It is tough to throw out a fridge or similar appliances because they contain toxic chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to humans and the environment, but we need to get rid of them. How do you dispose of a fridge, mini-fridge, or freezer?

To dispose of your fridge or freezer, inspect it first to find out if it still works. If so, then try selling or donating it. If not, then dispose of it through the right methods. Hire appliance disposal experts, do it yourself through official channels, rent a roll-off dumpster, or recycle it.

You can keep reading to know more about the options you have to dispose of your fridge and why it is essential to correctly dispose of them.

Why Is It Important to Dispose of Your Fridge, Mini-Fridge, or Freezer?

Fridges, mini-fridges, and freezers are not as easy to dispose of as other appliances, thanks to their toxic components. It is important when disposing of a fridge to do it correctly or harmful to the environment.

  • How do fridges work? Fridges work by turning the refrigerant gel into vapor. After it creates the mist, the fridge sends it through the compressor’s coils to distribute it through the unit. This happens continuously, and it is how fridges keep the warmth out.
  • A fridge’s chemicals are toxic for humans. It is not news that fridges use chemicals to keep our food cold. Still, those chemicals are highly toxic for humans, pets, and the environment. The refrigerant chemicals keep the compressors working, and it is why you cannot just dump your fridge in any place.
  • What is fly tipping? Fly-tipping or illegal dumping is the act of throwing or disposing of trash and appliances without using the correct method. You can be fined up to 60,000 USD in some countries if you authorities catch you fly-tipping.

Check the Condition of Your Old Fridge

The first step to dispose of your fridge or appliance is to inspect its condition. If your fridge is still working or it needs repairing, then you could consider selling it. If it is not working anymore and beyond repair, then the best thing is to dispose of it correctly to avoid damaging the environment.

There are two core pieces you need to know before inspecting your fridge:

  • Refrigerant: It is a chemical contained in the compressor coil. The chemical is toxic and extremely harmful to the ozone layer.
  • Insulation: It is a material used to keep heat from entering the fridge. It is harmful to the environment, especially that of older models.

Here are the steps that you have to do to make sure your fridge is still working:

  1. Inspect the refrigerant tubing. Check if there are any leaks.
  2. Check if the compressor sounds normal or broken.
  3. Keep in mind that older models are more challenging to fix or sell.

If you checked your fridge and it is not working, consider recycling it or disposing of it.

We do not recommend leaving your appliances like fridges or freezers out on the curb. Fridges and similar devices are highly damaging to the environment, thanks to their many toxic chemicals. So, if you cannot sell it, donate it, or exchange it, then contact a professional to dispose of it for you.

How to Dispose of Your Fridge: 8 Options

Here are some options you can use to dispose of your fridge:

1. Rent a Roll Off Dumpster

Renting a roll-off dumpster is an easy DIY option. You only need to rent the roll-off dumpster, place everything you want to get rid of inside the dumpster and contact your provider to pick it all up. You can put in as much as the dumpster can take without any extra fee.

It is an excellent option for home cleanouts as it allows you to dispose of many appliances and items.

  • Benefits: You can do it all by yourself and at your own pace, and you do not even need to be there during the pickup.
  • Consider: You will have to do all the heavy lifting by yourself. The company will provide you with a list of allowed items before receiving your dumpster.

2. Check With Your Local Municipal Pickup

Using the municipal pick up service is the easiest way to dispose of your fridge, and the fastest too. You only need to check with your local municipal pickup to schedule the date, as leaving things out on the curb for a long time can be dangerous.

  • Benefits: It is a low-cost appliance disposal option that is great if you want to dispose of multiple items.
  • Consider: It is not available everywhere. Furthermore, not every city that offers it allows the disposal of fridges, mini-fridges, or freezers.

3. List It Online

Here is a simple idea: list your fridge, mini-fridge, or freezer on a website. It will take some time before getting an answer, but chances are someone will answer your ad. It is an ideal option if you have space to spare to keep your fridge until you get a reasonable offer.

  • Benefits: No extra-work involved, and you can get some money from it.
  • Consider: It will take some time for someone to offer to take your fridge, and you might end up waiting for weeks or months.

4. Dump It Yourself

It is a complicated option as you will need to hire the proper transportation to get your fridge from your home to the correct place. Most official disposal places will offer you the service of taking out all the toxic materials. Still, it would be better to hire an expert for it.

  • Benefits: You can do it on your own and at your own time.
  • Consider: Your local landfill or scrap yard might be far away from you, and the items’ transportation might be costly.

5. Hire a Junk Removal Service

Junk removal companies go to your home, take anything you want to get rid of, and charge you for that. It is the easiest yet the most expensive way of disposing of your fridge. If you can afford it, then we highly recommend this option.

  • Benefits: You will not have to do much work but the hiring.
  • Consider: Most junk removal companies charge you per space occupied. So, if it is more than one appliance, we recommend other options.

6. Recycle a Fridge

Recycling a fridge is not as easy as it may sound. The reason for it is that fridges require an expert to dismantle them without harming people and the environment.

Suppose your community offers a way to recycle appliances like fridges, freezers, and mini-fridges. In that case, you should consider using it. Most cities and towns provide a station to dispose of white goods and other devices, but you have to check first if a fridge is on the list of accepted items.

Another option is to dispose of them by selling them to scrap metal retailers. You can make a couple of bucks from it, but sadly most metal scrappers do not accept fridges. You can still try your luck, though.

One last option is to contact your provider. Most providers will offer some recycling option or disposal method.

  • Benefits: It is the most environmentally friendly option.
  • Consider: Most recycling companies do not accept fridges or similar appliances as it takes an expert to dismantle them.

7. Consider Bounty Programs and Trade-Ins

Some companies do what is called trade-in, which means that they will take your old fridge to buy your new one from them. They can also offer you some credit to use in their stores.

It is an excellent way to dispose of your appliances and get some money in return.

  • Benefits: If you have not gotten a new fridge yet then you might get a good discount if you use this option.
  • Consider: It is not a wildly available option, and transportation to a place that offers it might not be worth the trip.

8. Donate It

If your fridge is still working or it can be repaired, it is still usable. If you know someone who needs a refrigerator or wants to make a small amount of money, donate it.

By doing so, you can ensure the fridge, mini-fridge, or freezer will not damage the environment. At the same time, it will help a family in need of one. You can use Craigslist for this.

  • Benefits: You will help a person or family in need of one.
  • Consider: Only do it if your fridge is still working or can be repaired.  


There are correct ways of disposing of a fridge, mini-fridge, or freezer. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. However, if you do it yourself, do not dismantle the fridge on your own. It could be dangerous for you and the environment.

Inspect it first to see if you can sell it or donate it to someone. Above all, avoid dumping it in unofficial places because you could receive a hefty fine for it.

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