Once your child transitions from sleeping in a cradle to a bed, you might feel concerned about your toddler falling off their bed at night. This is a common and normal concern for parents, but still, one that should be taken seriously.

In one scientific study, it was found that about 39% of toddlers who fall off their bed sustain some type of head injury. With that in mind, implementing an appropriate strategy to keep them safe while sleeping in their bed becomes essential.

With one of the best bed rails for toddlers, you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that your kid won’t fall out of bed. These products are generally compatible with most beds, and they are exceptionally easy to install and use. Once installed, they will help to keep your toddler from falling off the bed while they sleep.

What to Look for When Buying a Bed Rail for Toddlers

There are quite a lot of different bed rails on the market that have been specifically made to help keep toddlers safe. This makes it hard for parents to know which rails will be the best to protect their little one while sleeping.

Before we proceed with our selection of the best bed rails for toddlers, let’s first consider a couple of factors that you should look at when you decide to get one of these products. Each of these factors should play a role in the decision you make when choosing a bed rail.


The first factor you want to consider when looking for one of the best bed rails for toddlers is the compatibility of the product. You should look at how the installation of the product works – this will give you an idea of whether or not the rails will be compatible with the bed that your toddler is sleeping on.

In most cases, these products are easy to use. You will usually either slide a piece of the rails underneath the mattress or have a foam-based product that is simply placed on the side of the bed.

Quality and Efficacy

You also want to ensure the rail you buy will actually serve its purpose. When you opt for a poor quality product, it may not effectively protect your toddler when they roll up against the side of their bed while sleeping.

A higher-quality product will generally be sturdier. This means it will provide superior support to help protect your toddler against falling off the bed.

A great way to determine the efficacy of a bed rail for toddlers is to take your search to the review section on a product’s page. Here, you can get a view from real parents who have purchased and used the rail before you.

Consider any negative reviews that have been left – this product will serve the purpose of providing a layer of protection for your child while they sleep. Thus, you want to ensure that parents who have tried the rail before have not experienced problems with the item.


Another thing to consider if you are looking to buy one of the best bed rails for toddlers is the price of the particular product you are interested in.

When it comes to pricing, you really need to take two factors into account. The first would be the price of the product and the actual value you get for that amount of money. The second is your own budget – you should know how much money you are able to spend on a bed rail for your toddler before you start searching for you.

Reviews of the Best Bed Rails for Toddlers

One thing that most parents will notice when they search for the best bed rails for toddlers is that the selection of items on the market is overwhelming. Such a large selection of products makes it difficult for the average parent to choose one particular rail that will provide the best level of protection for their toddler.

After extensive research, we narrowed down the massive selection of rails for toddlers to bring you the best ones that you can get your hands on today. Consider each of the options we share with you below to find the rails that will work best for your kid.

1. Regalo Swing Down Extra Long Bed Rail Guard

If you are looking for a guard rail instead of a bumper product, then the Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard is an option you should take into consideration. This is yet another affordable option for parents looking to keep their children safe during the night, while still offering a sturdy and quality construction for better efficacy.

The Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard is generally compatible with most beds, as long as there is a mattress fitted on top of the bed. The rail comes with a part that is placed underneath the mattress, which holds the rail down and secures it in place.

Once installed, the rail guard is generally very easy to use. Simply swing it down when your child is not in bed. This helps to avoid the guard from restricting access to the bed during the day. When your child gets into bed, you simply swing the rail upward in order to give your toddler that layer of protection that these products are known to offer.

The cover that comes with the Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard is machine washable. This makes it significantly easier to keep the product clean at all times. The extra length, measuring 54 inches between the two hinges, provides better coverage for your child. The rail measures 20 inches in height when it is in an upward position.

Regalo Swing Down 54-Inch Extra Long Bed Rail Guard Top Features

  • Solid construction that provides coverage for larger beds
  • Compatible with bed sizes ranging from Twin up to Queen
  • Affordable price makes it great when shopping on a lower budget
  • Added anchoring strap provides extra security

2. Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail

The Summer Infant Double Safety Bedrail is a dual system that adds protection barriers at both sides of your toddler’s bed. While the price is higher than some competitor options, note that there are two safety bed rails included with your purchase. This is also a high-quality product that is trusted among parents.

