Everyone wants to be able to take it easy in their own home. When you get home from work, it’s important to be able to unwind and simply enjoy yourself. The problem is that many people get frustrated by having to deal with outside noises. If you’re hearing your neighbor’s lawnmower coming through your window, then it’s going to diminish your ability to enjoy your downtime.

Thankfully, there are some DIY methods that you can make use of so that you can reduce the noise coming in from your windows. If you want to keep things as quiet as possible in your home, then you should definitely check these out. I’ll be going over several practical methods that anyone can accomplish, as well as mentioning some soundproofing materials and products that you might want to consider. Read on to get all of the information about reducing noise from windows that you need.

Simply Moving Furniture Around Can Help

It might seem too good to be true, but simply moving your furniture around a little bit might be enough to reduce the noise coming through your windows. You see, if there is nothing in front of your windows, then the noise is going to have an easier time traveling throughout your home. You can make the decision to place things in front of the windows so that you can dampen the sound. This is going to be a free way to make your home a bit more peaceful.

Some people might decide to place a couch directly in front of the window. This might wind up working out very well, especially if the couch is heavy and made out of fabric. It will wind up absorbing some of the incoming sound and you’ll be able to keep things a bit quieter in your living room. If this isn’t practical due to the way that your living room is set up, then there are still other options to consider.

For example, you could decide to place bookshelves or wardrobes in front of your windows instead. They can do a superb job of dampening sound levels. This works out great when they are full of thick paper books or clothes.

Eliminate Gaps Around Your Windows

Having gaps around your windows will allow more sound to travel into your home. This is going to be especially annoying when your neighbor wakes up early to start mowing their lawn. You can reduce the noise coming through your windows by simply plugging these gaps. The best way to go about doing this is to use some type of caulk.

For the best results, you might want to consider using acoustic caulk. This is special caulk that is going to do a fantastic job of keeping things quiet. It’s even designed to be flexible so that it won’t change shape on you or crack over time. This is the caulk that you want to use when you want to get the job done right.

The durability of the acoustic caulk is going to allow you to get better results. It should work for a long time and it will keep things much quieter in your home. If your window has significant gaps that need to be filled, then this might solve your noise problems. At the very least, it is going to be an important part of the solution.

Weatherstripping Tape Also Works Nicely

Another option to consider making use of is weatherstripping tape. Weatherstripping tape is going to allow you to fill the gaps in your windows just like the caulk would. It should also help you to stop wasting energy due to having your air conditioning or heat leak out through the gaps in your windows. There are many types of weatherstripping tape on the market, but most of them will be made out of foam, rubber, or silicone.

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When you’re trying to figure out which weatherstripping options you should go with, it’s going to be important to consider your needs. Depending on how much your window is exposed to the elements, you might want one option over the other. All of the weatherstripping options will do a good job, and they’ll reduce noise levels by a lot. With the added benefit of being able to lower your monthly energy bills, it’s easy to see why fixing the gap in your windows is crucial.

Before you apply weatherstripping tape to your windows, be sure to clean the surface thoroughly. You’ll need to cut the weatherstripping tape to size to fill the gaps. Don’t be afraid to use a tape measure to get things just right. Also, remember to apply the type to all four sides of the window jam to get the best results.

Soundproof Curtains

Those who are looking for an easy option that will give them great results will love buying soundproof curtains. Soundproof curtains are thick and they are capable of reducing noise levels substantially. It won’t block out all of the noise, but it will certainly dampen the sound that is coming through the windows noticeably. Many people use this as part of the solution to their noisy window problem.

Soundproof curtains like this can reduce echo and they will keep the sound from traveling further into your home. If you use this method in tandem with weatherstripping or caulking your window, then you should notice a big difference. It will reduce the noise levels and the curtains should be very practical. They aren’t overly expensive either, making this an easy method for anyone to make use of.

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One of the most important reasons to consider using soundproof curtains is practicality. You need curtains for your windows anyway, so why not get curtains that are also soundproof? As long as you don’t expect this to solve your noisy window issue all by itself, you’re going to be impressed. You will be able to find soundproof curtains that are very stylish and they will fit right in with your décor.

Soundproof Blankets Are Also an Option

There are people who will use soundproof blankets to reduce the noise coming from the windows. This option is somewhat similar to using the soundproof curtains mentioned above. The difference is that you’ll usually be putting the soundproof blankets snugly against the windows. It might actually work better than the curtains when it comes to reducing noise levels.

The problem with this idea is that it isn’t going to look the most stylish. If you care about the aesthetic appeal of your solution, then this option might not be for you. This is mostly for people who want to quiet things down as fast as possible. It’s decidedly simple to hang some soundproof blankets over your windows, so this is a very fast DIY fix for your issues.

If you want to go this route, then make sure to buy blankets that have grommets. These will be easier to hang due to giving you a natural place to put a nail or a hook. Just remember that there are more normal-looking options out there for you to consider. Soundproof blankets are something that has worked for many people, but the curtains mentioned earlier might be a better fit for most.

