Planning and executing a secret getaway can be nerve-wracking, but if you plan and do it right, you may just be up for the best day of your life. So, what’s the best way to sneak out of the house during the day?

Of course, it’s easier said than done, but in the following sections, we deep-dive into each of the steps, so all that’s left for you to do after this short read is to build some confidence and execute your plan.

1. Plan Ahead

Before anything else, do yourself and favor and iron out all the essential details of your mission:

  • What time will you go out?
  • What time are you going back?
  • Where are you going?
  • Who are you going with?

Also, consider your parents’ or guardian’s routine. The route you’ll be taking from your room to the house exit and the time you execute the plan depends on this as well.

Since we’re unsure how the entire plan will play out in the end, it’s best to leave the immediate vicinity wearing house clothes, so if you get caught, whoever caught you would be less likely to assume that you’re sneaking out.

The next thing to do is to prepare your getaway pack. The getaway pack will contain at least your outfit, wallet, and cellphone. Store them in some hidden location close to the house exit you’ll be taking.

When packing, it’s also best to use a bag such as the TOPDesign Tote Bag (, which is made of cloth to store your getaway pack, as they don’t make too much noise.

After leaving the house, how are you getting to your destination? Likely, you can’t take your car, as that just seems like the best way to get caught. Make sure that you have the means to leave quickly, as every minute you spend out in the open near the vicinity of your home is a risk for you getting caught.

2. Quietly Go Out of the House

Be as quiet as possible to avoid drawing attention to yourself, or worse, startling your parents when you get out.

This step will still involve some preparations and even more practice, as you need to rehearse the entire route out to check for possible noise sources that you’ll have to eliminate.

If your room is upstairs, check the stairs beforehand if it’s squeaky. Practice walking downstairs without making noticeable noise.

Perhaps, you can wear a pair of socks to dampen the sound of your footsteps. You can also wear the shoes you keep in your room as long as these have rubber soles. Don’t use the shoes you leave at the front or back door, as it’s easily noticeable if they go missing.

Check for the noises when opening the doors as well. You can probably leave them slightly open before sneaking out to avoid creating noises that come with turning the doorknob. You may also want to pre-purchase a  WD-40 to lubricate the door hinges for this exact purpose.

Lastly, make sure you keep your phone silent. A call from your impatient friend waiting right outside your house could just be the trigger that’ll blow the entire plan off.

Try practicing your route several times to master the soundproofing part of your escape. To be completely unnoticeable, they don’t only need not to see you; they must not hear you either.

3. Get Into Your Getaway Clothes

The moment you leave the house, the top priority is getting far enough not to be spotted by your parents or housemates.

Remember that an essential part of the execution is timing. Doing anything prematurely puts you at risk of getting caught.

Once you’re sure that you’re in a secure location, it’s now safe to get into your party or getaway clothes.

A good choice of getaway clothes is something no one knows you already bought, own, or even wear. If it’s an outfit easily traced back to you, people will easily notice you, and it’s just going to be a matter of time before they can verify that it’s you they’re seeing.

Oh, and remember not to spray your perfume before you’ve actually left the house! Fragrances can linger long after you’re gone and will immediately catch your family’s attention.

Additionally, if you’re going to wear makeup, don’t forget to bring a makeup remover.

Keep your house clothes clean and water-proof, as well, as you’ll still have to wear them back after your eventful day.

4. Go to Your Destination

The safest way to do this is to go on foot for at least a few yards until someone with a vehicle can pick you up. This isn’t always doable, though.

Still, no matter what, don’t use your car. It’s loud, and it’s big. It’ll attract unwanted attention and even your neighbors will notice you. And if they don’t, they’re sure to find out you’re gone once they realize your car is missing from its usual spot.

If there’s no one to pick you up and it’s too far to get to it on foot, you can use your bike, if you have one. Just remember, this option exposes you to the risk of your parents finding out that your bike is missing from your garage or bike stand.

If none of these are viable choices, you can take public transportation (bus, cab, ridesharing) if available. Just make sure you have enough money for the fare for your trip back to your house as well.

Also, if using public transportation for your getaway plan, remember to incorporate bus schedules or cab availability in your area when creating a blueprint for how you’ll be sneaking out.

5. Enjoy Your Freedom (But Don’t Overdo It)

By the time you get to your destination, make the struggle of sneaking out worth it! Enjoy your temporary freedom, pal.

