Let’s be honest — not all bedrooms are created equal, and nowadays, most are small, if not tiny. Add in a queen or king-sized bed, and you’ve already reduced the available space by half. However, things become even worse when you notice that there’s no place for a nightstand. So, should you buy a smaller bed or look for the smallest nightstand on the market?

Well, don’t sweat it, because even if you can’t find any room for a nightstand, there are a lot of creative alternatives that you can use. But first, let’s see if you truly need a nightstand.

Do You Really Need a Nightstand?

At the end of the day, nothing is necessary when it comes to decorating your home. Yet, nightstands are more than simple decorations, as they have many practical applications too. Even so, it all boils down to personal preference and needs. As a result, it’s important to take a look and see why people all over the world use nightstands:

  • Home Decor: Many people use nightstands to add style and decor to their bedrooms. In fact, nightstands are considered aesthetic and can easily be matched to the color of your room and bed.
  • Accessibility: Nightstands can improve the accessibility of your bedroom. For example, you can place a night lamp on your nightstand, so you don’t have to get up from bed to turn the lights off. You can also keep things you need to reach, such as reading glasses, water, medicine, and your phone.
  • Flexibility: What’s interesting about nightstands is that you don’t have to use them as bedside tables. Most nightstands can be placed in your living room, allowing you to use them as a side or end table.
  • Storage: Most, if not all, nightstands have a few extra drawers for storage. That allows you to store any essential items for easier use while sitting on your bed. From books and magazines to phone chargers and flashlights, nightstands are great for storing all sorts of things.
  • Variety: We all love customizing our bedrooms, yet we have a hard time finding suitable furniture. Fortunately, nightstands come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them perfect for most bedroom styles.
  • Affordability: Even though nightstands have a lot of functionality, they are still much cheaper than other furniture. And while some high-quality nightstands are usually expensive, most of them are fairly affordable.

What Can You Use Instead of Nightstands?

By now, you are most likely in love with the functionality of nightstands. However, chances are that your bedroom is too small and there’s little to no space on the sides of your bed. If that’s the case, you need to make use of the areas above, behind, and near the bed. Luckily, we have a few ideas on how you can do just that!

1. Console Tables

Usually, console tables are made to go behind sofas, meaning that they are narrow and should work behind the bed too. And since they vary in height, you can easily find one that works with taller beds. Just remember to measure your bed before you commit to any console table. Additionally, before you give console tables a try, you need to keep in mind that there are a few caveats to consider.

For one, if you want to lean back while reading or watching TV, you’ll need to change how you arrange your pillows to accommodate the table. But if that’s too annoying, you can always use some sturdy risers to increase the height of your new console table. Furthermore, depending on the width of the console table you choose, you might need to move the bed forward. That will reduce the available space in your bedroom even more.

Our Recommendation

While there are many products on the market, we found one that solves most of the issues tied to console tables. The Lakeside Sofa Table is a super skinny console table that is 6 inches deep. As a result, it can easily fit behind most beds without taking more space than necessary. Besides, the table’s height makes it perfect for many types of beds.

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But what makes the Lakeside Sofa Table so unique is its accessibility features. It features an outlet with two USB ports built right into the top of it. Yes, you’ve heard that right; no more struggling to reach the outlet behind your bed. Simply connect the table to your wall outlet and enjoy your new hassle-free charging.

All in all, the Lakeside Sofa Table manages to offer the best of both worlds. It combines the accessibility of nightstands with the convenient design of tables. And thanks to its walnut or black style options, you can mix and match it with most room and bed styles.

2. Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are one of the most versatile alternatives to nightstands. They offer a clean, efficient look while also providing enough space to store some books, water, and your phone. Even though they work best for small bedrooms, even bigger ones can benefit from replacing bulky furniture with shelves.

So, what makes wall shelves so appealing? Simply put, you can hang as many shelves as you want to provide as much storage space as you need. You can even hang them right next to your bed if you don’t feel comfortable having them above your head. And best of all, there are hundreds of different styles of wall shelves, meaning that you can easily find one that fits your room’s style.

