Let’s get this straight — toilet seats are not the most hygienic places on the planet. That is especially true for public toilets, where germs run amok. To avoid health issues, people have started to use toilet seat covers in public toilets and homes alike.

And so, today we are going to talk about covers and how to put them on.

What Is a Toilet Seat Cover?

A toilet seat cover is a piece of paper or similar material that you can place on a toilet seat. Some public toilets have toilet seat cover dispensers that provide people with their own covers. Other toilets use an automatic self-renewing system that changes the toilet seat cover after every use.

Furthermore, there are also toilet seat covers made out of soft fabric. Those are mainly used to protect your skin against the cold of a toilet seat. What’s even better is that fabric covers can be washed and used multiple times. However, avoid reusing the same fabric seat over and over again, as it can get moldy and smelly.

Why Do You Need to Cover Your Toilet Seat?

As previously mentioned, germs and bacteria are a big problem with toilet seats. While you can easily fix that issue by giving your toilet a thorough cleaning, you can’t just do the same in public restrooms.

Not only that, but toilet seat covers can also protect you from a cold toilet seat. Gone are the days of rushing to the toilet only to shiver when sitting down. Instead, you can now use a fabric toilet seat cover and enjoy a comfortable bathroom visit.

How to Put On a Toilet Seat Cover

The method of placing a toilet seat cover depends on what type of material the cover is made from. While using a paper seat cover is as easy as placing it over the toilet, some fabric products can give you a headache.

Placing a Paper Toilet Seat Cover

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the toilet seat is dry. You can get a paper towel and give it a scrub to remove any water drops. If you manage to get the cover wet before using it, you might as well throw it away.

After that’s done, you need to unpack the toilet seat cover carefully, so as to not tear or puncture it. Then, simply place it over the toilet seat, making sure you avoid touching the interior of the toilet. Some covers have adhesive pads that you can use to better secure the cover on the toilet seat. Once you are ready to leave the toilet, remove the cover and throw it in the bin, or into the toilet if it’s flushable.

If you prefer visual tutorials, you can watch this video and see how easy it is to install a seat cover.

Using a Fabric Toilet Seat Cover

While most fabric toilet seat covers have similar install methods, you will still need to read the instructions. Most fabric covers rely on a plastic tube that forms the hoop which will be placed on the toilet. Make sure that the plastic tube is connected and isn’t damaged before proceeding with the installation.

Lift the seat and place the hoop against it, pulling the fabric through. Hold the fabric while also lowering the seat, then pull it around the front of the seat. Proceed by stretching the fabric and wrapping it towards the end of the seat. When you have reached the end, hold it in place, and connect the hooks underneath.

Once that’s done, you can easily adjust the cover to better fit your toilet seat. However, some fabric covers don’t have a plastic tube and only require stretching around the toilet seat. You can give this video a look and see how easy it is to install such a fabric toilet seat cover.

If you want to remove the cover for cleaning, simply pull apart the plastic connector through the opening. Then remove the plastic tube slowly to avoid cracking or ripping it off. When you want to reinstall it, insert the end of the tube first.

Choosing the Right Toilet Seat Cover

Now that you know how to put on a toilet seat cover, it’s time to see which type would be best for you. When looking for the perfect toilet seat cover, you must first ask yourself what you need it for. On the one hand, disposable paper covers are great for protection against bacteria, yet bad at protecting you from a cold seat. On the other hand, fabric covers can make toilet seats more comfortable, yet are not very hygienic.

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover Recommendation

If you are looking for the best protection against germs, look no further than Potty Shield’s Disposable Toilet Seat Covers. They offer full protection, for both your skin and your clothes, as a result of their extra-large size. Not only that, but you don’t have to worry about them slipping off, as they also have adhesive strips. They are also individually wrapped, which means that you can take the Potty Shield Covers anywhere.

Fabric Toilet Seat Cover Recommendation

When it comes to warming up a cold toilet seat, you can’t find a better product than Warm-n-Comfy Soft Fabric Toilet Seat Cover. Its extra-plush design means that you are getting a 200% thicker product than most competing brands. The result is a warm and comfortable cover that also adds a luxurious look to any bathroom. Easy-to-install and stretchable to fit most toilets, the Warm-n-Comfy Toilet Seat Cover should be your default pick.

Let’s Wrap It Up

In conclusion, choosing to use a toilet seat cover is a great way to protect yourself from cold and germs. From paper to fabric, there are a lot of products to choose from. And now that you know how to put on a toilet seat cover, there is no reason to avoid using one. So go out there and wrap all your toilet seats before germs start wrapping around them!

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