Always be mindful of your actions, though. Remember that if you get into accidents or are reprimanded by people in authority, chances are your parents will indeed find out, and it’ll be harder to get their permission or even sneak out the next time.

Let this day be fun, but make sure it’s not going to be the last for a long time! Seek balance between enjoyment and responsibility.

After all, you probably believe you deserve to enjoy hanging out with friends and are responsible enough to keep yourself safe. Make sure that you still believe in those two things by the time you get back to your house.

6. Go Back to Your House

Remember the plan we talked about earlier? It would be best if you stuck to it as much as possible to avoid getting into complicated hiccups that could leave you improvising until you’re empty-handed.

For instance, if you’ve carefully reviewed your family’s typical daily routine, set an ideal time to get back home with the least risk of getting caught.

In some cases, this will have to be before dinner, primarily if you’re used to eating dinner together.

If you need more time than a few hours out, perhaps, you can inform your family ahead that you’ll be working on a project and need to free yourself from distractions the entire night.

In such a case, let them know you have enough food and drinks to sustain yourself throughout the entire ordeal. Make sure to emphasize the importance of them not knocking on your door throughout the day. Perhaps, tell them you’re easily distracted or have a hard time reaching a flow-state, so they need to cooperate with you on this.

When it’s time to go home, stick to the plan and do your best not to miss the safe window. Perhaps, the time when your family is having dinner is a good time to sneak through the front door. It could also be exactly right before dinner when they’re still preparing the meal.

Having someone drop you off may not be that ideal in this case, as their car’s headlights may make it extremely easy to catch your family’s attention. Just have yourself dropped off a few yards away and get to your house by foot.

Plus, if it’s already nighttime anyway, it’ll be much more difficult for anyone to realize it’s you walking on the sidewalk. Again, just avoid wearing outfits that quickly give you away.

7. Quietly Go Back to Your Room

Take off your footwear when getting into the house, as the clacking of your sandals or the dirty shoe marks on the floor can ruin what would have otherwise been a perfect day.

If you’re wearing accessories, you might also need to remove them before getting in, as they might make considerable noise and give you away.

Just as with earlier in the day, put your phone on silent mode.

Ensure that all of your stuff is well-placed in your cloth bag. Be wary of any of them falling on the floor and alerting your housemates or leaving traces of you breaking in.

When you’re ready, take a deep breath, clear your throat, and get in. You wouldn’t want your family to hear you coughing on your way in, so I meant the clearing your throat part literally.

Confidence is critical here to successful execution. It keeps you focused and less tense, effectively increasing your likelihood of going back to your room perfectly unnoticed.

You’ve already mastered this step when you exited the house. Be confident and know that this is just as easy (or hard, depending on how you want to see it).

8. Get Into Your House Clothes

Now that you’re back in your cozy room, the hardest part is likely over. Just get into your house clothes and chill.

Look at yourself in the mirror and check for easy-to-spot signs that you have been out the entire day. Some residual makeup, perhaps? Scratches you likely got from sneaking out? Attend to them before spending time with the rest of your family again.

A quick shower will also help you get rid of your perfume’s smell or other outside scents.

9. Act Normally As if Nothing Happened

After getting into your house clothes, the last step is to get into character. Imagine how you would feel after a long day of working on your school project.

At this point, you have several options.

You can just sleep through the night and spend time with them the next day. Tell them you’re tired and would rather have a decent breakfast tomorrow. Probably be ready with some small talks about how your day went as you labored over schoolwork. Prepare a reason why you can’t show it to them in case they ask.

Alternatively, you can also go get a shower and check in on them before sleeping. Be mindful of how you smell or look, though. Without even just a quick bath, they might notice some residual makeup or smell anything that’s unlike someone who stayed in their room the entire day, and then they might catch onto you.


The two most essential ingredients to sneaking out successfully, even in broad daylight, are careful planning and confidence in execution.

Planning helps you iron out every bit of detail of the getaway, making you more confident during execution. When laying out the plan, consider your parents’ daily routine, assess the best time to sneak out, and prepare a getaway pack complete with clothes, phone, and other essentials such as money and credit cards.

Once all the preparations have been completed, then there’s only one thing left to do. Enjoy the rest of the day while keeping mindful of your actions.

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