TV wires not only make the room feel more cluttered, but they’re also a health hazard as they may cause someone to trip, making it especially dangerous if there are children around. Aesthetically, TV wires do not look good, but there are ways to hide them so that they’re no longer an eyesore in your home.

To hide TV wires without cutting the wall, you can turn the errant wires into wall art or hide them behind other objects such as tall flower vases, or use the wall trim to conceal them. It is also becoming increasingly common to build a fabric wall frame to hide the wires.

For easy yet stylish solutions for your TV wires and other stray chords, you do not have to invest in truckloads, nor do you have to drill a gaping hole in your walls. There are ways to remedy the situation without making permanent changes to your wall. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Create Wall Art Using Your TV Wires

While the intent is to hide your TV wires, it is important to know that things can sometimes lie in plain sight also. You do not need to actively hide the TV wires as long as you can make art with them and make them look aesthetically pleasing.

Creating wall art out of TV wires and leaving them open in plain sight is an effective way to manage them and help them blend in with the rest of the room.

When creating wall art, the options are endless. You could map it to look like the silhouette of a person, or you could make it look like a city skyline.

To add a touch of glamor, you could also decorate the TV wires with colorful stickers and tapes to make butterflies and flowers out of it. You could hand greeting cards and postcards from it as well.

To make the wall art, you will have to trace the image on the wall and gradually start mounting the TV wire on that drawing with the help of tapes and stickers.

2. Use Large Objects to Hide the Wires

The simplest way to hide TV wires is to place something in the line of sight. This is a basic décor idea that can be used for other areas of the house where you would like to hide something that does not look so great with something else placed in front of them.

If you can look around the house, you may find a tall vase or a floor lamp, or even a large picture frame that can do the job at no extra cost. It is, of course, easier if you have a shelf or a dresser under the wall-mounted TV. The taller these shelves and dressers are, the better as they will minimize the space between the TV and the shelves.

To hide the TV wires that peek out from above the dresser, you could use picture frames or other décor pieces and position them in alignment with the TV cables. 

Whenever you are decorating, it is important to remember that the items are not randomly placed. They need to look as if they belong there while they also fulfill their functional purpose at the same time. The décor should blend in with the rest of the environment. Hiding the TV wires will not only make the room nicer, but it will also help avert any untoward tripping accident.

3. Make Use of the Wall Trim to Conceal the Wires

Wall trims are the most eye-catching way to hide TV wires. It may not be as easy or as pocket-friendly as placing other décor items in your line of sight, but it is a great solution nonetheless. The only disadvantage is that the cables are not very easy to access once they are placed under the trim work.

If you need to remove, amend, or make any changes to the TV wires in the future, reaching them will be a hassle.

If the time consuming effort it takes to access the wires every time is okay with you, or if you do not foresee the need to access the wires every time, then you can go ahead and add the wall trimming to hide the wires. The way you can go about it is by hiding the cords in the channel that is formed between the slats of the wall trimming. Then you can cover the entire area with a third slat.

It is always helpful to start with a design plan in mind. Measure the length of the TV wires and design wall trimmings on paper. When you are installing the wall panels, make sure that you paint and dry them before you mount them on the wall. It would be a hassle to paint them after you have mounted them on the wall.

4. Make a Fabric Frame

Creating fabric frames is quite easy. All you will need is a frame that is made as per the size requirements for your TV unit and the area of the wall that you would like to cover. Take a piece of fabric and cover the wooden frame from end to end.

Be careful when choosing the fabric, though; it has to match with the décor of the rest of the room or at least complement them in general. You could use a staple gun to fix the fabric to the frame. Alternately, you could use studs or even glue the fabric to the frame. The TV wires will remain hidden behind the fabric, but you will have easy access to them at the same time.

Once the fabric is attached, you will have to cut a hole in the frame to let the TV wires pass through. After the set up is ready and the wires have been threaded to the other side of the fabric frame, you can use an adhesive to stick the wires to the fabric and mount the fabric on the wall using nails and hammer.

If the fabric frame is lightweight, you can even use adhesive strips to hang it on the wall.

5. Invest in a Wire Organizer

If your TV is not mounted on a wall but rests on a TV stand, it is very likely that there are large coils of wires and cables behind the TV. Sometimes these wires may poke out, making the place look messy and cluttered. To organize this, you will have to fix the wires by folding or rolling and shortening their length.

With the help of a Velcro, you can tie up the excess wires in one controlled bunch that does not spill over. You can also use cable ties for this same purpose. Just make sure at the time of shortening the cables that the electrical and AV cables are separate to avoid any kind of interference.

