A comfortable chair is one of the best places to curl up and watch TV. Most households have either a sofa or comfy chair in their living room or family room, and today’s modern chairs can fit into any home decor scheme. But what are the most comfortable chairs for chilling out and watching Netflix?

The most comfortable chair for watching TV for most people is the ANJ Electric Recliner. It’s the perfect size for any space and large enough to be comfortable for all body types. It’s built for comfort but is also stylish with some nice features, and it’s priced for most budgets.

However, there are a few cases where a different chair might be a better choice, such as:

In this article, I’ll first discuss some factors to consider when selecting a comfortable chair for watching TV and how each of my picks scores in those areas. I’ll also explain why the ANJ Electric Recliner is the best TV-watching chair for most people and discuss some of the alternative options.

The Comfort Level of a Chair for Watching TV

When determining the comfort level of a chair for watching TV, you should consider things like the material, such as leather versus microfiber, how much support there is, whether the chair reclines, and so on.

Some chairs can be used as a small bed, while others may have great adaptability to lean it back to just the right angle.

A chair may have adjustable lumbar support or an extra-cushioned headrest for neck comfort.

Or, the most comfortable chair may boast features like massaging capabilities or a heated backrest.

Whether these types of features are important to you really depends on your personal preference and what kind of sitting experience you’re looking for. Like with mattresses, some people like a firmer seat with more support, while others may prefer a chair that they can literally sink into.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a TV Chair

There are a few other factors to consider when selecting a chair for watching TV:

  • Size
  • Functionality and Features
  • Price

I’ll explain each of these in more detail below.


Even if you find a chair that’s more comfortable than any other, it won’t do you any good if it’s not the right size for your living space. Plus, when you’re using the chair to watch TV, you need it to be a good distance from the screen, and it has to sit at the right angle so that you can see the TV without having to bend or turn your head.

The ideal distance you should sit from your TV is 1-1.5 times the screen size, so keep that in mind when figuring how big of a chair you need for your space.

It’s also helpful to consider what other furniture pieces are in the space.

For example, if you have a sectional sofa, coffee table, end table, and TV stand, you may not have room for a large recliner. On the other hand, two comfortable recliners with a table in between might be just what you’re looking for.

The chair’s size is also important when it comes to the person that will be using it. Most furniture has a weight limit, and certain designs are better suited for smaller people than larger people.

If you’re looking to purchase a comfortable chair for watching TV, the last thing you want is something that’s too small or too low for your body. Very tall people may also need to consider the chair’s height.

The type of chair may have some bearing on how much space you need and what size you should consider.

For example, a lounge chair typically spins, rocks, leans, and often includes an ottoman. In this case, you should allow at least 35” of width space and 65” from the back of the chair to the front of an ottoman.

Functionality and Features

There’s a lot of overlap between features and comfort when considering things like massage capabilities or adjustable lumbar support. However, there are so many different things that today’s furniture can do that it really deserves its own category.

Comfortable chairs for watching TV include more than just recliners, which might include:

  • Rocking chairs
  • Swivel chairs
  • Glider chairs
  • Armchairs
  • Accent chairs
  • Club chairs
  • Oversized chairs
  • Gaming chairs

Depending on what style you choose, there may be many added benefits and features.

If you’re like me, you’re looking for a place to relax where you can also plug in your device. However, not everyone is as attached to their electronics, so that may not be an essential feature for everyone.

If you like to use your comfortable chair to read and watch TV, you may want storage pockets to hold your books and magazines. Or, if you like to lay back and sleep, it may be most important that there’s a good recline, footrest, and adjustable head cushion.


Of course, price is an important consideration when purchasing a comfortable chair or any piece of furniture.

Furniture is a significant investment, and if it’s in your living room or family room, it’s probably going to be front-and-center when you have guests. That means that you’ll want to select something that looks nice with your home’s style but is also a good value.

On the other hand, you may be looking to splurge on a comfortable chair, and the price may be the least important thing to consider.

Cost is about more than just the price tag.

It’s also about the value that you perceive from the item. We reviewed items from all different price points on this list to help you make the best decision for a comfortable chair that meets your needs, fits into your home’s style, and is within your budget.

