Some people go to the toilet just to do their business, while others also browse the internet on their phones. The latter group is, probably, the one that first started looking into making their routine a little bit more comfortable. And that’s why padded toilet seat covers and cushions have been getting more popular over the past few years.

Still, even if you don’t spend more time than you absolutely have to on the toilet, that doesn’t mean you should stick with the cold, hard seat you have now. Hear us out.

Padded Toilet Seat Covers/Cushions Buyer’s Guide

Shopping for a padded toilet seat cover can sound easy but there are a few things to look out for:

Toilet Bowl Dimensions

The first thing you should do is ensure that the size of the cover or cushion you want to buy matches that of your toilet seat. You can do that by simply measuring your toilet seat and then compare it to the specified sizes of the product. If you are having trouble measuring the size of your toilet seat, read this tutorial and give it another try.

Also, don’t forget to determine the shape of your toilet seat. For example, an elongated cover will most likely not fit a round toilet seat.

Types of Materials

When it comes to padding, you can choose between gel and foam. The former is more durable while the latter better supports body weight.It’s worth noting that some padded covers and cushions include a special antibacterial material. Those products are less likely to catch mold or other germs.

However, gel and foam alike, low-quality products will flatten quickly, exposing the hard underlayer in the process. 

Style and Design

If you care about the overall style of your bathroom, you will want a product that matches it. While most covers and cushions are not looking amazing, you can still customize the colors or style. Depending on the manufacturer, you can even choose different images or messages that are printed on it.

Best Padded Toilet Seat Covers and Cushions in 2021

The following list takes every aspect of choosing the best toilet seat cover or cushion into consideration. Moreover, it describes the good and bad sides of every product listed.

1. The Duro-Med 4-Inch Foam Toilet Seat Cushion

The Duro-Med Foam Toilet Seat Cushion is a high-quality and durable product, highly popular for its versatility. The soft foam and vinyl guarantee that you will have a comfortable time while using this cushion. Furthermore, the product is wipeable so you don’t have to worry about it getting stained.

Briggs Healthcare Vinyl Cushion Toilet Seat, 4"
  • RAISED TOILET SEAT CUSHION is made of 4 inch foam with...
  • CUSHIONED TOILET SEAT fits most standard size toilet...
  • TOILET SEAT is constructed of 4 inch foam with tear...
  • ELEVATED TOILET SEAT can be easily cleaned

It fits most toilet sizes and uses velcro hooks and loop straps for an easy installation. As a result, this product is highly portable and can be used on public toilet seats too. The loop straps also make sure that the cushion won’t slip off when you are using the toilet.

What You Will Love About It

  • The most comfortable and durable product on the market
  • Easy to use and attach to any toilet seat
  • Affordable price
  • Reduces pressure on the legs, eliminating the numbness of prolonged toilet sits

What You Should Know

  • Some users consider the opening of this cushion to be too small
  • The 4-inch elevation can make you feel unsure about not making a mess
  • The only color you can buy is white, so keep that in mind if your bathroom has a different style

What Is The Verdict?

You should choose this product if you are looking for an easy-to-install and durable cushion. The overwhelmingly positive reviews stand testament to this product’s high-quality and appeal. And with a price so low, you won’t regret giving it a shot.

2. The Vive Toilet Seat Cushion

Similar to the previous product, the Vive Toilet Seat Cushion is a high-quality, popular option. The soft foam provides relief to pressure points and eliminates the discomfort of sitting on a regular toilet seat. The 2-inch dense core is durable and reliable for long-lasting use. Not only that but the cover can be removed for cleaning by simply unzipping it.

Vive Toilet Seat Cushion (Soft Cushioned Foam) - Easy Clean Soft Padded Bathroom...
  • SIMPLE & SECURE INSTALLATION: Easily attach the cushion...
  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING: Equipped with a zippered cover for...

As the manufacturer states, this product fits any standard toilet seat. In addition, the Vive Cushion doesn’t use straps like most products but instead opts for suction cups. As a result, you don’t have to reach under the toilet seat for removal anymore.

What You Will Love About It

  • Fits any standard sized toilet
  • The removable cover makes it easier to clean than other products out there
  • Simple to install and remove
  • The foam is durable and won’t flatten over time
  • Has a bigger opening so you don’t have to worry about staining the cushion

What You Should Know

  • The suction cups seem to lose their grip over time and may lead to the cushion slipping off
  • The 2-inch elevation can be too small for some users
  • It looks pretty bland and cheap, even if it’s a premium product

What Is The Verdict?

The Vive Toilet Seat Cushion is great if you want an affordable yet quality product. Despite its apparently imperfect suction cup design, this cushion is more than worth it. And if you don’t enjoy it, you can always take advantage of the generous 60 days money-back guarantee.

