We live in the 21st century, where there is a tool for just about anything you could think of, and that includes cooking eggs. Yes, you read that right — cooking eggs! Egg cookers could be real life-changers, or they could make no difference at all, but that depends on your daily routine. Do you eat a lot of eggs during the week? Would you rather avoid making a big mess when cooking them? Don’t you just love it when your eggs are boiled to perfection?

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes,’ then you might want to consider buying an egg cooker. Don’t know what an egg cooker is and what it can do? Then let me tell you everything about it.

What Is an Egg Cooker?

An egg cooker is a reasonably small kitchen appliance that can cook eggs in multiple ways by steaming them. That means there’s no burnt oil, no mess, and most importantly, it’s consistent. The egg cooker can be of great help when you want to boil six perfect eggs for the whole family.

How Does an Egg Cooker Work?

Egg cookers use steam for cooking the eggs, so all you need is water (and eggs, obviously). Depending on how you like your eggs, you can add more — or less — water. For instance, if I want to make hard-boiled eggs for a salad, I will add more water than I normally would for soft-boiled eggs.

All egg cookers come with a measuring cup, which will tell you exactly how much water you need for different results. Use it to measure the water before you pour it in the cooker, to make sure your eggs are cooked exactly the way you want them.

If you’d like to better understand all the functions of an egg cooker, there’s plenty of video guides out there.

How to Boil Eggs in an Egg Cooker

In order to boil eggs in an egg cooker, you will need to follow some instructions (don’t worry, nothing too crazy).

Boiling eggs in a cooker is slightly different than cooking them the traditional way or boiling them in an electric kettle. Here’s how you do it:

  • Wash the eggs.
  • Use the little pin at the bottom of the measuring cup to gently poke a small hole in every egg. Don’t be too rough, or you will end up cracking the shell.
  • Place the eggs in the egg holder, with the “hole side” up.
  • Fill the measuring cup with water, according to how you want your eggs cooked.
  • Pour the water into the heating plate.
  • Place the lid on the egg cooker, leaving it unlocked.
  • Turn on the egg cooker.
  • Once the light turns off, your eggs are ready.

I should mention one small thing — keep your fingers away from the hole in the lid while eggs are cooking! That’s where the steam will come out, and it can burn you.

Can It Do More than Boil Eggs?

Usually, egg cookers come with multiple interchangeable accessories that let you get different results. The egg cookers that I came across (and the one I own), have three such accessories:

  • One for poaching eggs
  • A rack for 6–8 boiled eggs
  • One tray accessory for omelets

Of course, you can get creative with them and make some rather interesting dishes. Just make sure that you use the right amount of water indicated on the measuring cup, depending on the dish you want to prepare.

Cleaning the Egg Cooker

When you make an omelet in a pan, you usually have plenty of dirty and oily dishes to deal with afterward. Well, with egg cookers, it’s slightly different. All you need to clean once you’re finished cooking is the heating plate and the accessory you had your egg in. Here is how you do it:

  • Wash the egg cooker lid and accessories you used for cooking with warm, soapy water.
  • Use a wet cloth to wipe down the heating plate. (Do not wash it under the water jet!)
  • Use the same damp cloth to clean the cooker.

In my opinion, from a cleanliness point of view, an egg cooker is much faster and easier to clean than all the pans and pots you’d normally use for cooking eggs.

Is an Egg Cooker Worth It?

Now that you know what an egg cooker is and how it’s used, you might be wondering whether you should get one. If you usually eat a lot of eggs throughout the week, then it’s much faster to cook them with an egg cooker.

For anyone with a big family, an egg cooker is definitely a must-have kitchen tool. It will get you the desired results every time, with minimum effort, and you will never worry about having to keep an eye on the eggs at all times.

For the non-egg-thusiasts out there, maybe it is not a worthy investment, but if you have at least an egg every morning, then it will be worth it.

Where Do I Get an Egg Cooker?

There are a couple of egg cookers that can really up your egg game, such as the Deluxe Dash Rapid Egg Cooker which will let you boil up to 12 eggs, make omelets, poach eggs and even steam veggies and dumplings for around $30.

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A smaller egg cooker that does its job perfectly is the Alcyoneus Noise-Free Rapid Egg Cooker, for $26.99. This one is great for cooking up to 7 eggs at a time, and it’s amazing for its price point. 

Is an Egg Cooker Worth Your Money?

There are various types of egg cookers. Some of them can have up to two racks, which allows you to boil eggs on one, and steam veggies on the other. Considering the average price of an egg cooker, I would argue that it is definitely worth buying if you like to indulge into some delicious and simple egg dishes every now and then.

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