Ah, the joys of decorating a home! You may have just bought a brand spanking new joint and are about to furnish it. Or you could be thinking of revamping a bedroom in your current home by rearranging your furniture. Either way, if you are wondering where to place a bed in your bedroom, I’ve got you covered!

In this guide, I will give you plenty of ideas on how to make the bed the focal point of any bedroom and also make the most of the space you have to work with. And if you put faith into the practices of feng shui, rest assured that I do too! I made sure to suggest only the positions that bring the best fortune. Read on to find out what the top places for a bed in all the bedrooms in your home are.

Where to Place the Bed in the Master Bedroom

People usually buy bulky beds for their master bedrooms. The chances are that you did the same thing. Typically, double beds, kings, or queens are the beds of choice for a bedroom. Their position depends not only on their size but also on the size of the room. Here are some of the best places to put beds in master bedrooms, regardless of their size.

Against the Wall

Bedrooms look the best when beds are placed against the longest wall that is opposite the door. That way, you can see the bed even before entering the room, and once you do, your eyes are immediately drawn to the headboard. That is one of the fool-proof ways to ensure your bed is the center of attention of the master bedroom, as it rightly should be.

Besides, in a feng shui inspired bedroom layout, the optimal place for a bed is against a stable wall. That evokes safety, stability, and equilibrium. If you want to ensure good fortune, never place your bed under a window, and also avoid having your feet directly facing the door. Fail to do so, and your luck will go out the said window!

In the Corner

Unless your master bedroom is on the compact side, I would advise against putting a massive bed in the corner. One reason is that the spouse sleeping next to the wall would have to go over the other to climb onto the bed. And another is that the room will, from the interior decoration point of view as well as according to feng shui, look unbalanced. The enormous bed on one side of the space will overwhelm any other smaller pieces of furniture that you have in the room, such as nightstands, closets, floor lamps, or dressers.

But if you have limited space to work with, and you don’t want to compromise having a hefty bed, do put it in the corner of the room. In fact, the corner is the most convenient spot for a big bed in a small room. You won’t have to walk around it, and you will have more space for other furniture pieces. For best results, choose the corner you can see straight from the door.

On the Diagonal

There are other options for positioning the bed in your master bedroom. If you have a particularly spacious bedroom and need ideas on how to fill up the space, I suggest placing your bed diagonally. Choose the corner of the room that is seen first from the doorstep. When your bed extends into the room like that, it will take up more space than if it were to lean against a wall.

The corner behind the bed can be used for extra storage, so you can put boxes with trinkets or clothes that are out of season there. Alternatively, get an arched floor lamp and place it in that corner. It will particularly come in handy if you like to read before going to bed.

In the Middle of the Room

Placing a bed dead center in the room would certainly be an unconventional choice. But when you think about it, what better way to give it the royal treatment it deserves? After all, the bed is the key piece of furniture in your bedroom and should be allowed to steal the show.

If you have plenty of room in your master bedroom, put your bed in the middle of it, and enjoy the view. A bed that has tall, statement posts or a canopy will look exceptionally chic in this position.

However, do make sure that once you add other elements, you still have plenty of space to move around. According to feng shui, a cramped space draws negative energy. So avoid bumping into furniture or constantly moving stuff around to walk past it. If your centered bed causes you those issues, I suggest you reposition it in one of the ways discussed above.

Where to Place the Bed in the Children’s Room

When it comes to children, the bed is the least of their concerns. Kids need plenty of space to move, run around, and play. So I would advise you to keep their bed in the corner or to put it parallel to a wall. Either way, make sure there is enough room for the child to walk and play with friends.

Also, remember that kids usually have a lot of toys, so expect to see them all over the floor. With that in mind, you may want to consider getting a children’s bed with built-in storage drawers. But don’t forget to make room for toy boxes as well, just in case.

What About Your Teenager’s Room?

Teens know exactly what they want their bedroom to look like and aren’t shy to tell you about it. Depending on their interests, they’ll want a bookcase or space for their musical instruments and accompanying equipment. Also, they’ll probably want a big-screen TV, a desktop computer, and other gadgets like a game console. There should also be room for a writing desk and chair and maybe even a couple of beanbags.

So the bed is unlikely to take center stage in a teenager’s bedroom and will usually end up pushed in the corner. But if that’s what your opinionated teen wants, so be it. Luckily, their beds are usually singles, and can be placed anywhere they want them to be.

Where to Put the Crib in the Nursery

When it comes to nurseries, in the first months, accommodate the furniture layout to your needs. The changing table is most useful if it’s next to the crib, and everything else you need should be at arm’s reach. Place the crib in the center of the room or along a wall that you can see from the hallway. That will allow you to keep an eye on your baby while it naps without having to walk inside.

Once your baby is a toddler, there should be enough space to move around. So the crib or the child’s bed is probably best kept at the side of the room or in the corner. However, make sure the bed is not close to any windows that open easily or have window blind cords within the child’s reach. Also, don’t forget to add a bed rail, as it is instrumental in keeping your child safe.

Where to Put the Bed in the Guest Bedroom

If you have a guest bedroom, the chances are it is not as big as your master bedroom. That calls for a different type of bed and rules for its placement. Besides, a guest bedroom can be a multipurpose space and often doubles up as a home office, for instance.

If you have people staying with you or sleeping over on a regular basis, you’ll want the room to be as comfortable as possible for them. Therefore, your guest bedroom will probably have a closet, nightstands, and even a chest of drawers beside the bed itself.

The bed should be placed away from the walkway, and if the room is small, it should not overwhelm it. I suggest getting a versatile bed, such as a futon or a foldable sofa bed. In case you find futons complicated, I recently wrote about how to open and close a futon bed, so check out that blog post for help.

The Takeaway

All in all, if you follow my tips on bed placement, it will be the centerpiece of any bedroom in your home. Hopefully, my article has helped you find a solution for your bedroom, regardless of whether it is a big or small, master or guest one. Also, if you are decorating a kids’ room, I hope my tricks for where to place a crib or a children’s bed have come in handy.

In case you are into home decoration, I suggest you also take a look at my other blog posts. I recommend you to start with the ones on the average bedroom sizes and throw blanket types, for instance. As always, I would like to encourage you to share the article with your friends. And if you have any suggestions, do leave a comment below.

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