3. The Warm-n-Comfy Soft Fabric Toilet Seat Cover

Moving on to padded toilet seat covers, we have the amazing Warm-n-Comfy product. The extra plush makes this cover 200% thicker than other products available. As a result, it’s hard to find a warmer and more comfortable toilet seat cover out there.

Warm-n-Comfy Soft Fabric Toilet Seat Cover
  • Fits most round and elongated (14" x 18") toilet seats....
  • Extra Plush!! 200% thicker than competing brands.
  • New! Now comes with hooks to ensure a snug fit to...
  • Soft, sanitary, and luxurious, with frosted...

Not only does it fit most elongated and round toilet seats but the Warm-n-Comfy Seat Cover is also easy to install. It uses a plastic tube to give the cover its specific shape. You can further stretch the material to better fit your particular toilet seat.

Unlike the previously mentioned cushions, the Warm-n-Comfy Seat Cover comes in multiple colors. From sky blue to light lavender, you can find the style that perfectly fits your bathroom.

What You Will Love About It

  • The soft plush makes sitting on the toilet an enjoyable and relaxing experience
  • Highly affordable
  • The fabric stays warm even on the most freezing of days
  • Can be easily machine washed
  • Highly customizable with a variety of options to choose from

What You Should Know

  • While the cover is easy to install, the plastic tube can break if you are not careful
  • Using bleach against stains can end up damaging the product
  • Some users are reporting that even after multiple washes, the cover can smell of urine

What Is The Verdict?

No toilet seat cover is perfect but Warm-n-Comfy delivers a balanced and accessible product. You need to get this product if your toilet is often cold or uncomfortable. The overall price to quality ratio means that you won’t regret spending $10 or less on this cover.

4. The SENOMOR Toilet Seat Cover

Another affordable and premium product is the SENOMOR Toilet Seat Cover. The high-quality acrylic fibers make sure you will never experience a freezing seat again. When talking about durability, the SENOMOR Seat Cover doesn’t disappoint, offering a resistant yet soft product.

Toilet Seat Cover,Bathroom Soft Thicker Warmer with Snaps Fixed Stretchable...
  • Fits most round and elongated toilet seats. Weight 80g....
  • Easy to install, machine washable.Portable and...
  • Soft,warm and comfortable. Say goodbye to the ice cold...
  • Made of acrylic fibers. No shedding,No fading.

Flexible and elastic, this seat cover can be stretched to fit most toilet seats out there. However, when it comes to installation, the snaps and hooks system can be a bit annoying for some. As a result, this product is not too portable and should be mostly used in personal bathrooms. This seat cover also comes in five different colors, each one giving it a unique look.

What You Will Love About It

  • It’s soft, warm, and comfortable
  • Durability is guaranteed thanks to the high-quality acrylic fibers
  • Lower price than most seat covers out there
  • Interesting colors to choose from

What You Should Know

  • The installation snaps and hooks look like they could snap anytime and don’t feel reliable
  • It’s harder to wash than other products on the market
  • It doesn’t provide a lot of elevation and padding

What Is The Verdict?

While it feels like a downgrade from the great Warm-n-Comfy Seat Cover, this product is still a worthwhile option. The low price point means that you don’t have to worry about breaking it as you can always buy another one. Purchase the SENOMOR Toilet Seat Cover if you are looking for a warm and accessible product.

5. The Arswin Toilet Seat Cover

When it comes to quality toilet seat covers, it’s hard to surpass the Arswin one. Made of soft cotton, this product is one of the most comfortable options on the market. Yet, unlike other products, Arswin doesn’t trade quality for durability and equips this cover with a resistant leather back. As a result, you don’t have to worry about getting this seat cover wet.

Arswin Toilet Seat Cover with Zipper, Washable Standard Toilet Lid Cover with...
  • Suitable For: ONLY Fits for elongated (oval) toilet...
  • Warm & Soft: The toilet seat is too cold and hard in...
  • Toilet Seat Cushion with Zipper: Unlike other toilet...
  • High Quality Material: The cover cushion is made of...

Things take a turn when talking about installation and size, as this product fits only elongated toilet seats. Furthermore, the zipper that you can use to install the cover doesn’t seem reliable and could easily break. But it’s a fair trade considering the price of this product.

What You Will Love About It

  • The soft cotton provides a comfortable and warm feeling
  • It’s durable thanks to the leather backing
  • It has a cute and unique design

What You Should Know

  • Doesn’t fit anything else than an elongated (oval) toilet seat
  • Can’t be machine washed
  • The zipper seems unreliable and will most likely break

What Is The Verdict?

All in all, the Arswin Toilet Seat Cover is a well-rounded yet a bit flawed product. If you are willing to ignore the zipper and the installation, you will enjoy a comfortable and durable product. For some, that is a fair trade off while for others it’s a deal-breaker. Nevertheless, you should give this toilet seat cover a try, even if it’s just for the unique design it has.