Most Comfortable Chairs for Watching TV: Top 8 Picks

1. ANJ Electric Recliner (Best Overall)

The ANJ Electric Recliner is the best overall on this list because it’s designed for comfort, is an ideal size to fit in most living spaces, has features like a USB charging port, and it’s an excellent value for the price.

The ANJ recliner has simple controls to allow you to lay back and relax with the press of a button. I like the extra cushioning around the head area to comfortably lay on my back or side while reclined.

ANJ Electric Recliner Chair W/Breathable Bonded Leather, Classic Single Sofa...
  • ✔ Electric Reclining System: Simple two buttons press...
  • ✔ Comfortable and Durable: Design with overstuffed...
  • ✔ USB Charging Port and Easy Clean: It comes one USB...
  • ✔ Heavy Duty and Ideal Size: Overall size 39"W x 28"D...

The chair is made from faux leather, giving you the soft and durable feel of premium leather, but it’s cruelty-free. This material is easy to clean and will withstand years of family use.

The size is ideal for a recliner, with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. The footprint is a bit smaller than most chairs, with dimensions of 39” wide, 28” deep, and 39” high.

I really like the worn leather look in the nut-brown and gray colors.

It would look great in any rustic or traditionally designed home, while the dark brown offering looks more regal and formal. The chair also has details that you don’t often see in a piece of furniture at this price point, including the brass rivets down the sides of each arm.


Functionality and Features6/10


  • Easy-to-clean and cruelty-free faux leather.
  • USB charging
  • Simple button controls
  • 1-year warranty
  • Smooth and quiet recline


  • Head and feet recline simultaneously
  • No storage compartments
  • The headrest angle isn’t adjustable
  • It may be too small for very tall people
  • Doesn’t swivel

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2. Pulaski Larson Recliner (Best Comfortable TV Chair for Features)

The Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner is the perfect pick for anyone who likes a lot of features and functionality. It’s a great chair for having a movie theater experience in your own home.

It’s one of the few picks on our list that’s available in red, along with black and charcoal gray.

Pulaski Larson Theatre Recliner, 38.0" L X 39.5" W X 43.0" H, Black
  • One outlet and two USB changing plugs are hidden in arm...
  • Power Recline to infinite positions with the touch of a...
  • Swivel tray can attach to either arm for easy use and...
  • PREMIUM faux Leather cover is breathable, extremely...

This chair has a swivel base and is made with upholstered polyurethane to give you an easy-to-clean surface that has a leather-like feel. In the armrest storage compartment, you’ll find two USB charging plugs and one standard outlet to charge or power your devices from the comfort of your recliner.

One unique feature is the tray table that attaches to either arm, so it’s customizable depending on your preference. The swivel tray table easily stows in the arm storage compartment when you’re not using it.

Pull it out to hold your popcorn, snacks or to do some work in the comfiest seat in the house.

Whether you use these chairs for your living room setup or a media room, they’re an excellent pick for entertaining, watching movies and TV, or relaxing with a book. The dimensions are 38” L x 39.5” W x 43” H.


Functionality and Features9/10


  • USB and standard electrical outlet built-in
  • Hidden storage compartment
  • Tray table built-in
  • Easy to assemble
  • Faux leather
  • Swivel base


  • The power cord is short, so it may need an extension cord
  • It may be too small for very tall people
  • Less cushion/filling than some other recliners
  • Not genuine leather

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3. Seatcraft Pantheon (Best Chair for Big and Tall People)

The Pantheon home theater seating recliner from Seatcraft checks boxes in all the categories we reviewed. It’s impressive when it comes to comfort, materials, size, and features.

This recliner is taller and wider than a standard reclining chair and can support up to 400 lbs. It’s made from genuine top-grain leather, which screams both quality and comfort. Not to mention, it’s easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

Seatcraft Pantheon - Big & Tall - Home Theater Seating - Living Room - 400 lbs...
  • The Seatcraft experience is where craftsmanship meets...
  • Experience the epitome of comfort and convenience with...
  • Not all furniture is created equal. The Seatcraft...
  • Transform your living spaces or home theater into...

This chair has all the features you need.

It has a powered headrest, powered adjustable lumbar support, and powered recline functions, along with memory settings to put your seat right where you want with the push of a button.

