Getting rid of a toilet is not something ordinary homeowners do every day. Since toilets are made to last so long, it wouldn’t be odd if someone had never disposed of one before. So, what’s the best way to get rid of an old toilet?

In this article, we’ll go into detail about your options for disposing of a toilet and what the best method is for you.

1. Leave It to Be Picked Up on Trash Day

Many trash companies are willing to take old toilets on trash day and get them out of your way. The only problem is that the regulations for trash pickup vary depending on your state and city. So, you may not have the same options that another person does depending on where you live.

Some states will allow you to just sit the toilet out by the road for the trash collectors to come to pick it up for you.

It’s also common that the trash company will ask that you break down the toilet as it’s a large object. This breaking down is necessary because some trash collectors have hurt themselves attempting to pick up old toilets that fell apart when lifted. So, make sure you are following any break-down guidelines in your area. 

Some trash companies will simply require notice to pick up an old toilet. So, it’s best to contact your local company to ensure they allow toilets to be left curbside and see how much notice they need to pick it up. This notice is beneficial to the company and allows them to send workers that will be able to lift it without trouble.

Another roadblock that you may run into is that some trash companies will simply refuse to take your toilet. Whether they don’t have the ability to take it or don’t want to deal with it, some companies may refuse it altogether.

Again, check with your local trash company to see what their rules are regarding toilets. If they refuse to take them, that’s okay. We have more options for getting rid of it.

2. Donate It

There are quite a few organizations that are willing to take old toilets as long as they aren’t broken. One example of an organization that’s always looking for recycled toilets is Habitat for Humanity. Since this organization builds many homes for less fortunate individuals, they’ll gladly take your old toilet that still works to help someone else out.


Habitat for Humanity, like many other charities, has stores located around the country that collect these items. Each store has their own hours and donation guidelines. Find a Habitat for Humanity ReStore near you to donate your old toilet.

When you do find a company that will take it from you, you may need to deliver it to them.

A lot of charities don’t have the ability to come to get something from you. So, keep the distance in mind when you’re looking for a place to donate your toilet because you don’t want to offer it to a place only to learn they’re too far away.

Remember that when you’re donating something to a charity, you should always clean the item first. Whether it’s old clothes or a toilet, cleaning it before you donate it’ll ensure that the charity has less to do once they receive it, and the recipient will get the item in the best possible quality.

3. Recycle It

If your local trash company doesn’t accept toilets to be picked up on trash day, the chances are that they’ll not accept them in your recycling. However, some recycling companies will accept toilets because porcelain is recyclable.

Just like donating, you’ll most likely need to take your toilet to the recycling center and drop it off for them. So, make sure the location is close by before contacting them about your donation.

Some recycling companies will require you to pay a fee for them to take your toilet. This fee is to help them cover the price of recycling such a large object, and it doesn’t include the price of picking it up.

If there are multiple recycling companies close to you, then you can shop around for the best price. Ask a few different places what their fee would be for a donated toilet, then choose the cheapest one to drop off your toilet.

4. Take It to a Landfill

As a last resort, you can take your toilet to the city’s landfill and dispose of it there. Many people don’t like to do this as landfills aren’t an ideal place to go or add anything to, but sometimes your other options don’t work out.

Check for your city’s landfill to find your way there. Once you get there, you can dump the toilet without much hassle. You just need to be able to carry it there.

Not every town has a landfill. Most places try to keep landfills away from residential areas as they can produce harmful toxins that are released into the ground and air. So, most landfills will not be close to residential areas. In fact, there may not be one near you at all.

If a landfill isn’t an option, there are waste disposal companies that will take it to the landfill for you. These charge no money to take it off your hands, but you’ll need to bring the toilet to them as they’ll not generally pick up large items.

So, as a last resort, take your toilet to a landfill or a company that can get it there for you.

5. Throw It in a Dumpster

You can throw away a toilet in a dumpster if your local trash company is willing to handle it. Do your research before putting a toilet in the dumpster, as they may not take it. Also, putting a large object into a dumpster that’s not allowed to be put in there can result in a fine if you’re caught.

