When you think of a good writing surface, the last thing that probably comes to mind is a mirror. So, you may be surprised to hear how beneficial it can be. Whether you’re looking to write a nice romantic note for your partner or a reminder for your family member, a mirror can be a good surface to bear your message. The key here is the tools you use to do your writing.

If you’ve been wondering what to use to write on a mirror, keep reading. Here is a list of all the writing tools that will help you write messages on your mirror like a pro!

Reasons to Write on Your Bathroom Mirror

Everyone needs reminders from time to time. However, in the era of phone planners and text reminders, you may struggle to come up with reasons to write your notes on your mirror. Yet as great as digital notes are, mirrors are arguably a more effective way to leave messages for several reasons.

Mirrors Are Conspicuous

When you want to leave someone a message, you have several options. You can stick a note on the fridge, send them a text message or write down a reminder in one of their notebooks. While this may work, remember that these notes are easy to miss. If your fridge is full of colorful magnets, then a simple white note will blend into the background.

The same is true for a note you leave on a table. However, if you leave your message on the bathroom mirror, it’s almost guaranteed the addressee will see it. Why? Because a bathroom mirror is the first thing most of us see in the morning. 

So if you or your family members have something important to do the following day, write it on the bathroom mirror. That way, you can take care of whatever business you have the instant you wake up.

They’re the Perfect Place for a Love Note

Think back to when you were a kid, who was looking to tell your crush you like them. You would usually confess your feelings by writing them a little love note. While you may not be a seven-year-old anymore, leaving a note for your partner is still one of the sweetest ways to express how much you love them. And there is no better place for your romantic musings than a mirror.

However, mirrors aren’t just good for writing love notes. You can use them to write inspirational messages to your family or let your roommate know there is no one else you’d rather share your home with.

Writing on Mirrors is the Most Unique Kind of Interior Design

One of the biggest downsides to most modern interior design options is that they aren’t very unique. Everyone can get a nice set of modern art paintings, or a good wallpaper to make their living room jump out. However, do you know what most people don’t use to decorate their homes? Mirror writing!

A funny joke or inspirational quote is the most creative way to make your home more lively. If you’re a particularly artsy type, you can even draw some flowers, abstract art, or a landscape. It’s a simple way to improve your living space, without wasting piles of money on expensive renovations.

7 Tools You Can Use to Write on a Mirror

So, you’re sold on the idea of messages on mirrors. However, before you commit to your notes, you first need to know what instruments to use. Mirrors aren’t like other writing surfaces. Using any ol’ marker won’t necessarily give you a legible message. In fact, it could potentially damage your mirror permanently.

Therefore, before you get to scribbling, get to know all the tools you can use to write on a mirror.

1. Neon Dry Erase Markers

Do you want a writing tool that won’t be a hassle to clean up? If yes, then feel free to invest in some neon dry erase markers. These bad boys are the ultimate writing instrument to use on your mirror. They’re made from isopropanol, alcohol, and resin, which means they can easily stick to a reflective surface.

Most standard packs come with five distinct colors, to make your mirror writing as eye-catching as possible. You can also buy the markers with varying tip sizes, which is perfect if you’re in the mood for some mirror art. The smaller the tip, the more detailed your work can be.

However, the neon dry erase markers’ biggest advantage is that they’re completely erasable. If you’re done with the note on the mirror simply use a dry cloth to wipe the marker away, and voila! Your mirror is clean and ready for a fresh set of scribbles. 

2. Lipstick

When you think of sultry love notes written on mirrors, you think of lipstick. This isn’t a coincidence. Lipsticks are one of the most convenient ways you can write on mirrors. They contain three basic ingredients — wax, oil, and pigment.

Wax provides a spreadable texture, which causes the pigment to stick to the glassy mirror surface better. The oil in the lipstick makes it more spreadable, which in turn ensures your writing is clearer and more legible.

Plus, lipstick just looks good. It’s synonymous with romance and kissing, which is exactly the kind of thing you want to evoke when you’re writing a romantic note for your partner. However, it does have a downside — namely, it’s very hard to clean up.

Because lipstick is greasy, wiping it with a dry cloth won’t really work. You’ll actually need to use specialized cleaning tools like microfiber cloths and cleaning solutions like Windex to get the mirror sparkling again.

3. Oil-Based Sharpie Markers

Are colors your jam? In that case, oil-based sharpie markers are the writing tool for your mirror messages. These markers are loaded with bright, quick-drying ink that is completely water-resistant. The sharpie colors are high contrast and they leave glossy marks that perfectly stand out on reflective surfaces.

The sharpies leave thin, highly visible lines, which is ideal for simple messages as well as complicated art pieces. But the best part, of course, is the color range! The standard pack comes with five classic shades. However, if you’re looking to do an art project on your bathroom mirror with your whole family, you can always get the larger eight-color pack.

In terms of clean-up, oil-based sharpie markers are a bit of a challenge. For one, they’re permanent. If you use them to write on a piece of paper or other porous surfaces it’s going to be very difficult, almost impossible, to wash them off.

Mirrors on the other hand are a bit different. Since the reflective surface is more slippery, it is possible to wipe the marker off. Simply add a bit of acetone on a cotton ball and get to work.