Our Recommendation

Willing to give wall shelves a try? Then you definitely need to take a look at the BAYKA Floating Shelves. Made out of Paulownia wood, those chic shelves provide more than enough space for all your essential items. And due to their unique style, those floating shelves work with any traditional or modern bedroom furniture.

However, what makes the BAYKA Floating Shelves stand out is their focus on durability and reliability. Thanks to BAYKA’s design and mounting system, you don’t have to worry about any shelves falling on your head. In fact, the three-point mounting system allows you to install the shelves with the board on top or below, giving you complete control over their placement.

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Overall, the BAYKA Floating Shelves offer an interesting and versatile solution to classic nightstands. Not only do they provide enough storage space, but they are also durable enough to be mounted above your bed. And if that wasn’t enough, the BAYKA Floating Shelves come in three sizes, allowing you to install them in even the smallest bedrooms.

3. Bookshelves

If you love console tables for their versatility but wish they had more storage space, then bookshelves are right up your alley. They offer most of the features that nightstands have, but are more convenient and can fit almost anywhere. As a matter of fact, you can place a bookshelf behind, in front, or near your bed.

However, just like console tables, measurements are a must. If you don’t have too much floor space, you don’t want your bookshelf to extend out too much on each side. In other words, the size of your bookshelf highly depends on how wide your bed is. But luckily, most bookshelves are pretty narrow and tall, offering a lot of storage space without crowding your walls.

Our Recommendation

When it comes to bookshelves, you’ve got a lot of choices. Yet, you can hardly find a more interesting and useful product than the VOJUEAR Bookcase. Inspired by cube multifunctional storage organizers, this bookcase goes beyond and above in offering as much storage space as possible.

The VOJUEAR Bookcase has a unique design that allows you to rearrange each cube compartment however you like. Is the default setup too tall? Just remove the top cubes and place them somewhere else. Or, if it’s too short, rearrange the side cubes by moving them to the top and make the bookcase taller. Simply put, this bookcase is 100% customizable, making it perfect for both small and large bedrooms.

All things considered, we believe that the VOJUEAR Bookcase is a great choice for small bedrooms. And thanks to its versatility, you can easily create a setup that makes use of your space without crowding the room. Add in four unique colors that you can choose from, and you’ve got yourself a timeless piece of furniture.

4. Standing Shelf Units

If you’ve got a few inches to spare, you can give standing shelf units a try. Essentially, they are standard shelves stacked upon each other. As a result, some models can be pretty narrow, requiring only a few inches of space. And since they don’t need too much space, you can easily place them between the side of your bed and the wall. But always remember to measure your bed to make sure you have enough space for a shelf unit.

So what’s the catch? In all honesty, the only catch is that they don’t offer as much storage space as some people would like. Usually, a standing shelf unit will have anywhere between two and three shelves. But if you want more, you can stack multiple shelf units to increase their storage capacity.

Our Recommendation

Choosing the right standing shelf unit can be hard, especially if you are not sure how much storage capacity you need. However, that’s exactly where the IRIS Standing Shelf Unit comes in, offering increased storage capacity without requiring too much space. In fact, with five width sizes ranging from 6 inches to 14 inches, you will surely find one that fits your needs.

But what if its 3-shelf design is not enough for your essential items? Luckily, you can stack multiple IRIS Shelf Units to increase their storage capacity. And if that’s not enough, you can combine them with a bookshelf and transform your whole wall into a storage area.

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We highly recommend the IRIS Standing Shelf Unit, particularly if you are looking for compact yet spacious storage space. And thanks to its walnut texture, the IRIS Shelf Unit will look right at home, no matter where you place it. Just remember to choose the right size, as even one inch could make or break its placement.

5. Floating Nightstand

Although it might sound weird, floating nightstands are a thing. They combine the functionality of traditional nightstands with the versatility of wall shelves. In other words, you can install them wherever you want, even above your head or on the wall next to your bed. And while they are a bit heavier than wall shelves, most floating nightstands have a solid mounting system.