6. The PCP Raised Toilet Seat Cushion

Let’s return to the land of cushions with the reliable PCP Raised Toilet Seat Cushion. This seat cushion is made using medical grade materials to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Thanks to that, many doctors are recommending the PCP Toilet Seat Cushion to people suffering from hip fractures and strains.

PCP Raised Toilet Seat Cushion, 2" High Padded Comfort Support, Universal Fit,...
  • Comfortable foam padding, 2 inch (5 cm) thick, covered...
  • Velcro fastening straps allow for easy attachment to...
  • Provides extra comfort when sitting on the commode and...
  • Fits most standard toilet and commode seats.

Lightweight and portable, this product can be easily installed and removed using the four straps system. While it can fit most toilets out there, some reviewers are having issues with the size. Specifically, some of them are reporting inconsistent sizes when buying more than one product, some being bigger than others.

When it comes to cleaning, you can simply use a wet wipe. However, avoid immersing it in water as this product is not waterproof.

What You Will Love About It

  • Made of durable medical grade material
  • You can easily carry it around and place it on public toilet seats
  • The cleaning process is simple and fast
  • Great for people that have medical conditions and are unable to use classic toilet seats
  • Doesn’t get stained as easily as other brands

What You Should Know

  • The fact that this cushion is not waterproof might end up causing problems later on
  • The material seems to deflate once you sit on it, thus lowering the elevation it provides
  • The size is inconsistent between different products under the same name

What Is The Verdict?

The PCP Raised Toilet Seat Cushion is a hit or miss for most people. On the one hand, you will enjoy a medical product that will surely help you reduce back pain. On the other hand, the size may prove inconvenient for some toilets. In the end, you can give this one a shot if other products don’t seem to work out for you.

7. The Ningning Plush Padded Toilet Seat Cover

This is one of the most interesting toilet seat covers out there. Ningning completely separates the sides of a normal seat cover and the result is this unique looking product. But when talking about the product itself, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear that it packs high-quality soft cotton. Because of that, the Ningning Plush Toilet Seat Cover is a warm and comfortable addition to the seat cover family.And you shouldn’t be worried about washing or drying this cover because you can simply hand wash it.

2Pairs Plush Warm Thick Padded Toilet Seat Cover Mat Non Slip Soft Toilet Seat...
  • Warm Toilet Seat Cover: Toilet seat cover is warm your...
  • High Quality Material: The cover cushion is made of...
  • Static Cling Design: Peel off the protective film on...
  • Warm & Soft: The toilet seat is too cold and hard in...

It’s also easy to install, as it uses adhesive pads that can easily stick to the toilet seat. Yet, there are some reports of it not completely sticking and ultimately slipping off the toilet.

What You Will Love About It

  • Features high-quality soft cotton
  • The product itself is comfortable and can maintain heat without a hassle
  • Not too expensive
  • The material is skin-friendly and specifically designed to not cause rashes

What You Should Know

  • The adhesive pads are unreliable
  • Machine washing can shorten its lifespan
  • Folding it can lead to tearing

What Is The Verdict?

If you are looking for a unique take on the classic toilet seat covers, Ningning doesn’t disappoint. However, keep in mind that you will have a harder time installing or washing this product. As with other covers, it’s a trade that not everybody is willing to make. But for its low price point, you don’t have much to lose if you try using one.

Reasons to Get a Padded Toilet Seat Cover

You might already think that a normal toilet seat is comfortable enough for you, so why upgrade it? Well, aside from the comfort factor, there are other benefits to using a padded toilet seat cover or cushion.  

Even if you don’t necessarily feel it, your body may get strained from prolonged toilet sittings. Ignoring this issue can lead to back pain and other health issues further down the road.

A padded seat will reduce the numbness you feel when sitting on the toilet for too long. It does this by preventing the legs from getting compressed by the weight of your body. Some doctors even recommend padded seats for people that are suffering from circulatory issues.

Furthermore, padded seat covers are usually filled with gel or foam. Because of that, the surface doesn’t get as cold as a regular, hard toilet seat. That is great for harsh winter days when you don’t even want to imagine your bottom touching something cold.

With so many reasons to get a padded toilet seat cover, you might be wondering why you haven’t got one already.

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Overall, it all boils down to your own preferences and bathroom habits. If you are the kind of person that loses track of time and spends hours on the toilet, go for a cushion. But if you hate sitting on a freezing toilet seat, you can be sure that a cover is a perfect choice for you.

No matter what product you go for, it’s important to regularly clean it and maintain it. After all, who wants a stained toilet seat cover or cushion? So in the end, do your research and use our recommendations to find the perfect product for your needs.

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