There are plenty of things you can do to make rooms seem visually larger. If you decorate your rooms adequately, no one will be able to notice that their size is limited. The best way to do that is by letting a lot of light penetrate the interior.

Windows play a vital role in how sunny the inside of your home will be. Thus, special care needs to be taken when choosing your drapery. With the right curtains, you could make your rooms seem not only warmer and more interesting but also brighter and more spacious.

Also, when it comes to curtains, the options are limitless. There is a variety of materials, textures, and patterns to play around with — and the best part is that they can all be used to visually alter the room. If you think that sounds interesting, read on to discover my 5 amazing tips on how to make a room look bigger with curtains!

Chances are that your home is equipped with average-sized windows. However, you definitely can enlarge them visually. If the windows appear bigger, not only will they let more light inside, but they will also give the illusion of roominess. That is where properly placed curtains come into play.

1. Hang the Curtains as High as Possible

The first thing you should do before you even start hanging your curtains is to position the curtain rod or track properly. In order to make your window and the whole wall seem higher, put the curtain rod as high above the window as possible. Attaching the rail close to the ceiling tricks the eye into believing the wall is bigger. Thus, it visually expands the whole room.

A good rule of thumb is to place the curtain rod approximately 4 inches above the window if you have ceiling moldings or around 6 inches above it if you don’t. By doing so, the curtains will remain close enough to the window to conceal its edges. At the same time, they will be high enough to elongate it and make the walls appear taller.

2. Use Curtain Rods to Your Advantage

Curtain rods and railings come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so remember to make the most of the options available to make any room look bigger.

One thing you could do is opt for a decorative curtain rod. You should choose an interesting rail made from carved wood or one that comes in an unconventional shade or finish. Adding intricacy to the room with a beautiful, detail-rich curtain rod would immediately draw the eye upward and make the ceiling seem sky-high.

Another trick you can use entails installing a long or adjustable curtain rod. Just like placing the rod higher would make the room seem taller, using a longer rod would make the room seem wider. Keeping the rod anywhere between 8 and 12 inches wider than the window frame would do the trick.

A long curtain rail allows you to push the curtains all the way to the sides of the window. By pushing them to the sides, they will only conceal the edges of the window frame. Exposing a window this way will make it appear wider, allow more light to enter, and give the room a more commodious feel.

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3. Long Curtains Are the Way to Go

Unless the layout of your room doesn’t allow it, you should only use long curtains in a confined space. Contrary to popular belief, curtains do not make tiny rooms seem cluttered ― not if you pick the right ones, that is. So, try to stay away from mid-length or window-sized curtains. They will only accentuate the space limitations of your room and do nothing to expand the window.

On the other hand, long curtains would have the same effect on your room as stiletto heels have on a woman’s posture. The walls would appear higher and leaner, and the whole room would get a facelift.

Pro Tip: Consider curtains with patterns that contain vertical details, such as stripes or woven elements.

In fact, long curtains can also give a room a different feel. By letting the curtains puddle on the floor, you can bring out the romantic in you. Alternatively, you can tap into your practical side and leave them to hang only an inch above the floor. That way, they would be less prone to getting dirty and wouldn’t get in the way when you’re sweeping the floor.

4. Mind the Texture of the Curtains

When choosing the material for the curtains in your compact apartment, consider how they will be used. If you would like to keep the curtains drawn, go for a material that would let enough sunlight in. Conversely, if the curtains would mostly be pulled to the sides of the window, a better solution would be to select a denser fabric.

In your case, curtains should help you achieve privacy and block the view inside your home. Therefore, choose a lightweight material, such as linen, that would let the natural light in. The light would easily pass through such a sheer material while simultaneously keeping any Peeping Toms at bay.

In contrast, if you see curtains only as a stylish window treatment, consider using sturdier materials. Heavier fabrics would be easier to keep pulled back at the sides of the window frame, leaving the window exposed. An added bonus is that they also look more expensive and luxurious.

Either way, remember that your goal is to let light in. A room with lots of natural light feels airy and spacious. In that case, heavy, opaque fabrics are not your friends; they can clog up the space, darken the room, and make it more stuffy.

5. Opt for a Light Color Scheme

In line with the abovementioned tips, in order to have plenty of natural light, use light-colored materials. Plain white, silvery gray, or beige are the safest options. They allow the light to illuminate the room, giving it an open and inviting feel.

For a similar, yet mellower effect, go for an off-white shade, such as greige or eggshell. Also, remember that pale yellow, pastel pink, or light apricot would shower the room in warm, sunny tones, making it equally spacious and welcoming.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the tips and tricks you read above will come in handy when going curtain shopping for your small home. I encourage you to apply them and behold how your room doubles in size. Just try not to get lost in all the space you’ve created!

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