Is there a way to hide safe keys so that no burglar can find them? The short answer is Yes, and this article will cover some of the best hiding spots you might use.

I should note that stashing your safe key is really not that different from hiding any other key. In other words, the following hiding places can apply to any key you might want to hide. The only real difference is the size of the hiding spot. After all, a house key or a car key might need a bigger hiding place than safe keys might.

The Refrigerator

Interestingly, the common refrigerator is a great hiding place for anything. There are lots of compartments and vents where a small key will fit just fine. Alternatively, you can hide the key under the fridge or one of the freezer drawers.

Some people even go so far as to use empty food packets that “pose” as items in the fridge. For example, you can fill an empty carton of milk with water and hide the key under the cap. That way, even if the burglar looks for the key in the fridge, they won’t be able to spot it hiding in plain sight. 

The Stairs

A single flight of stairs can provide lots of room for hiding a key. For instance, you can hollow out a few steps and make a secret storage compartment. Alternatively, if you have some space under the stairs, you can quite literally stash the key anywhere. Very few people will actually look for spare keys or valuables under the stairs, making it the perfect hiding spot.


Secret storage compartments are not exclusive to stairs. You can hollow out any piece of furniture and hide your safe key there. But you don’t even have to go that far. In fact, it might simply be enough to tuck the key away under the sofa’s mattress or along the inside of its wooden frame.

Lockable Key Vault

Lockable key vaults are becoming extremely popular nowadays. They are durable, sturdy, hard to crack, and waterproof. In short, they are the safest spot you can hide your safe keys in. And the best part is, you can keep a lockable key vault both inside and outside of your home.

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More often than not, an individual vault is not that much bigger than a regular-sized key. With that in mind, you have the extra benefit of hiding the vault itself. Simply stash it away somewhere and your safe will remain unopened. 

Pet Items

Any pet item around your home can be a great hiding spot for your safe key. For instance, you can stick it under the food or water bowl with some tape. On the other hand, stashing it among the packets of food or pet medication is just as effective. If you really want to get creative, hide the key in one of your pet’s toys — no burglar will ever think of looking for it there.

Outdoor Hiding Places

The following list will more than likely not make any sense to most people. Why would anyone want to hide their safe key outside? After all, isn’t that riskier than keeping it inside?

While keeping the safe key indoors is logical, hiding it outside is, in fact, not that crazy of an idea. After all, the burglar will most likely try to find the safe key while they’re already inside. They will lose time looking for it and thus risk getting arrested or caught in the act.

Lots of people choose the obvious spots, like doormats, bushes, garden gnomes, and fake rocks. However, burglars have long become wise to these methods. Instead, the list below contains a few hiding spots that are less likely to be figured out.

Dog House

If you have a dog, its house can become an amazing hiding spot for a safe key. After all, there are so many spots in and around the dog house where you can store it. But more importantly, even if the burglar knows where the key is, they can’t come near it. Otherwise, your pet pooch might just maul their face if they try.

Fake Sprinkler Key Holder

As far as fake key holders go, getting one that looks like a sprinkler is an excellent choice.

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Nobody will suspect a sprinkler to be hiding anything. And since it’s underground, you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally tipping it over. In contrast, anyone can nudge a fake rock and discover the key underneath it.

Mount Thermometers

Just like sprinklers, mount thermometers are not a typical spot where burglars might look for keys. You can find some splendid key hiding thermometers online for a reasonable price. However, you can just as easily convert a regular outdoor thermometer into a safe key hiding spot.

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Nailing It to a Tree

Out of all the spots on this list, this one might be the weirdest. In fact, some people might think it’s downright insane to nail a key to the tree. After all, a tree is as exposed as it gets — it’s outside in the yard where everyone can see it.

However, you might be surprised as to just how effective this idea is. If you have a yard with lots of trees, hiding a key in plain sight is easy. Don’t forget that a key is quite small and it will practically disappear when you nail it to a tree. That’s especially true for safe keys, which tend to be smaller than other types of keys out there.

Away From Home

When hiding the keys outside, some people choose to keep them with their neighbors. That does make sense, but you can take it one step further. For example, you can hide your safe key at least half a mile away from home. Make sure to use a spot that’s inconspicuous, like an old lamppost or a park bench.

Of course, the biggest downside to this hiding method is that your safe key might be a little too far. If you need to get your valuables out of your safe often, you might want to skip this method entirely.

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Final Thoughts

Even a safe needs to be safe, as they say. And with burglars getting craftier every day, you will need to apply every safety method you can think of. Hopefully, this article has provided you with some interesting ideas on where you can stash away your safe keys and not worry about burglars getting to your valuables any time soon. If you want to find the best places to hide the safe itself, follow this link.

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