Thick Window Blinds or Shades

You could also choose to buy thick window blinds or shades so that you can reduce noise levels. If you don’t really like the look of curtains, then using window blinds or shades might be more appealing to you. This is definitely going to look more natural than the soundproof blankets. Thicker blinds or shades will work better when it comes to reducing incoming noise.

Remember that buying thick blinds or shades won’t cancel noises or stop noises completely. This is going to be another method that you will want to use to complement other measures. You can buy thick window blinds or shades and install them after you fix your window gap problem. This should keep things quieter and your windows will look nicer with the new shades or blinds put up.

Blinds and shades are really desirable because they make it easier to let the right amount of light in. If you want to be able to let the sun shine in sometimes, then buying blinds or shades makes sense. Most people will decide between this option and the soundproof curtains. It might come down to which style you think looks best, but both options can help to reduce noise levels.

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Soundproofing Window Kit

It’s actually possible to reduce the noise coming through the windows by adding an extra layer of acrylic or glass over your windows. The idea is to make the windows thicker so that noises won’t go through the glass so easily. The problem with this idea is that it is going to be very involved. This isn’t some simple DIY project that you’ll be able to do without putting in much thought.

Attaching a piece of glass or acrylic to your window on the inside needs to be done very carefully. Also, you’re going to have to make sure that you purchase acoustic-grade glass to get the right results. Your new layer needs to be placed tightly against the window to be effective. You’re going to want to install some type of metal frame so that you’ll be able to use magnets to hold the glass sheet in place.

It is possible to buy certain soundproofing kits that will have everything that you need. Just understand that this is not going to be easy for everyone to pull off. If you don’t consider yourself to be somewhat handy, then this option might be best forgotten. This is also going to be a bit pricey, so it isn’t incredibly practical for those who are working with limited funds.

Professional Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels can be used in a similar fashion to the soundproof blankets mentioned earlier in this article. I know that some people won’t like this idea due to it not looking the best. However, it’s going to be a good fit for those who just want to take care of the noise issue and aren’t too worried about using the window. Acoustic panels are superior to soundproof blankets when it comes to reducing noises due to being thicker overall.

The thick nature of these panels makes it so that they will significantly reduce incoming noises. They can reduce echo while absorbing sounds on both sides of the panel. It’s going to be a useful way to reduce noise levels in your home if you live in a particularly noisy neighborhood. Most acoustic panels that you buy will have grommets as well, making it very fast to hang them up.

One problem to consider with this option is that it won’t be inexpensive. Unlike buying soundproof blankets, this option is going to cost you a fair bit of cash. Also, it isn’t going to look so great to have these acoustic panels covering your windows in your living room. You have to weigh the pros and cons to see if this option is a fit for you.

Completely Block the Window

One option that isn’t going to appeal to most people is to block the window completely. If you just want to eliminate the noise that is coming through the window, then you could block it up to prevent sound from coming in. This can be accomplished by boarding up the window or creating some type of DIY window block. Just remember that this will make it so that you can’t really use the window as intended and it could even create a safety issue.

It isn’t recommended that you go this route. Blocking the window completely is something that can reduce noise levels, but it isn’t going to be very practical. Most people are going to want to be able to open the window sometimes or let some sunshine in. Blocking the window up prevents you from being able to do this.

If you do want to block the window, there are a few ways you could go about it. You could remove the window completely and fill the cavity in with drywall. This will certainly be less noisy than having a window there, but this is an extreme measure to take. It could also be very costly, so consider some of the other options in this article before going down this route.

Buying New Soundproof Windows

If you want to reduce noise levels as effectively as possible, then buying new windows might be the way to go. Double-pane or triple-pane windows will work nicely to keep the noise levels low. These are very thick windows that will be beneficial to you in several ways. They are capable of reducing noise levels by as much as 50%, allowing you to enjoy relaxing at home so much easier.

You’ll also love how energy efficient these windows can be. They’re going to save you money on your monthly energy bills due to being so thermally efficient. Saving money on your monthly energy bills will add up over time, and this can help to justify buying the new windows. Some people will install windows such as this as a DIY project, but most people don’t have the knowledge or tools to pull it off.

It’s actually highly recommended that you reach out to professionals if you want to get new windows installed. They will have the right tools to get the job done right and everything is going to turn out fantastically. You should be able to enjoy windows that look amazing and function well. If you really want to reduce the noises coming through your windows, then getting better windows is the optimal solution.

Just keep in mind that this is going to be expensive. You’re going to have to spend a significant amount of money to get new windows installed by professionals. Depending on your budget, this might not be practical for you. Just consider whether the monthly savings will add up to enough to make this worthwhile for you in the long run.

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Combine More Methods

Now that you know a bit more about what to expect, you should be able to plan out how to solve your noisy window issues. It should be possible to get things to be much quieter in your home when you take the right steps. You might want to use a combination of the methods listed above to get the best possible results. Either way, you now know that it is possible to reduce noise levels significantly.

Take the time to read through your options so that you can consider what is going to be the most practical choice for you. Depending on your budget and your skills, some of these options will be more appealing than others. It isn’t necessary to simply put up with loud noises when you have options for dealing with the problem. Take the necessary steps to reduce the noises coming from your windows today.

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