A lack of storage is a significant challenge when living in a one-bedroom apartment. This is especially true if you’re looking to store something large, such as a spare mattress. Although storing something so bulky in a small space may seem like a difficult task, there are many possible solutions.

Here are 8 ideas on where to store an extra mattress in a one-bedroom apartment or small space with limited storage:

1. Keep the Mattress Under a Bed or Within a Trundle Bed

When dealing with limited storage space like in a one-bedroom apartment, there are a few basic options that will likely be available to you, including storing your spare mattress under a bed or in the trundle of a daybed.

Let’s break down each option below.

Storing a Mattress Under a Bed

Assuming there is enough room, you can store a spare mattress under your existing bed frame. After covering your mattress with a storage cover like Moving Host Mattress Bag from Amazon, you can slide it right under your bed for safekeeping. This mattress bag has eight handles for easy maneuvering and a waterproof cover to protect your bed.

This basic storage hack leaves your mattress easily accessible and yet out of the way.

Storing a Mattress Within a Trundle Bed

Another basic storage option is to utilize a trundle bed. If you do not already own one, you can purchase it or make a D.I.Y. one to use under your existing bed frame.

If you opt for the D.I.Y. option, this YouTube video shows you how to make a trundle.

If you’re interested in purchasing a trundle or a daybed, you can check out the ones listed below.

2. Convert Your Mattress Into Furniture

Another storage hack is to convert your spare mattress into furniture. By doing this, your mattress is still easily accessible and also not taking up any extra room by taking the place of a piece of necessary furniture.

This youtube video shows how to convert your mattress into a couch:

This storage option is a great way to save room in your one-bedroom apartment while also turning your mattress into a functional and useful piece of furniture.

3. Disguise Your Mattress as a Decor

Disguising your mattress as a piece of decor is another great storage hack for a one-bedroom apartment. The most straightforward piece of decor you can convert your mattress into is a headboard.

For example, by simply framing your mattress with a few pieces of wood, you can create a functional and comfortable headboard and solve your storage problem.

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4. Utilize a Murphy Bed

A murphy bed is meant to be stored vertically inside a closet or a cabinet. This type of storage is an excellent option for someone looking to save space in their one-bedroom apartment. These beds are functional and provide you with additional storage.

If you think this solution would work for you and your apartment, ensure there’s enough vertical and horizontal wall space. They often take up to eight feet of vertical space and six or seven feet of horizontal space. Murphy beds are often the perfect temporary solution for one-bedroom apartments with guests, a home office in the bedroom, or even a studio apartment.

5. Build a Loft

Building a loft in your one-bedroom apartment will provide a great space to store your spare mattress without crowding your floor space. This can be time-consuming and costly but is a suitable option for those interested.

This youtube video shows you the step-by-step on how to frame and build a loft in your apartment:

6. Store Your Mattress Above or Under Your Workspace

An additional storage hack for a mattress is to store it either above or under your desk or workspace.

Storing Your Mattress Above Your Workspace

If you choose to store your mattress above your workspace, you will likely opt for a loft bed. This method of storage is an ideal solution to making the most out of a small space. This multifunctional unit does not take up any additional floor space.

Below are a few loft beds you can choose from if you are considering this option.

  • The DHP Abode Full-Size Loft Bed is made of high-grade metal to support your full-size bed while sleeping over a desk. Whether you work at home, prefer PC gaming, or need a space to study, this loft bed is an excellent option.
  • Another choice is the Walker Edison Orion Urban Industrial Loft Bed. It comes in multiple colors and sizes, and the company also sells a trundle bed option. Two ladders make the bed easily accessible while leaving a 55.5 by 79-inch space for work and entertainment.

Storing Your Mattress Below Your Workspace

If you choose to store your mattress below your desk or workspace, you can opt for a desk bed.

A desk bed is similar to a Murphy bed in that it features a hinge mechanism that allows you to pull down the bed from a vertical position. This functional piece of furniture that doubles as both a desk and a bed makes for easy storage for a spare mattress.

For example, Rockler designed a desk bed that is compatible with twin, double, and queen-sized mattresses.

7. Incorporate Your Mattress Into Your Living or Dining Area

Another way you can store a spare mattress is to incorporate it into your living or dining area in your apartment.

Incorporating your spare mattress into your living room area is a practical and functional solution. A sofa component is a staple to any living space, so this concept won’t leave anything looking out of place.

Like using your spare mattress as a bench in your living area, you can also incorporate your mattress into your dining area. You can do this by using the mattress for seating at either side of your dining room table.

Using your spare mattress as a part of your dining area will allow you to convert existing space into a comfortable and functional space while also storing your spare mattress.

8. Opt for a Futon or a Blow-Up Mattress

Opting for a futon or a blow-up mattress instead of a regular mattress is another great storage hack for a one-bedroom apartment.

  • Blow-up mattress. A blow-up mattress is your best option if you are looking for the ultimate safe-saver mattress. The EnerPlex Air Mattress comes in several sizes and inflates up to 16 inches thick. It includes a pump, storage bag, and coil beams to provide optimal support throughout the night.
  • Futon. Similar to converting your mattress into a couch, a futon is a functional piece of furniture that can serve as both a couch and a bed. They’re easy to fold and are ideal for one-bedroom and studio apartments.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can combat the challenge of limited storage space in a one-bedroom apartment or small space. You can keep your spare mattress under a bed or within a trundle bed. Or you can store the mattress below or above your workspace.

Suppose you can build a loft. You can have more space to store your mattress aside from other things. Otherwise, incorporating your mattress into your living or dining area seems like a good idea, too.

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