4. Chalk Marker

When you think of writing with chalk, you mostly think of hard surfaces like walls or concrete. However, did you know you can use chalk markers to write on mirrors too? As their name suggests, these lovely writing tools leave beautiful chalk-like streaks when you use them. Though their name has the word ‘chalk,’ the markers themselves don’t actually contain any chalk.

They’re instead made with a pigment-based ink that leaves a nice powdery finish when it dries. Like sharpies and neon dry erase markers, chalk markers come in varying colors and tip sizes to suit all your writing needs.

They’re also completely erasable, as long as you use them to write on non-porous surfaces, like mirrors. What’s more, they’re fairly easy to clean up. Unlike regular chalk, chalk markers aren’t dry-cleaned. Therefore, you‘ll need a wet cloth to erase the chalk marker ink off your mirror when you’re done writing.

5. Water-Erase Markers

Water-erase markers are closely related to neon dry erase markers. However, these bad boys are made specifically for writing on non-porous surfaces like mirrors. Therefore, the streaks they leave are much more vibrant than dry erase markers.

The markers are made using a thick paste that consists of water, propylene glycol, and dye. This formula is water-soluble and hypoallergenic, unlike the ink in dry markers. So if you or your family have allergies, water-erase markers should be your writing instrument of choice.

When it comes to clean-up, water-erase markers are fairly easy to wipe off. A damp cloth or wet paper towel is enough to remove the water-erase marker and leave your mirror ready for some new art.

6. Acrylic Paint Pen

Acrylic paintings have a beautiful, almost dreamlike look about them. If you want to replicate that aesthetic on your bathroom mirror, you can do so with acrylic paint pens.

As you’ve probably guessed, these pens contain acrylic paint inside them. The paint has been premixed to the perfect consistency. Therefore, you’re guaranteed to get flawless lines each time. Plus, since you don’t need a brush or palette to apply the acrylics, you save time on cleanup too!

The only downside of acrylic paint markers is that they’re likely to crack and chip once they dry. What’s more, any art you do with them won’t last very long, since moisture makes the chalk ink fade. Therefore, you’ll have to constantly reapply the acrylics to keep your art looking as fresh as it did on day one.

7. Whiteboard Markers

Whiteboard markers are one of the most common writing instruments for writing on large surfaces. They’re a staple in offices and classrooms alike, and you can use them to write on overhead projectors, signboards, and other porous surfaces. However, they also work great on non-porous surfaces like mirrors.

The markers are made of three components — color pigment, a solvent, and an oily silicone polymer. The oily polymer helps the marker dry more quickly, while also preventing the pigment from binding to the surfaces. Therefore, when you want to remove the marker from the mirror, all you have to do is wipe it away with a damp cloth.

Like all the other options on our list, whiteboard markers come in varying colors and tip sizes to suit all your writing needs. However, they have received some backlash in recent years, because their ink formula reportedly contains toxins.

Some whiteboard markers contain methyl isobutyl ketone, a harmful chemical that can cause very severe allergic reactions. People reported experiencing eye, skin, and nose irritation, as well as headaches, nausea, and coordination problems, through short-term use.

A few whiteboard marker manufacturers tried to rectify this situation by removing the chemical from their formula. However, if you’re still concerned about their safety, best go with another option on our list.

What You Should Know When Buying Markers for Your Mirror

As mentioned, there are quite a few writing tools you can use to do some mirror writing. However, different markers have different properties, meaning that each type will look different when you apply it to the glass. Therefore, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when choosing yours.

Color Range

Depending on what you want to use the markers for, the color range can be important. For example, if you’re looking to do some beautiful mirror art, then you’ll likely want to get markers with a wide color range. You’ll also want to prioritize markers with a strong pigment so they’ll have good visibility on non-porous surfaces. But if all you plan on doing is leaving mirror notes, then buying markers in a broad color range isn’t that important.

Tip Size and Shape

Tip size is the most important thing to consider when you’re buying markers because it determines the kind of writing you can do. For example, markers with thinner tips leave finer, more precise lines. Therefore, they’re ideal if your goal is mirror art.

However, if you want to use the markers to write reminders, then a trusty bullet tip is your go-to.

Water- and Abrasion-Resistant Properties

If you plan on writing notes on your bathroom mirror, then you need to make sure your markers are water-resistant. Even with the best bathroom exhaust fans, bathrooms tend to have high levels of humidity. Therefore, it’s going to be very easy for your bathroom writing to get streaky when someone runs the water.

So, when buying your markers, be sure to choose water-resistant ones. If you want to prevent your mirror art from fading or cracking, go for markers that have abrasion-resistant properties, as well. 


Packaging isn’t really the most important thing when it comes to mirror-friendly markers. However, if you’re on a tighter budget, you should definitely pay attention to it. In most cases, markers that come in fancier packages boast a hefty price tag.

While a better package can mean better quality markers, this isn’t always the case. Therefore, when buying your markers, look at their properties first and packaging second.

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering ‘what can I use to write on a mirror,’ hopefully you got your answers now. Whether you’re looking to leave yourself reminders, cute love notes for your partner, or indulge in some creative mirror art, there’s no shortage of vibrant, colorful markers you can use to write on mirrors.

However, not all markers are created equal. So be sure to choose the marker with the right properties if you want your bathroom writing to turn out exactly how you envisioned it.

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