The main appeal of floating nightstands is the fact that they offer more storage space than normal wall shelves. More specifically, they usually have a drawer or two, allowing you to store anything from devices to books. And if you need more storage space, you can just install another floating nightstand or shelf. Actually, many people combine the two, creating their own floating drawers.

Our Recommendation

Even though there are a dozen types of floating nightstands, we must recommend the stunning South Shore Sazena Floating Nightstand. Its beautiful design is both practical and stylish, as it allows you to store multiple items and devices. And with a maximum capacity of 25 lbs, there’s no way you’ll find something too heavy for it.

But what draws us toward the South Shore Sazena Floating Nightstand is its reliable mounting system. Thanks to its metal plate anchoring system, you can easily install and remove this amazing floating nightstand. And since the whole system relies on high-quality metal screws, you don’t have to worry about it falling off anytime soon.

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Ultimately, we strongly recommend you give the South Shore Sazena Floating Nightstand a try. Its amazing storage capacity is only matched by its gorgeous style and design. In fact, with four wood styles to choose from, you’ll surely find one that works for your bedroom. And best of all, it also comes with a five-year limited warranty, so if anything happens, South Shore has got your back.

6. Bedside Caddy

A bedside caddy makes for a great nightstand substitute, especially if you have little to no space on the sides of your bed. Not only is it easy to install and requires no drilling, but it’s also spacious, allowing you to store your phone, tablet, and more. Additionally, a bedside caddy can be easily removed, meaning that you can change its position depending on which side of the bed you sleep on.

The only downside is that you can’t use it to place a glass of water or a night lamp like you would on a nightstand. However, when you are tight on space, any extra storage space is more than welcome. And due to their materials, most bedside caddies can hold an impressive number of books, devices, and other items.

Our Recommendation

If you are interested in finding the perfect bedside caddy, you should take a look at the GoCoral Premium Bedside Caddy. While it might look like a basic bedside caddy, it’s much more than that. For starters, this premium bedside caddy features an easy installation system that allows you to place it on your bed’s rail or frame. As a result, the GoCoral Bedside Caddy is also great for bunk and loft beds.

GoCoral Large Bedside Caddy Organizer - Heavy Duty Buckles for Bunk Bed Hold Up...
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Furthermore, the GoCoral Premium Bedside Caddy features additional pockets and compartments. Therefore, you can use it to store even more items than you would with an average bedside caddy. And thanks to its premium materials, this product can hold up to 20 lbs allowing you to store heavy devices such as laptops and tablets.

All in all, the GoCoral Premium Bedside Caddy is a great choice for anyone struggling with bedroom space. Its compact design and ease of installation are what make this bedside caddy truly unique. And if you want to improve the style of your bedroom, then you can’t afford to miss this stylish product.

7. BedShelfie

Last but not least, we have a unique take on bedside caddies, called BedShelfie. In fact, it started as a Kickstarter project and has now become one of the most interesting alternatives to nightstands. But how does it work and what makes it so unique?

Firstly, the BedShelfie attaches to your bed frame and acts as a shelf. In other words, you can use it to put anything from phones and tablets to drinks and night lamps. It even has a few notches that you can use to attach your charging cables. Therefore, you can say goodbye to dangling cables all around your bed.

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In the end, the BedShelfie is a great choice that can easily replace a nightstand. And thanks to its modern design, this product works with any type of bedroom, no matter its style. So, if you still haven’t found a nightstand alternative, do yourself a favor and check out the BedShelfie.

Final Thoughts on Nightstand Alternatives

Overall, there’s no denying that nightstands are extremely useful. Not only can we use them to store items for easier accessibility, but they can also improve the look and feel of your bedroom. However, it’s hard to find a perfectly sized nightstand, especially if your room is small or if your bed takes too much space.

Luckily, there are a lot of alternatives that you can rely on. From console tables to bedside caddies, there’s no shortage of amazing products that can replace a nightstand. So stop wasting your time searching for the right nightstand, and take a look at other, more common options.

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