Being able to feel at peace in your own home is of the utmost importance. When you have to deal with annoying noises, it can prevent you from truly being able to unwind. One of the potential noises that I hear a lot of complaints about comes from refrigerators.

Have you been experiencing a noisier than usual refrigerator as of late? If so, then you’re likely wondering what can be done to quiet things down. Today, I’m going to look at the different ways that you can go about reducing refrigerator noise. This should make it simpler to get some rest without having to worry about distracting noises in the middle of the night.

1. Clean Out the Fan and the Compressor

One of the potential causes of a noisy refrigerator is that it has become dirty. The fan on the back of the refrigerator and the compressor can get gunked up over time. When this happens, it can cause the fan or the compressor to have to work harder to do what it’s supposed to do. This might cause the refrigerator to start making a knocking noise.

Simply cleaning the fan and the compressor properly might be able to solve your problems. Clean the dust and the dirt out to make things work better. If you regularly check to see if the refrigerator is clean like this, then you can expect things to operate smoother. It’s also beneficial to check the coil to make sure that it’s clean.

2. Replacing a Faulty Compressor

There will be times when the compressor on your refrigerator will go out. Like all parts in a machine, the compressor is going to be prone to getting worn down over time. This is an important part of the fridge, too, since it’s responsible for keeping things cool. If you’ve been hearing buzzing noises coming from your compressor, then it’s possible that it needs to be replaced or repaired.

Replacing a compressor yourself is not exactly an easy job. It’s going to be best to call in a trained repairman to get the results that you want. They’ll be able to either replace the compressor or repair it so that it won’t be noisy any longer. Either way, you’ll be getting your problem solved.

3. Make Sure Your Refrigerator Isn’t Empty

This suggestion is probably going to sound unusual at first. You see, an empty refrigerator is actually going to be noisier than one that is filled with food. The compressor is going to turn on and off more often when items aren’t inside the fridge to keep things stabilized. Therefore, simply keeping a stocked fridge can mitigate some of your noisy refrigerator problems.

If you don’t keep a lot of groceries stocked all the time, then you could fill jugs with water. Simply place these water jugs in the fridge to help fill things up. It’s a simple way to keep your compressor from turning on more than you’d like it to. It should work to quiet things down at least a bit.

4. Put the Refrigerator up Higher Than Normal

Placing your refrigerator up higher than normal might help you to eliminate some of the noises that are bothering you. One of the reasons why refrigerator noises travel so far is due to the fridge being in contact with the floorboards. This can allow the noise to reach further than it otherwise would.

If you can place the refrigerator higher off of the ground, then the refrigerator noises aren’t going to be able to travel so much. This is a simple way for you to keep refrigerator noises under control. Of course, it might not be practical to place your fridge up higher if you don’t have high enough ceilings. You’ll have to take your own situation into account before deciding what to do.

5. Move the Refrigerator to a Different Spot

If you have the ability to move your refrigerator to a different spot, then you could give it a try. This could allow you to reduce or eliminate the loud fridge noises that you’re hearing. This is a practical option for some people who have other viable spots to place a refrigerator. For instance, having the refrigerator far enough away from your bedroom or living room might keep you from being able to hear it running.

The problem with this is that many homes only have one viable position where the refrigerator can go. The way that your kitchen cupboards are placed might not allow you to put the refrigerator on another wall. This suggestion is only going to work for some people. Keep this in mind and move on to look at other tips if this one isn’t going to work for you.

6. Put the Refrigerator on Vibration Pads

Another common cause of the refrigerator noises is vibration. Your fridge might actually be making noise due to vibrating the floorboards that are underneath it. This can be annoying, but it isn’t something that you can’t fix. You can actually place your refrigerator on top of vibration pads to solve this problem.

Vibration pads will be able to significantly reduce the vibration that is occurring. It’ll stabilize the fridge and make things a lot quieter. If you notice a lot of vibration when your refrigerator is running, then this is a good solution. It isn’t going to cost a lot of money and it should make your home that much more peaceful.

7. Use Acoustic Sound Absorbing Foam

As you might expect, acoustic sound absorbing foam is going to be very helpful for getting rid of fridge noises. You can place some of this sound-absorbing foam directly behind the refrigerator. Having this foam on the wall behind the fridge should reduce the ability for refrigerator noises to travel. This can make it a lot less noisy in your home, making this a very practical option.

Just make sure not to place the fridge too close to the foam. You don’t want to encounter overheating issues or run into fire hazard problems. Keep several inches of space between your fridge and the wall. You should be doing this anyway, but it’s worth mentioning so that you don’t accidentally create a problem.

8. The Refrigerator Might Need Repairs

Another possibility that you should consider is that your refrigerator might be broken. If this is the case, then you’re going to want to call in an expert to look at things. If your fridge is making unusual noises, as mentioned earlier when speaking about the compressor, then it’s a sign that something is off. Refrigerator repairs aren’t really something that can be handled without the right knowledge, so it’s going to be more practical to call in professionals to fix the problem.

If your refrigerator is under warranty, then you can call whomever you bought the refrigerator from. Otherwise, you should have a local appliance repair business that you can turn to. They should be able to assess what is going on and will give you a quote on how much it might cost to fix things. In some cases, it might be more practical to buy a new fridge.

9. Buying a Quieter Fridge

Remember that buying a quieter fridge is always an option. Sometimes, the refrigerator noises that you’re hearing aren’t abnormal in any way. Certain refrigerators are just designed to be a bit loud. This can be annoying, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that anything is wrong.

You could use some methods, such as the sound-absorbing foam, to reduce fridge noises if you want. It might be easier to just buy a quieter fridge, though. You can choose between different models of modern refrigerators that are designed to be very quiet. If you have the money to go this route, then it might work out for the best.

10. Block the Noise Using a White Noise Generator

Blocking out fridge noises will be possible when you make use of a white noise generator. White noise generators can produce sounds that will drown out the background noises that you’re hearing. Many people use these white noise generators to sleep peacefully. It can help when you’re easily bothered by certain noises, so consider buying one of these if you’re losing sleep over your noisy fridge.

11. Wear Noise-Canceling Headphones

It’s also good to consider buying yourself some noise-canceling headphones. These can be worn while you’re sleeping to eliminate noise entirely. You won’t be able to hear the refrigerator and you’ll be able to get some rest. People often buy items such as this to use on noisy airplanes, but it isn’t uncommon for people to use them at home.

You’ll want to find a pair that you’re comfortable wearing, of course. If you’re a side-sleeper, then this might not be the most practical suggestion. Even so, this is something that has worked out nicely for many people. Think about whether this might work for you to help you get some rest.

Take Care of Your Fridge Noises Today

Reading the tips above should give you the right knowledge to fix your noisy fridge problems. If your fridge is in need of repairs, then you might need to call in professional help.

You have many options to reduce the noise from your fridge. Figure out which one of them will work right for you and you can stop being pestered by these annoying noises.

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