefully. It is unreasonable noise if your neighbor is blaring music into the early morning hours (and you can hear it clearly in your home).

It might also be unreasonable for neighbors to blare loud music during the day, although there are generally no rules or laws against it. For example, if your neighbor plays music over loudspeakers every day for hours, it is unreasonable but not necessarily illegal.

Loud music is even more of a nuisance if you work from home and can’t concentrate because you can hear noise from your neighbors. Trying to deal with meetings and phone calls while house music is playing in the background isn’t ideal, never mind professional.

The best way to deal with such a situation is to politely remind your neighbors that you (and possibly others in the area) work from home and that the music is highly disruptive. Hopefully, they’ll respect your suggestion and will play their music more quietly in the future.

The Noise Is Extremely Loud and Continuous

Any noise from neighbors that is extremely loud and continuous is unreasonable. Although loud noise during the day is generally not something you can call the cops over, you can take that step if the noise is so loud that it’s damaging your hearing and won’t stop.

Again, some circumstances are excusable.

For instance, let’s say the neighbors are making some noise during the day because they’re having guests over for a barbeque. In that case, it wouldn’t be unreasonable, and you’d likely need to tolerate the noise. It would only become unreasonable if they continued to be loud late into the night or if the noise became so loud that it was dangerous for your hearing.

If it’s nighttime and you can’t sleep because there is thunderous, continuous noise coming from next door, you should talk with your neighbors and ask them to be quieter. If you feel threatened or that it wouldn’t be safe to talk to your neighbors alone (for example, if you suspect they are very drunk), you may want to call the police.

They Mow the Lawn at Unreasonable Times

Another thing considered unreasonable is mowing the lawn at unreasonable times. Generally, it’s socially acceptable to mow the lawn from around 8 or 9 am until 7 or 8 pm.

Mowing outside these time frames would be unfair for neighbors, particularly those with young kids who sleep at around 7 or 8 pm.

If your neighbor seems to mow their lawn at unreasonable times (for example, 11 pm), you should speak with them cordially. It’s essential to be polite when doing this because you may find out that your neighbor does shift work and has no other time to mow their lawn. In that instance, maybe you can come to an agreement.

Are Loud Parties Classed as Unreasonable Noise?

Loud parties are classed as unreasonable noise if they continue into the night and disrupt neighbors’ sleep patterns. If your neighbor has a loud party that doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon, it might be a good idea to knock on their door or call the police.

Loud parties during the day are generally not unreasonable because most people don’t need to sleep during the day, so they’re not as disruptive. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t complain to your neighbor if they’re playing inappropriate party music during the day while young children in the neighborhood can hear it.

When it comes to loud parties at night, it’s important to remember that they will often have alcohol and possibly drugs involved. As such, it might not always be safe to complain by yourself.

If you can’t sleep because of a neighbor’s wild party during the night, you should go with others to complain or call for help (such as the local authorities). Going by yourself might be dangerous.

What to Do if a Neighbor Is Being Too Loud

Now that you know more about what noises from neighbors are classed as unreasonable, you might want to know more about what you can do. There are different approaches you can take to deal with noisy neighbors.

The ideal approach you take will depend on:

  • How loud they’re being
  • Whether or not you’ve already confronted them
  • The source of the noise (pets, people, music)
  • Your city rules and laws

In almost all instances, you should speak directly with your neighbor first. You may be able to come to a solution and save both of you a lot of time and hassle. The only time you shouldn’t speak directly with your neighbor is if the situation might be dangerous.

Here are a few pointers on dealing with a noisy neighbor:

Be Civil

When approaching your neighbor, you must remain civil no matter how annoyed you may be. Being aggressive or angry will likely make things worse, and it could even result in your neighbors being more disruptive.

Most people appreciate being spoken to politely and are more likely to cooperate if you’re respectful, so explain your frustrations calmly and offer a helpful solution.

Don’t Be Afraid to Escalate the Situation

If your neighbor doesn’t listen to your suggestions and complaints, it might be time to escalate the matter to the authorities.

You shouldn’t escalate the situation directly with the neighbor because things can get ugly quickly.

Plus, you may have to live next to this person for many years. You certainly don’t want there to be too much bad blood.

What to Do if a Noisy Neighbor Won’t Listen to Complaints

Unfortunately, speaking cordially with your neighbor won’t always work. If you’ve been civil and offered a decent solution to your noisy neighbor to no avail, you should take the matter further. No one should have to deal with disruptive behavior, especially if it occurs at night when you need sleep.

Here’s what to do when diplomacy fails:

Speak With Other Neighbors

The first thing you should consider doing (after complaining to your neighbor directly) is speaking with other neighbors in the area. You might realize that others have also been having trouble with the noise.

If that’s the case, you and a few neighbors could talk to the noisy person together, which might be more effective than speaking to them alone. If that still doesn’t work, it’s best to involve the police.

Consider the Laws in Your State

There are different laws in different cities regarding loud neighbors and noises, so you should become aware of the laws in your region. For example, it’s considered unlawful for neighbors to make a purposeful loud, continuous noise in Portland, Oregon.

Many cities have similar rules, but some aren’t as strict. Always be aware of your city’s laws before trying to take legal action.

Can You Sue a Neighbor for Unreasonable Noise?

You can sue a neighbor for unreasonable noise if there is nothing more you can do to solve the problem. However, you can’t sue them if you haven’t even tried to speak with them. In many instances, talking cordially with your neighbor can be highly beneficial.

But be aware that taking legal action could be expensive and time-consuming. For many people, it’s not worth it.

And depending on the laws in your area, you might not get the judge to rule in your favor. Different local governments within the US have distinct regulations, so it’s essential to check the laws that relate to your region rather than the laws that relate to the entire country (which would be federal law).

If your neighbor is being loud, but it’s not illegal according to your city’s laws, you likely won’t have a strong case.


Noisy neighbors can disrupt your life and routine, so it’s essential to deal with these issues when they arise. However, some noises are more acceptable than others, so you should know which ones are considered unreasonable.

To recap, these are some examples of unreasonable noise from neighbors:

  • The noise significantly disrupts your activities or sleep pattern
  • Your neighbors are blaring music at night
  • There is loud, continuous barking

Always be civil when speaking with your neighbor about the noise. If they don’t listen to your complaints, you should talk with other neighbors or call the authorities.

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