Windows are such an important part of every home. Your windows provide your home with natural light and you likely open them up fairly often. Opening and closing your windows shouldn’t be something that you find to be a nuisance. It can become very unpleasant when you’re met with a terrible squeaking sound every time that you try to open up the window.

Squeaky windows are actually more common than you might realize. Your windows are going to get gunked up over time and this can wind up creating some issues with noise. It can definitely be jarring to listen to really squeaky windows but you don’t have to simply put up with the annoying sound. There are things that you can do to eliminate the squeaking and get back to using your windows peacefully.

Today I’m going to cover how to fix a squeaky house window. This should arm you with the knowledge that you need to get the job done right. Take the time to go through all of the information below so that you can fix this problem. It shouldn’t be overly difficult and it’s something that you’re going to be able to take care of on your own.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Stop Your Windows from Squeaking

1. Removing the Squeaky Window

The first step is going to involve removing the window from the inside of the house. I’m going to assume that your home windows are sliding windows since those are the most common types of windows used in homes. In order to remove this window, you’ll need to push the sliding window upward first. Once this is done, you should be able to pull it out from the bottom of the window.

2. Examining the Wheels

Next, it’s going to be time to inspect the wheels. You need to make sure that there isn’t some type of significant problem with the wheel before continuing. You’re going to be checking for broken parts on the wheel and you also need to see if it has degenerated in some way. If there are issues present, then you’re going to need to change things out.

3. Removing Broken or Degenerated Wheels

Removing broken or degenerated wheels will be the next step. Luckily, this shouldn’t take all that long to accomplish. Grab a screwdriver with a flat head and use it to pry the wheels out. You shouldn’t have to use too much force to get most wheels out unless they are rusted or corroded in some way.

Some wheels might wind up being secured with screws of some sort. You should have noticed this during your visual inspection of the wheels. If the wheels have screws that need to be dealt with, then you’ll need to unscrew them before being able to pry them out. This entire process shouldn’t be too taxing or time-consuming.

4. Purchasing Replacement Wheels

Replacement wheels are going to be necessary if you need to fix broken ones. It isn’t going to be tough to find what you need as long as you know where to go. You’ll be able to get new replacement wheels for your window at the hardware store. If you need to get a very specific size, then it’s smart to take the old wheel with you to show the clerk.

The hardware store clerks should be able to help you find the wheel that you need. They’ll have plenty of these items in stock and it won’t cost much to get the right wheels either. You can even purchase replacement wheels at a department store in the hardware section. It’s likely going to be easier to go to the hardware store if you need help finding the right thing, though.

5. Install the New Wheels

Installing your replacement wheels is not going to be tough at all. You just need to either snap them into place or screw them into place. Since you bought replacement wheels that match up with your old ones, you should already understand how they go in. Put the wheels into place, then put the window back in, and see if your problems are fixed.

6. Clean Your Window Tracks

It’s very possible that your window might still be squeaking at this stage. If you’re still dealing with that annoying squeaking sound, then try not to fret. Everything is not finished yet and you’re going to need to put in a little more work. The next step involves cleaning your window tracks thoroughly.

You see, when window tracks get gunked up with debris, they’re going to have issues and might make noises when you try to slide the window up and down. This can wind up causing the squeaking noises that you’re experiencing. Squeaking can be caused either by dirty window tracks or by wheels that aren’t working properly. Determining which you’re dealing with might take time but it’s easy enough to fix both issues at the same time.

Use some type of mild cleaning spray and a soft cleaning cloth. Take the time to clean both the bottom window track and the top track as thoroughly as you can. This should remove any dirt or debris that has lodged itself in the window track. Once you’ve finished up, you’re going to need to let things dry.

7. Dry the Window Tracks Properly

Before moving forward, it’s going to be best to dry the window tracks by hand. Grab another soft cloth and use it to pat the window tracks dry. You don’t want to leave any moisture on the tracks since it could interfere with the next step. As long as you do your best to dry things properly, you should have an easy time with the next part.

8. Spray the Windows with a Lubricant

In order to eliminate that squeaking noise once and for all, it’s going to be necessary to apply a lubricant to the window tracks. I recommend using a good spray lubricant such as this offering from DuPont. This spray is going to work very well and it’s perfect for surfaces such as rubber, vinyl, plastic, wood, and metal. It’s very likely that your window tracks are made out of aluminum but this spray should work no matter what.

Once you have the spray that you need, it’s going to be crucial to apply the spray on the entire length of the window tracks. Get both the top and the bottom with the lubricant. Once you’re finished, you should let it sit for a while and it’ll be time to test the results. If things have gone well, this lubricant spray should eliminate your squeaking issues.

If your windows are still making noises after this, then there might be a more significant issue that needs to be taken care of. For most people, the steps listed above are going to eliminate squeaking problems. Anyone who is still experiencing issues can continue on to explore some other potential solutions. This should help to solve a more severe problem with your window tracks.

9. Severe Rust Problems

There is a possibility that you might be dealing with an extreme rust problem on your window tracks. In all likelihood, you will have noticed this already when inspecting the tracks and attempting to clean them. When rust gets really bad, simply cleaning the area isn’t going to be enough to eliminate the rust. Rust needs to be dealt with in a very specific way.

The fastest way to get rid of rust on your window tracks is to grab some wire wool. You can use a wire wool pad and scrub the rust away. This could take a little bit of time and you’re going to need to clean the rust debris away afterward. Regardless, this should work to eliminate rust and you’ll be able to move forward with the spray.

If you were able to get the rust up with the wire wool pad, then spraying it with the aforementioned lubricant spray is going to be next. This should lubricate the tracks well and keep it from squeaking going forward. If your window tracks are able to be saved, then this combination should do the trick. You should be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor now and you won’t have to worry about squeaking noises every time that you need to open the window.

10. Prevent Rust Problems in the Future

You’re going to want to take steps to prevent rust problems in the future. Rust is going to become an issue on your window tracks when they’re exposed to moisture. This can happen during a storm due to your windows not being sealed properly. When even a little bit of moisture gets through, it can lead to your window tracks rusting.

Coating your window tracks with a water-repellent or waterproof spray is helpful. The DuPont spray mentioned earlier will do a good job of protecting your window tracks. You can also do your best to ensure that no moisture can get in when the windows are closed. This should keep you from having to put up with rust problems in the future.

Keep in mind that some rust issues can lead to window tracks that just aren’t going to be salvageable. If your window tracks are so rusty that cleaning them seems absurd, then you should probably just replace them. You can buy new window tracks and install them instead of going through the process of removing the rust. It’s up to you to decide which option makes the most sense in your situation.

Take Care of Your Squeaking Window Problem

After seeing what you need to do to fix your window squeaking problem, you should feel more confident. There are a lot of steps and it might take a bit of time to take care of everything. Even so, this isn’t a job that is so hard that you can’t do it yourself. This can be handled as long as you go out to buy the stuff that you need.

Taking care of your squeaking windows will make things a lot more pleasant at home. You won’t have to feel annoyed when you need to open the window and everything is going to work much better than before. This is certainly worth doing if you have a squeaky window in your home. You can take care of this issue in one afternoon so don’t hesitate to go buy the right supplies for this little project.

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