For a movie-theater type experience, you’ll love the light-up cup holders and soft blue light from underneath the base of the chair. There are built-in bass shakers in the seat to bring the sounds from the screen right to you, providing a more immersive experience than you’d typically get at home.

I love the hidden storage compartments and swivel tray table to hold my snacks, remote, or crossword puzzle whenever it’s not a movie night.

Plus, there’s a handy USB charging station built-in.


Functionality and Features8/10


  • Great for tall and big people
  • Genuine leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Packed with features for more comfort


  • High price

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4. Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Recliner (Best for the Elderly or Mobility Issues)

The Signature Design by Ashely Yandel recliner has a unique design feature making it perfect for anyone with mobility issues or people who have difficulty getting up and down out of a cushy reclining chair.

The power-lift recliner has a dual motor that slowly lifts the chair up and forward to allow the sitter to stand up from the chair easily.

Signature Design by Ashley Yandel Faux Leather Electric Power Lift Recliner for...
  • INVITING COMFORT: Designed for support and comfort with...
  • SMOOTH BROWN UPHOLSTERY: Saddle brown upholstery looks...
  • GENEROUS SIZING: Oversized recliner measures 35" W x...

The controls are on an attached remote control, so you don’t have to lean over the side of the chair and search around for buttons, adding to the comfort and convenience of this thoughtful design.

The upholstery is smooth, faux leather that’s soft, cozy, and easy to clean. The seat is oversized, but the overall footprint fits easily into any living space. I love the saddle brown color because it matches any theme or design, whether rustic, casual, or more formal.

This chair is also available in standard black.

The dimensions are 35” W x 40” D x 42.5” H, and the seat is 20” high. The weight limit is 250-350 lbs.

Another feature that’s different from some of the other recliners on this list is that you can operate the legs and back independently. So, if you want to raise the legs without laying back, you can. This chair is all about your comfort and preferences.


Functionality and Features7/10


  • Power-lift feature
  • Remote controls
  • Independent foot and headrest controls
  • Easy to assemble


  • Price is slightly higher than some other similar recliners
  • No charging outlets
  • Slow movement

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5. Respawn RSP-900 Gaming Chair (Best Non-Traditional Recliner)

This is not your grandparents’ recliner. The Respawn RSP-900 gaming chair is a swivel recliner built for comfort and function. The removable plush headrest pillow will keep your head and neck elevated so you can easily see the screen while reclined.

RESPAWN 900 Gaming Recliner - Video Games Console Recliner Chair, Computer...
  • CONSOLE GAMING COMFORT provided by a plush removable...
  • CONTROLS AND DRINKS AT THE READY with a removable side...
  • RECLINE WITH CONFIDENCE. Comfortably recline up to...

A removable storage pouch hangs from the armrest, and there’s a cup holder built-in to the left side.

This chair has built-in lumbar support and side cushioning to keep your body cradled in place. It’s great for anyone who uses their TV for watching shows and movies as well as gaming.

With a weight limit of 275 lbs, most people can enjoy this chair regardless of their size. The arched leg rest gives extra support to the lower body, and you can lock the recliner into position at any angle for comfort.

The dimensions are 35”-51” D x 31” W x 37”-45” H.


Functionality and Features3/10


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can use it for living room or office, TV or computer
  • Many color options
  • Inexpensive
  • Fits in a casual living space, such as an apartment, dorm, office, den
  • Doesn’t take up much room


  • Seat height is not adjustable
  • Doesn’t have wheels on the base like some gaming chairs
  • Not a power recliner
  • No extra features, such as USB charging or massaging

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6. Christopher Knight Club Chair (Best Club Chair)

For some people, a comfortable chair for watching TV isn’t just a recliner. If you have a living area that’s a little more formal, or if you’re looking for something to supplement the furniture you already have, an accent chair or club chair may be just what you’re looking for.

This Christopher Knight Home club chair is a soft blue color that will match nearly any color and decor theme in your home.

Christopher Knight Home Tafton Fabric Club Chair, Light Blue
  • Item Package Dimension: 34.299999965014L x...
  • Item Package Weight - 41.89003440262 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - CHAIR

However, what really elevates this chair versus others is the level of detail in the design. The chair has soft angles, dark brown legs that raise it to the ideal height, subtle brass studs around the outside seam, and buttons to create a geometric design on the backrest.