The safety bedrail can be used with various sized beds and mattresses, ranging from a Twin sized bed up to a Queen size. Extra height is provided with both of the panels that come included with your purchase, making this an ideal option for mattresses that contain layers of material that makes them thicker than the average mattress.

The Summer Infant Summer Double Safety Bedrail meets all of the ASTM F2085 standards that have been set for bedrails. This means the manufacturer takes the time to ensure the rails can offer your child better security when they are asleep.

The bedrail itself contains polyester as the primary material, while the frame is made from a metal material. One of the rails can fold down easily, which makes it easier to provide your toddler access to their own bed. This also makes it easier for you to sit with your child before they sleep – once you leave, the rail simply swings upward and then locks in to provide security for your child during the night.

Summer Infant Summer Double Safety Bedrail Top Features

  • Extra height in each panel accommodates thicker mattresses
  • Meets the ASTM F2085 bedrail quality and safety standards 
  • Securely attaches to both platform beds and box spring beds
  • Compatible with beds from Twin to Queen size

3. ComfyBumpy Bed Rails for Toddlers

The ComfyBumpy Bed Rails For Toddlers is one of the more expensive options that you are going to find. This is, however, an excellent option for parents who are able to spend some extra money on a higher quality product, which does come with added security features.

The product comes in two different color options, including white and grey. You can also choose between two different models, including the regular bed rail and an extra-long option, which is great for older toddlers who might require a larger area covered to help prevent them from falling off the bed.

The ComfyBumpy Bed Rails For Toddlers can be used with different sized beds. You will need at least a Twin size bed for the product, but it can be used with beds up to a Queen size.

The installation of this guard rail is quick and easy. The product is compatible with different types of beds, including those that are equipped with a box spring system. It should be noted that the installation procedure does differ depending on the type of base your child’s bed has. In cases where there is a wooden base, you will need to secure the bed rail using screws.

A pull-on latch is installed in the product to make it easier for parents to open up the rail. Another important feature to take note of is the fact that the product comes with a full satisfaction guarantee. If you do not feel happy with your purchase, the manufacturer will provide you with a full refund.

ComfyBumpy Bed Rails For Toddlers Top Features

  • The rails are available in two different colors
  • Triple security system makes this a more stable option
  • Iron bars add to the stability of the rails
  • The product comes with a full money-back guarantee

4. KOOLDOO 59 Inch Toddler Bed Rail

If you prefer a product that offers a more significant level of protection, then the KOOLDOO 59 Inch Toddler Bed Rail is another excellent option. The product does come with a slightly higher price tag than some of the other rails. At the same time, it offers a design that will certainly be attractive to your toddler.

The KOOLDOO 59 Inch Toddler Bed Rail does act as a standard rail system. It can be easily folded upward in order to offer your toddler protection at night. The product is fitted with a foam layer on the inside, however, which does reduce the risk of your child getting hurt when they bump into the rail while sleeping.

The cover that comes with the product is free of formaldehyde and also wear-resistant. This means this one single rail is likely to last throughout the infancy and toddler years of your child.

The rail is compatible with a larger variety of beds than some competitor options. This includes cribs, which is quite a unique feature. You can also easily install the product on normal beds.

KOOLDOO 59 Inch Toddler Bed Rail Top Features

  • Compatible with different beds and cribs
  • Easily folds up and down
  • Includes full installation instructions
  • Printed design reduced the “caged in” feeling

5. EONSIX Inflatable Bed Rails for Toddlers

Our next recommendation on the list of the best bed rails for toddlers is quite a unique option. The EONSIX Inflatable Bed Rail For Toddlers features a design that most kids will enjoy. The cartoon design helps to add an element of fun to your kid’s bed, while also ensuring they are protected against falls during the night.

This is an inflatable bed rail, which also means it is a travel-friendly option. Deflating the bed rail makes it exceptionally easy to store it away in a bag when traveling – and ensures you have a way of protecting your toddler at night while on holiday.

The cover of this inflatable bed rail is made from 100% cotton. This is an exceptionally soft material that provides an added level of comfort for your child. The product installs exceptionally easily, and there is no need for any type of power tool or special bed platform to use the EONSIX Inflatable Bed Rail.

The manufacturer of this product also takes the safety of toddlers seriously. All materials used in the construction of the product are non-toxic and safe. Your child will not be exposed to BPA when they use this bed rail.

