Windows are no small investment, and that’s why you have to be careful when picking the brand that will make yours. In that case, it’s useful to know a few brands that create top-quality windows.

The lists of best window manufacturers change as new brands enter the market, but some of the most reputable brands at the moment include Andersen Windows and Doors, Cascade Windows, Alside Excalibur, Earthwise Group LLC, Harvey Building Products.

Aside from these brands, there are plenty more to put into consideration. Furthermore, you have to know what to look for in a window manufacturing brand. If you want to learn all of this and more, read on.

1. Alside Excalibur

Alside Excalibur is a big brand name that has quite a history of making windows. In fact, they have been on the market since the 1940’s — so, you can say that they are doing well. The primary company location is in Ohio, but you would probably be able to find their offices in many other states.

Their main products are patio doors and windows. The windows they make are vinyl, which makes the prices affordable, yet the products of decent quality. You can choose between different types of windows to suit your needs while being efficient when it comes to conserving power.

2. Andersen Windows and Doors

This company is popular for its trademark Fibrex material of windows, but they also offer plenty of other materials and windows in different styles (check their website). For example, you can expect to find wooden windows, vinyl ones, the ones made of fiberglass or aluminum, etc. They also make windows in different shapes like gilding or awning, but you can also get something customized with them.

It was founded 100 years ago, and from then it has grown to its current level of fame. The main buildings are in Minnesota, but you can find their windows everywhere, as well as their offices. Furthermore, the prices of their products are reasonable while offering anything else you might need, from quality to good looks.

3. Cascade Windows

One of those newer brands on the market that has disrupted the lists of great window manufacturers is this one. Cascade Windows is only 25 years old, but it has made an impact on the market and created a brand to be respected.

In general, they produce windows that save energy and feature a lot of options, like having vents or locks. They are also very durable and made to the highest standards of quality, so you will get a good value for your price.

4. Earthwise Group LLC

Earthwise Group is another Ohio company that produces excellent windows with the main focus being on strong insulation for power saving. Along with energy efficiency, they also offer plenty of different styles, shapes, and colors to choose from.

Another great thing about them is that they give you a lifetime warranty with the windows. All of their products are directly from the USA. Most of their products are vinyl, but there are also other materials.

You won’t need to spend a lot on maintenance, and you probably won’t need to replace them anytime soon.

5. Harvey Building Products

Harvey Building Products is another company with a long history of making windows and doors. In fact, they have been around since 1961 and have earned a decent reputation during that time. They are famous for their great customer service and even better replacement windows.

Their facilities extend all along the East coast, so you’ll be able to find their offices with ease. They produce windows of all sorts of materials, from wood to vinyl and in different styles. You can ask for a custom design. You can also get windows with noise reduction or even better energy-saving properties.

6. Jeld-Wen

Jeld-Wen produces mainly windows and doors, and they have been doing that since 1960. Their influence expands over 19 countries, but their main operations are in North Carolina. If you’re looking for something energy-efficient, this company is a go-to, considering that they have held an Energy Star since 1998.

You can find great styles amongst their products, whether traditional or entirely new and creative. Their main window material is wood, but you can also get windows in other materials if you want to. 

7. Loewen Windows

This is a Canadian brand that works specifically on replacement windows. Another one of their specialties is wooden windows with added details made from different types of metal. They look amazing and add that rustic feel to any home.

As for the quality, Loewen Windows have a long-standing reputation in producing windows that can protect your home against all sorts of bad weather. They also have insulation and energy-efficient glass so you can rely on them to keep the heat in or out, depending on the season. The one possible drawback of these windows is that they are quite expensive because they are luxurious, so they might not fit into your budget if you’re looking for something less expensive.

8. Marvin Windows and Doors

This is one of the longest-running companies on this list as it was founded in 1912. It started out as a lumber company, but it grew to build amazing and creative windows. However, their main focus isn’t on that, but rather on making their products functional and easy for users to enjoy (their website).

This company was started in Minnesota, and you can expect to see many innovative designs and traditional options from them, included with some excellent features that will make your life both easier and better.

9. Milgard Windows and Doors

Milgard is a company that started off as a simple, glass producing company in 1958 but then grew into a much larger company with a wide variety of windows in their catalogs. The main offices are in Washington, but there are many offices across the country.

They produce windows of all sorts, and they have continued to provide quality even after being acquired by MI Windows and Doors. They kept the brand going, and they still make windows of excellent quality and a wide variety of looks. Milgard also offers a good warranty, so you can rely on them to put your mind at ease.

10. New South Window Solution

This company, as the very name of it says, focuses mostly on producing windows for warmer, southern climates. Like most windows on this list, they are also meant for power-saving, whether in cooling or heating.

Aside from that, you can find all types of windows when it comes to shapes and styles. One of the best parts is that you can get an impact type of a window with them, which is meant for stormy areas. Keep in mind that the prices with this company tend to be a bit lower due to the fact that they don’t sell-through anyone else but their own stores.

11. Pella Corp

This company first started in Iowa as a small business, with its first window created around 1937. But, from that moment on, the company grew and developed into one of the most popular window producers in the USA. Their products also include doors now.

As for materials you can get with them, you can choose anything from wood to vinyl and pick whatever style of the window you want, including windows with built-in blinds and shades. If you’re looking for something high-tech, this company offers innovative solutions operated by an app.

12. PGT Windows

This manufacturer is based in Florida and specializes in making vinyl windows. They sell their products across the globe, and their prices are medium to low.