Seeing those large dumpsters near restaurants or apartment complexes can be tempting when you have something large you need to get rid of. But it’s important to know that there are rules as to what can be put in there, just like what can be put in your garbage at home.

If you have already contacted your local trash company and they’re not able to take the toilet, then you’re not able to put your toilet in the dumpster as they follow the same rules. So, putting your toilet in the dumpster can make it someone else’s problem, but you may delay when that dumpster can be emptied.

If you’re seen adding something to a dumpster that isn’t permitted, you can face a fine.

Many companies like restaurants and apartment complexes have their parking lots under video surveillance. So, if you’re considering putting a toilet in the dumpster despite it being against local regulations, there’s a chance they’ll be able to find you and deliver that fine.

If your local trash company does allow toilets to be disposed of, then putting them in a dumpster is fine. But it’s important to check and make sure before doing anything that can cause issues for the local trash company.

More on Recycling Old Toilets

Toilets are often accepted for recycling as ceramic and porcelain are recyclable materials. As a whole, your toilet may not be able to be recycled because it has elements that are made of non-recyclable materials. So, you may need to take parts off the toilet in order to recycle it.

Like we talked about above, recycling your toilet is an option as long as the recycling facility accepts porcelain. Though this may seem odd, recycling facilities don’t all accept the same recyclable material.

Recycling centers work for profit, and if the material isn’t easy for them to break down or they don’t have the manpower or appropriate tools, then the facility may not accept it.

If your local recycling facility does accept your toilet, they may ask you to take it apart and get rid of the parts that aren’t recyclable. For example, some centers may request that you remove the toilet seat and dispose of it separately.

Other places may also request that you remove some of the piping insides of the toilet before delivering it to the recycling facility. So, make sure you contact the facility before bringing your toilet to have it recycled to ensure you don’t need to take it apart first and that they accept it.

It’s also important to note that many recycling facilities will charge a fee to recycle larger products like toilets. The fee amount will vary based on the location and the number of resources they have available, but it may be worth shopping around to see if there are places near you with cheaper fees.

Call local recycling companies before going to ensure they accept toilets, see if there are any specific things you need to do before bringing it to them, and inquire about the cost of the fee to drop it off. Otherwise, you may waste a trip.

FAQ: Does Home Depot Take Old Toilets?

Home Depot will remove your old toilet and dispose of it if you buy a new toilet from them and choose to have them install it for you. The installation isn’t normally included in the price of the toilet. So, you’ll need to pay extra for installation and removal.

As part of the installation process for your new toilet, Home Depot will remove your old toilet for you and take care of disposing of it as well. This can be a huge relief for those who may not have trash collectors willing to take their toilet for them and aren’t able to carry it to a recycling center or landfill.

Home Depot will only install toilets that are purchased from them. This means you can’t go to an outside retailer and purchase a cheaper toilet just to have Home Depot install it for you. So this is only a good option for those who will be buying a new toilet from Home Depot.

If you choose to buy a new toilet from Home Depot, then you can buy a toilet in-store or online, and you’ll have the choice of getting it installed. It doesn’t matter what method you used to purchase the toilet as long as it comes from Home Depot.

The amount that Home Depot will charge for installation and removal of your old toilet depends on the store. They have to account for staffing and how far away you live. So, it is best to check with your local store on pricing.

There are also going to be higher fees for any electrical or piping work that needs to be done beyond just basic installation. However, the price of removing your old toilet will be included in the installation price.

Home Depot will not remove old toilets for you without your purchase of a new toilet from them and paying the installation fee. So this option is best for people who are buying a new toilet and don’t want to have to worry about how to get rid of their old one.

Those who’ve already purchased their new toilet from another retailer will want to consider the options above instead.

Final Thoughts

Disposing of an old toilet can be a hassle depending on trash and recycling regulations in your area. Be sure to contact your local trash facility before leaving it curbside or putting it in a dumpster as they may not be able to take it.

Leaving a large object for trash collectors to deal with can come with a fine. So, make sure you properly dispose of the toilet rather than leaving it for someone else to deal with. Take the time to dispose of your toilet the right way.

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