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The main aim of this exercise is to reduce the number of unnecessary cords hanging around, and the essential ones that are there can be tucked away by keeping it neatly folded and rolled over. Here are some ways and tips on using an organizer to hide the TV wires:

  • When you have a solid panel at the back for your TV unit, place the shortened wires behind this panel with the help of clips. You do not need any custom-built clips – just the simple binder clips lying around in your study will do.
  • You can mount plywood at the back of the TV unit and place the cords behind this plywood veneer.
  • Using a cord organizer will help keep all the shortened cords in one place, and it also looks stylish, giving your TV space that added oomph in terms of looks.
  • If you have a TV unit that has an open back, there are cabbie management sleeves wherein you can hide your cords in. You can cut the sleeve to the desired length and place the folded cables inside this sleeve. You can then attach this sleeve to the TV unit’s frame, and it makes the management of rogue TV wires easy and doable.
  • If you need to add an extra pop of color, use colored tubing that can be cut to the size you require and wrapped around the cords.
  • A channel cable organizer can also be used for this purpose. Since it has a self-adhesive back, it can be mounted on the wall easily. Any unsightly cable wires can be tucked away in this contraption. An added advantage is that the cables can be easily accessed from this organizer box. Once you have taken this step, your TV stand area will look very neat and organized and the TV wires will no longer be easily seen.

6. Use a TV Stand That Conceals the Wires

There are TV stands also available in the market today that allow you to conceal the TV wires without too much of a hassle. These stands may not be the cheapest option in the market and in the arsenal of remedies you may have in hiding TV wires, but it does add to the aesthetic beauty of the room while proving to be functional at the same time.

If you do not already have a TV stand or looking for an upgrade, then this can be a great option to upgrade to. It will not only get you a new TV stand that you anyway wanted, but it will help you conceal those ungodly wires protruding out from the TV set. The market is flooded with models and makes that are built to serve this purpose.

The Ameriwood Home Elevation TV Stand is one such option. It comes in a black finish and can blend in with any sort of décor in the room. The back panel of the TV stand provides a brilliant solution for hiding cables and wires from the TV. It also comes with three shelves, which are utilitarian for keeping any cable box or other accessories.

You could also invest in some floating shelves that come with a back panel. That too will do the job for you just fine. However, if you cannot find any model in the market that meets your needs, you can get cracking on a DIY project and fashion one for yourself using plywood. Remember to paint the shelves and back panel first before you mount it to the wall.

7. Use Camouflage Techniques

While these methods draw from the idea of placing other décor objects in the line of sight and in creating wall art using the TV wires, it is a little more complicated than that. In this method, the TV wires would become almost invisible.

You can make use of multiple home décor things in a way that the wires remain in plain sight but blend in with the other décor items. The end goal is to hide the cords in the larger picture that you will be drawing up with the other décor items.

Imagine the wall to be the backdrop. Now keep adding décor items set in a certain theme or in a color combination using your imagination so that the TV wires mesh in with the rest of the items of the storyboard and is hardly noticeable any longer.

This is something that you can only learn through trial and error. You can place the items and see for yourself if something works or not till you hit the sweet spot.

In this video, you can see 28 different techniques to hide cables and wires that you can use for your TV wires as well. It is full of interesting ideas and provides you with solutions for hiding TV wires and cables using ordinary everyday things, most of which you can DIY:

8. Install a Raceway

A raceway is a deceptive contraption that is designed to give an aesthetically pleasing conduit for hiding TV wires. A raceway is not only an easy solution to hide the wires, but it also aids in keeping the wires organized and in one place, and it can be done without cutting the wall.

In case you would like to hide the power strip itself, or the surge protectors and the electrical cords, you can get a cable raceway and attach it to a cardboard box or opt for the stylish cable management box. If you are using the cardboard box, remember to cut holes in the cardboard box to be able to fit the TV wires in the box.

There are all sorts of raceways available online and in a local store. These are usually made of plastic materials that have a self-adhesive strip at the back, which makes it easy for the raceway to be positioned in place without the help of nuts and bolts tearing into your wall. If you want to plant them along the corner of the wall, special raceways are also available.

Another thing more commonly found is that the raceways are mostly white in color and so it may not go well with a wall color that may be different.

  • A quick and easy solution to this is by painting the raceway and then installing it on the wall.
  • Make sure you have a squeaky-clean raceway before you start painting.
  • A little washing up with warm soapy water will do the trick.
  • You could use acrylic or enamel paint for this.

The A+ Electric Cord Cover is a raceway cable concealer cord that can be mounted on walls and is self-adhesive. It is designed to conceal messy and unorganized cables that are strewn everywhere in your office or at home.

Each of these packages contains 15 channels and 3 internal corners along with 3 external corners, 3 T connectors, 3 L connectors, and 12 straight connectors. It also has 15 drywall anchors and screws.

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The self-adhesive tape in the A+ Electric Cord Cover is very strong, and so it is strongly advised that you finalize the location of placement before you mount the raceway on the wall. The self-adhesive tape is not repositionable, so if you are to attempt to realign the raceway, it may cause damage to the adhesive strip. Even the surfaces it is being applied to may suffer damage in the process.  

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Hopefully, this article has provided you with more than a few ideas that you can now incorporate to hide those rebellious TV wires. If you use your imagination and creativity, you will be able to come up with many more such ideas for a solution without cutting the wall.

The end result will be a treat not just for the eyes. There will also be comfort in knowing that the wires which were initially posing as a potential tripping hazard in your home, that are especially dangerous if you have kids, have now disappeared.

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