The location itself means that they place a heavy focus on making their windows resistant to storms, but if you’re not in a storm-prone area, you can also find other types of windows.

13. Ply Gem

This company is another old one with a stellar reputation. Recently, it has become a part of Cornerstone Building Brands and, as such, offers plenty of different types of windows, styles, materials, etc.

If you’re worried about the prices and you have to stick to a tight budget, Ply Gem offers a wide range of prices, so you will be able to walk out with exactly what you need. Furthermore, their windows provide quality, and there are plenty of innovative features to choose from.

14. Polaris Windows and Doors

Polaris Windows and Doors was founded in Ohio, but it now has facilities in over 38 states. Their popularity and quality are evident because of their long career. Polaris Windows and Doors create vinyl windows, and their specialty is the replacement. At the same time, they also pride themselves on innovations and creative design.

You can find their windows in most states, categorized in lines with many varying options across the board.

15. Sierra Pacific

As a company founded in 1949, this company has remained a family institution and has created quite a brand. They work on the entire process, from producing the materials to installing them, which means that they ensure that everything is up to the highest standards.

Their windows are made in some popular styles that you may know, but they also have some innovative ideas and solutions as well. Materials also vary from aluminum to wood, and prices can also be applied to any budget.

16. Simonton Windows

This is another big company that specializes in vinyl windows, with affordable prices and top quality designs (website). You should be able to find many different styles with them and pick something that works for your home.

But what makes this company truly stand out are the glass types. They are usually made to protect you against UV rays and all sorts of light so you will be able to keep your home cool on hot summer days.

17. Velux USA

This is a company that creates mainly unique windows — innovative, creative designs. Along with that, they are a leader in creating skylights. So, you can kill two birds with one stone and get great windows and skylights.

They also make accessories for windows, so you’ll be able to find those as well. Velux ensures top quality and fun designs, so if you’re looking for something a bit different, this is the brand to go to.

18. Weather Shield Windows and Doors

This company started at the hands of one man who made storm doors manually. With the expansion of their facilities and product line, this company is now owned by the same family, but with a much larger audience and facilities all across the USA, even though they still remain stationed in Wisconsin.

This company still makes doors, but they also manufacture windows, both traditional, contemporary, and storm ones. You can even get hurricane windows that can protect you against different levels of storm.

19. Woodgrain Millwork

Founded in Utah but later moved to Ohio, Woodgrain controls the entire process of window manufacturing, from finding the right wood to creating the windows. You can mostly find wooden windows in their catalogs, but they make them in plenty of different styles, so you can find the ones that suit you.

This company ensures that the quality of their product is always superior; they follow strict standards and provide excellent customer service at that. Considering they’ve been around since 1954, it’s no wonder that they invest so much effort in keeping their reputation stellar.

What to Look for in a Window Company

As mentioned at the start, windows are expensive, so you can’t be careful enough when you pick a company to work with.

Naturally, research is paramount. You need to learn a bit more about windows, so the topic doesn’t sound strange to you. You should be familiar with some basic terms and not let anyone trick you.

So, as you’ll learn from your research, you need to pick a company based on:

Quality of Windows and the Quality of Installation

For one, the company should provide excellent quality windows, which you will likely be able to use for a long time. And naturally, they should provide installation services and do it correctly as well.

Replacing the Full-Frame or Retrofitting

Next, you should consider that you might need to replace the full frame, as it’s a better solution anyway. Retrofitting is only possible when your frame isn’t damaged. However, you should go with the replacement when and where possible as it will last longer and look better. The price may be higher, but the value is worth it.

Energy Star Windows

You should also know how to find a top-quality company. The most important aspect is probably that the company produces Energy Star windows, meaning that they will be energy efficient in your area. You should also check which other standards their windows meet. It’s always better to buy these types of windows than ones that don’t have these certifications.


Another thing to keep in mind is the warranty that you get with the company. Most windows will work well at first, but who can guarantee you that they’ll work in 10 or 20. Windows are not the types of products you install once every five years — most people never replace them in their lifetime. So, it’s important to get something that can last for at least half that long.

Vinyl windows can last for 25 years, so you can consider that too. A company should offer a decent warranty for at least 20 years. And try not to get drawn in by their tricky warranties, like getting a 5-year labor warranty but then finding out that glass doesn’t fall under it.

Company Reputation

The company should also be old enough — not someone who just appeared on the market, but someone you’ve heard of or a company that did the windows for your friends or family. Make sure that they did a good job first, though.

They should be able to service your windows for a longer amount of time. Check what their reputation is like.

If you thought about looking at online reviews, you might be disappointed. Windows are not like coffee shops or cosmetic salons — people don’t replace them for pleasure, so they rarely rate the company. Unless there’s some really big problem and they leave an angry review, that is.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt to look at the reviews, but you shouldn’t take them for what they are. Some of them may be fake, coming from friends or families, etc. So, the true image of a business can be evasive. But, if you are already familiar with the brand and you know a few people who have their windows, you should be safe.

The important thing is that they don’t end up using you for money and giving you a worse product.


There you have it — the best window companies in the USA. There are, of course, more of them out there, and you can always look them up. However, keep in mind that these are good, reputable companies that also offer affordable prices.

Always invest in Energy Star windows because they will end up saving a lot more money over the years than you’ve spent on them. And it’s always a positive thing if there are more certifications coming with your windows.

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