EONSIX Inflatable Bed Rails For Toddlers Top Features

  • A unique way of protecting a toddler from falling off the bed
  • No special installation requirements
  • Easily deflates when not in use, making this product ideal for families who travel with their toddler
  • Product is made from non-toxic materials that are safe for children

6. UBBCARE Memory Foam Toddlers Bed Rails Guard

The UBBCARE Memory Foam Bed Rails Guard is a minimal product that acts as a bumper but still serves an effective purpose. While the design may seem somewhat shallow, there is an elevation at the sides of your child’s bed that will still effectively stop them from rolling off the bed when they are asleep.

The product has a length of 52 inches, which is appropriate for most toddlers. You can also fit this bumper in most beds, ranging from a Toddler bed all the way to a King size bed. You can also provide effective protection for toddlers who are sleeping on bunk beds with this particular bed rail.

The UBBCARE Memory Foam Toddlers Bed Rails Guard comes with an included cover. The cover can be easily removed and washed in a regular washing machine. This helps to ensure the product is kept clean and free of bacteria and dirt.

The product uses high-density foam. This type of foam is able to offer great support, but without being too hard.

UBBCARE Memory Foam Toddlers Bed Rails Guard

  • A budget-friendly option
  • Not as invasive as a full rail system
  • Measures 52 inches for better protection and coverage
  • Machine-washable cover helps to keep the product clean

7. Shinnwa Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers

The Shinnwa toddler Bed Rail Bumpers provide the protection that your child needs, without causing them to feel constricted. The product acts as a bumper at the side of the bed and easily installs directly underneath the fitted sheet that might already be on your toddler’s bed.

The product is available in both a one and two-pack option. You can choose the particular option that you require, based on the position of your child’s bed and the amount of protection they might need.

Memory foam padding is used in the Shinnwa Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers to make the product more comfortable for kids. This is a significant advantage over those rails that are constructed primarily from a metal material. The fact that the bumper does not move up like a more traditional bed rail system further adds to the comfortability of your child – but it does limit the level of protection offered.

This bed rail bumper can be used with any bed size since it installs easily underneath a fitted sheet. Unlike some of the competitor options, you can use this particular bumper with a toddler-sized bed. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee that accompanies the purchase of the product, helping to ensure you can get a full refund if you do not feel happy with your purchase.

Shinnwa Toddler Bed Rail Bumpers Top Features

  • A comfortable design that utilizes memory foam padding
  • Installation is quick and easy
  • Can be used with any sized bed
  • Appropriate for infants and toddlers

8. Hiccapop Bed Rail Bumpers for Toddlers

Last on our list is the Hiccapop Bed Bumpers For Toddlers. This rail is designed to act like a bumper that is added to the end of your toddler’s bed. The product will securely fit onto the bed and help to provide an edge to the bed, adding security to your toddler’s environment, without being as invasive as some of the rails that are on the market at the moment.

The Hiccapop Bed Bumpers For Toddlers also comes at an affordable price, which is something that parents shopping on a smaller budget will surely appreciate. You can choose between a single or two-pack option, depending on the position of your child’s bed. The single package is a great option if your child’s bed is pushed against a wall. On the other hand, if your toddler has a bed that is open on both sides, then a two-pack option of these bumpers may be the more appropriate solution for you.

The idea behind the bumper design is to avoid making your toddler feel caged in, while still adding adequate protection to help prevent them from falling off the bed at night.

The Hiccapop Bed Bumpers For Toddlers were developed by researchers at Stanford University. It uses CertiPUR-US Foam, which is a supportive type of foam that is also proven to be safer for both your toddler and the environment. The use of this particular foam eliminates the exposure of heavy metals, lead, mercury, and other toxins that are sometimes found in foam-based products.

Hiccapop Bed Bumpers For Toddlers Top Features

  • One of the more affordable solutions
  • Easily installs underneath a fitted sheet
  • Passes safety standards
  • Comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee
  • Waterproof cover helps to protect the internal foam


Toddlers are at risk of falling off the bed when they transition from the crib, but with the right rails in place, you can help your kid sleep safely at night. We looked at some of the best bed rails for toddlers that are currently available on the market in this post. Consider each option closely and see which one will be the most appropriate fit for your toddler’s bed while also taking their preferences and your budget into account. To see more options, read this article.

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