Command strips can be a great way to bypass complicated tools when hanging up your decor. Additionally, they don’t damage your walls nearly as much as nails do, making them a great option for renters.

But, can you reuse command strips? Read on to find out why reusing command strips is not a good idea and how to make sure you won’t have to reapply them.

What Are Command Strips?

Command strips are a great option if you want to decorate your walls without damaging them. Essentially, they work similarly to double-sided tape. They have an adhesive on either side, so you simply attach one side to the wall decor you want to hang up and adhere the other side to your wall.

The ease of use has made command strips quite popular. You don’t have to deal with nails or screws, and you can hang up your decor in just a few minutes. Additionally, they don’t leave a mark on your wall once you remove them. That’s why command strips are the best choice when it comes to wall decoration for people living in rented spaces.

Can You Reuse Command Strips

It’s not a good idea to reuse command strips. Although they can stay on your wall for years without the adhesive breaking down, the same adhesive likely won’t be as strong if you reuse it. Therefore, you run the risk of damaging your walls, decor, and even nearby furniture.

Since you won’t be able to reuse command strips, it’s important to apply them properly the first time. Make sure to clean any surface you’re applying a command strip to with alcohol. The alcohol will remove any dust and dirt, making the adhesive stick to the surface more. Let the alcohol dry for about a minute and follow this handy guide if you want to apply the command strips perfectly.

3 Things You Should Be Cautious of When Applying Command Strips

1. Make Sure the Surface Is Suitable for Command Strips

When applied to a proper surface, command strips do a great job of keeping your wall decor in place. However, they are not suitable for every surface. Command strips hold well when applied to smooth surfaces, such as glass, tiles, metal, and varnished wood. Additionally, if your wall does not have any texture to it, you can use command strips on it as well.

Alternatively, if you have textured walls, command strips will likely detach from them over time. They also may not stay adhered to vinyl. Furthermore, you should avoid putting command strips in your bathroom or next to a heat source. The heat and the humid environment can melt the adhesive, causing your decor to fall down.

2. Don’t Hang Items Heavier than the Command Strip Can Hold

Every command strip packaging should have the maximum weight that the strip can hold written on its packaging. You should never exceed that weight amount, as the weight of the item will pull on the adhesive. Over time, the adhesive will stretch out, and the command strip won’t be able to hold the weight of the decor any longer.

It’s especially important not to exceed the weight limit if you’re only using one command strip. However, if you’re placing a few on the back of your decor, they may be able to hold a bit more weight. If you want to hang up heavier items, go for a more heavy-duty strip. Alternatively, go for other options, such as drywall hooks and wall anchors.

3. Mark Where the Command Strips Will Go on Your Wall

Since it’s not a good idea to reuse command strips, you should make sure to place them in the perfect spot right away. Therefore, you have to be sure of exactly where you want to hang the decor. Once you decide on a spot, you should ensure the decor doesn’t look crooked. That’s especially important when it comes to picture frames, mirrors, and any objects you use more than one command strip for.

The best way to make sure your decor doesn’t end up looking crooked is to use a laser level. Place it on the wall, just above where you want the decor to be. Once it’s completely straight, place a sticky note so that it matches the laser completely. Then, simply align your decor with the top of the sticky note.

In Conclusion

If you’re looking for an easy, no-fuss way to hang up wall decor, command strips are a great option. However, you should avoid reusing them. Doing so diminishes their ability to adhere to your walls properly. Therefore, you may end up damaging the walls, and the decor may fall and break or damage the nearby furniture.

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