As you consider adding a storm door to your front door, you might be wondering if the storm door should match the front door color. There are two options for storm door colors – to match the front door color or contrast with a different color.

Whether a storm door matches the front door color or not is a matter of personal preference. While either choice is correct, there are advantages to matching the front door color and leaving the storm door in the original color.

Some homeowners like the idea of having the same color storm door as the front door, while others don’t mind the metallic tone of a storm door. Keep reading to learn the benefits of each choice, so you can make the decision that suits your house’s appearance. Remember, there is no right or wrong in storm door colors – only do what you like most!

Reasons to Match the Storm Door Color to the Front Door Tone

Choosing to paint a storm door the same color as your front door has many benefits to it, leading to many homeowners choosing to match the two doors. This is especially true when you don’t want the storm door to stand out from the exterior color plan.

Here are some reasons why you might prefer having the storm door the same color as the main entry.

The Storm Door Looks Intentional

When the storm door is the same color as the front door, this exterior door looks intentional for the house plan. Often, when you add a storm door after the house is finished, the color is either a neutral tone like white or metallic like silver.

If the storm door is a distinctly different color, it will stand out when people look at your home’s exterior. Painting the storm door the same color as the entry door allows it to blend, creating a harmonious appearance.

The Storm Door Color Increases Curb Appeal

Painting the storm door to match the front door also increases the curb appeal of your home’s front facade. If your front door is a bold red shade, what most people will notice is not the gorgeous red but the silver metallic tone of the storm door.

Matching the storm door to the front door allows your red to stand out as you intended. When your home has neutral paint colors, having a front door that pops can bring out the fun, exciting feature you want without the distraction of a silver metal storm door covering your chosen color.

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Reasons to Leave the Storm Door in the Original Color

Some homeowners prefer to leave the storm door in its original color. Storm doors come in a wide variety of tones, unlike the white, black, or silver of the past. Today, you can find storm door colors in burgundy, blue, green, white, and even purple tones.

If your front door is not an unusual color, you will likely find a storm door in the same tone to complement the front entry.

Below are some reasons to stick to the original storm door color.

Storm Door Designs Are Intended to Be Weatherproof

The storm door finish could have a weatherproof coating that protects it from harsh weather. If you live in an area where the sun is scorching, you might not want to paint the storm door because the sun could cause the paint to chip and peel.

Likewise, adding paint to the storm door might not be wise for a freezing cold location due to the extremely cold temperatures. If the ongoing cold causes the paint to fail, you might decide to stick with the original color.

You Don’t Want to Invest in Painting the Storm Door

If you purchased a storm door close to your front door’s tone, you might decide to keep the original door color. Additionally, if you are not handy or don’t want to hire a painter, remaining with the current storm door color is the best option. You can always change your mind later should you decide you don’t love the color.

How to Paint the Storm Door to Match the Front Door Color

If you decide that painting your storm door the same color as the front door is your preference, there are a few steps to take before embarking on this. You need to buy paint and clean the door. After cleaning the door thoroughly and getting paint matching the front door, you can then proceed with changing the look of the entry.

To match the paint color:

  1. Match the front door paint with sample paint chips from the paint store
  2. Tape them to the storm door and choose the best match
  3. Download a paint matching app (most apps have day and night views of the same color)
  4. Have the paint store blend the matching paint for you (an exterior paint in the same finish as your front door will work)

You can paint the storm door while still on its hinges or remove it for better access. Either way will produce great results. This is how to prepare and paint the storm door:

  1. Clean the storm door with a degreaser soap and water to remove dirt and residue
  2. Sand with 400 grit sandpaper if there are rusty areas
  3. Remove the hardware if you wish
  4. Apply painter’s tape around the hinges and edges of the door trim to prevent paint from seeping onto the siding
  5. Prime the storm door with a multi-surface primer
  6. Apply the matching exterior paint to the storm door using a paintbrush and a small roller
  7. Let the first coat of paint dry
  8. Apply a second coat of exterior paint to the storm door
  9. Let the door dry for twenty-four hours for a cured paint surface
  10. Replace the hardware and admire your new storm door

How to Choose a New Front Door and Storm Door Color

If you are ready for a new front door color (with a matching storm door), here are some suggestions for selecting a color that complements your home and the surrounding landscape.

Since you will be painting the storm door along with the front door, you can use the same paint for both, making the project easier.

You should consider these factors before choosing a new front door color.

The Amount of Sunlight Available

How much sunlight the front door gets, especially in the hottest part of the day, can influence the color choice. The sun’s heat can fade paint, so choose a front door color that won’t fade so much that you will be repainting it often. Selecting a more neutral tone will show less fading than a bold paint color.

Blue Tones for a Front Door

Most blue and blue-green paint colors look wonderful on a brick home. Whether your brick is classic red, gray, or tan, blue is a good complementary color. Color blue is also delightful on a white, neutral tan, and gray-toned house. Bold or muted, blue looks great with the surrounding greenery, too.

Gray Tones for a Front Door

The various gray shades look magnificent on houses with white and black exterior colors. Gray complements other earth-tone paint colors like tan, lighter gray, and houses with stone exteriors. While the gray front and storm doors will stand out, they won’t compete with the other neutrals. Gray is also an excellent choice for a modern home exterior.

Red Front and Storm Door

No one can miss a red front and storm door combination. When you want a bold entry door color, red works well with white and black, pale gray, and blue-gray exterior colors. Paint professionals can also help you select the correct red to bring out the exterior colors.

Black Front and Storm Door

A black door is classic and timeless, giving any home exterior an upscale appearance. The color black lends an elegant contrast to a traditional, contemporary, or cottage-style home, offering your front exterior an anchor color that stands the test of time.

Some people even believe black is the best door color because it attracts positive energy according to feng shui principles.

Key Takeaways

Whether a storm door matches the front door is a matter of personal preference. If your storm door is older and you want to match the color to the front door entry for a seamless look, painting the storm door is an easy afternoon project.

Because storm doors come in a wide array of colors, you will often find a storm door to work well with your front door paint color. Finding the right storm door color is as easy as ordering from a store that offers color-matching to your entry door.

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