Even the backside of the chair is tufted, so it looks like a piece of showroom furniture from any angle.

The stuffed cushion, along with the size and shape of the back, make this club chair surprisingly comfortable to sit in. With a cozy throw blanket and ottoman to prop up your feet, you’ll be able to enjoy the most stylish seat in the house.

The dimensions of this chair are 33” D x 35.25” W x 33.75” H. Of course, if you decide to add an ottoman, you’ll need to measure out additional space to accommodate it.


Functionality and Features2/10


  • Its small footprint will fit in any living space
  • Stylish design
  • Comes fully assembled except for legs
  • Good quality


  • No features/functions
  • Need an ottoman to lay back and relax
  • Your color options are limited

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7. Storkcraft Glider (Best Non-Recliner)

For a comfortable chair on a budget, this glider from the Storkcraft store is a perfect choice.

I love a good rocking chair, especially one that’s stylish enough to put in your living room. This chair is where the rocker meets the recliner. The smooth gliding chair comes with a matching ottoman to allow you to kick your feet up while you relax with a gentle rocking motion.

Storkcraft Premium Hoop Glider and Ottoman (White Base, Gray Cushion) – Padded...
  • PREMIUM COMFORT: The Storkcraft Hoop Glider and Ottoman...
  • CONVENIENT STORAGE: Each padded arm cushion includes a...
  • MULTIPLE COLORS: Designed to match any nursery, this...
  • SIZE: Maximum recommended weight (250 pounds); Length...

It’s made of high-quality materials, like natural wood and upholstered fabric, and it’s easy to clean, which is perfect for a high-traffic area like the TV room.

I love the convenience of having storage pockets on both arms. It’s a great place to stash the remotes, magazines, or even your snacks.

The chair is available in 18 different colors so that you can match it to any theme or design.

The white base is an excellent complement to any color scheme. Many people use this glider in a nursery, but I love its versatility to place it in any room. No matter where you put this chair, it’s going to be the one people want to sit in.


Functionality and Features4/10


  • Easy to assemble
  • Matches any home decor
  • The chair includes an ottoman
  • Handy storage pocket
  • Sturdy, hardwood base


  • No extra features/functions
  • Doesn’t recline
  • Wood base with cushion, so it’s not as comfy as some recliners

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8. Jaxx Cocoon Bean Bag Chair (Best Chair That’s Not a Chair)

I always like to include something a little different when I’m reviewing products like these because I think it’s an excellent way for people to find new things that they possibly wouldn’t have considered otherwise.

This isn’t the bean bag chair you remember from your childhood. The Jaxx Cocoon is built to satisfy the adult while also appealing to the nostalgia of the child in all of us.

Jaxx 6 Foot Cocoon - Large Bean Bag Chair for Adults, Charcoal
  • MULTI-POSITIONAL - Bean bag chair and crash pad for...
  • NO MESS, NO HASSLE SETUP - Now comes pre-assembled....
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - Lush micro-suede (polyester) cover...

This is the only chair on the list to score a 10/10 on comfort because it’s the only one that you can sink your entire body into.

It’s a multi-positional bean bag that you can lay on like a bed or flip onto its side for a more traditional chair shape. Don’t underestimate the support that a chair like this provides. The way that this oversized bean bag chair envelopes and contours your body will provide support and comfort from all angles.

It’s an ideal place to sit or lay by yourself or with someone else to watch TV or a movie or even play video games.


Functionality and Features2/10


  • Super comfortable
  • Modern style for families, kids, and adults
  • Machine washable cover
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • It may be too large for some spaces
  • Not ideal for people who have trouble getting up and down
  • Could be too casual for a formal living area
  • You have to fill it yourself, which can be messy
  • Could be dangerous for small pets or small children if they get underneath the bag

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Key Takeaways

When purchasing a new chair for watching TV, you should consider the comfort factors, features and functionality, size, and price.

The ANJ Electric Recliner is the best choice for most people, based on those factors and many others. It’s a comfortable and stylish chair with just the right features without being too over the top.

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