We all wish we could have some more closet space. After all, who doesn’t see those celebrity closets on TV and drool over how amazing they look? 

Alas, if only money grew on trees! We too could have the super lovely closets and all the cool clothes and shoes that go with them.

But never fear; there is a solution. An expandable closet organizer is your first step to closet awesomeness. I rounded up the best 8 choices right on Amazon, and it will make your life much more organized.

Let’s get into it.

Features to Look for When Shopping for Closet Organizers

Shelf Count

The number of shelves included in the organizer is essential. Take a good look at all your stuff. Do you have a lot of foldables? Bulky items like sweaters, for instance, do better when folded.

If you have purses, shoes, or hats, these are better when placed neatly on a shelf for easy reaching and comparison to how they match an outfit. If you have lots of this stuff, look for lots of shelves!


Only one of the expandable closets we featured today use any serious tools for setting them up. That being said, think about your own abilities and skills.

Are you a handy person? If so, then go for that particular closet (it’s the ClosetMaid in the list below).

If not, shoot for any of the other ones. They are easy to put together, and you only need a screwdriver or a rubber mallet in most cases.

It’s going to be harder to take all the clothing and shoes out of your closet than it will be to assemble the organizer!


Before you buy, measure the closet space. Write down these measurements and compare them to the closet organizer you are interested in.

Many reach-in closets are standard-sized at 6 feet long, 8 feet in height, and 24 inches in depth with a door size of about 80 inches.

Your closet may vary-so be sure to take measurements before you make a purchase, assemble it, and find you can’t use it.


Some of these closets with expandable rods will go longer than others. So, what do you need? Do you need a long bar to hang the clothes upon, or can you get away with a smaller one?

I get by with the AmazonBasics organizer. Meanwhile, my son, who has smaller clothing, does well with the Trinity model we feature. That latter model also has shelves that hold less weight than others-again, it’s suitable for what we use it for.

Best Expandable Closet Organizers

1. Amazonbasics Expandable Hanging Organizer

With this Amazonbasics Organizer, it is easy to keep and organize all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. It is made of sturdy and polished looking steel-wire.

You can get it in bronze, black, or chrome finish to match the decor of your room with style. You can use this in your closet to free up some additional space, as an accessory to your walk-in closet, or even if your place lacks a closet.

It’s a great way to organize clothing! I for one and the sort who puts away summer clothes and brings out the fall and winter stuff. It is a great way to keep things organized-I always find what I am looking for. (Yes, I did get this for my own home, and I love it.)

Perhaps the best part is the ten shelves that come with it. You will have plenty of room to neatly fold shirts, slacks, jeans, and more using these shelves. You can raise or lower them by inch increments, and each shelf holds 100 lbs. Even those bulky sweaters don’t stand a chance.

The two extendable rods are also great. They make the organizer go from 58 to 63 inches, which is excellent for those of us with space restrictions.

You can use one rod for your work outfits, and the second for weekend outfits, if you like. These great rods hold 150 lb. when they are not extended, and 75 lb. when they are.

My opinion? I think this one is the best! In all seriousness, check out those reviews-this is an excellent choice for everyone.

Key Features

  • Features ten shelves with adjustable heights
  • Just screw it together-assembly is easy
  • Measures in at 14 by 58 to 63 by 72 inches
  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • Made of steel

2. Seville Classics Expandable Double Rod Clothes Rack

Got lots of great clothes, but no way to store them? Is your family telling you that you have to organize them better or else? It is your answer.

You will love the two towers that are connected by the telescoping rods. You can easily adjust the distance of these towers so that it fits your own needs with ease. The shelving also features plastic liners; this way items stored on them will not fall through the cracks.

This particular closet organizer is beautiful. You can choose from a few different finishes; I think the bronze is the most beautiful. The expandable rods rae easily my favorite part-they can hold up to 50 lbs., and you can adjust them to different heights.

It’s great if you are hanging a formal dress or suit-the clothing will not drag on the ground. Cantilevered shelves are super also. They are a great place to store lightweight items. Flip flops, hats, even cotton tote bags can all go up there for easy storage. The sky’s the limit.

The shelving is also able to be adjusted using one-inch increments. It is perfect if you have some other items you would like to store on your organizers, like boxes, purses, or something else. And take into consideration that each of these shelves can hold 100 lbs.-you will be storing everything and finding it quickly.

Key Features

  • You can adjust shelves in 1-inch increments
  • Easy to put together-just screw it together
  • Made of steel and features a beautiful finish
  • Features expandable rods

3. Rubbermaid Configurations Closet Kit

It will fit any closet, whether it is a walk-in or reach-in, so long as it has at least one wall that is 4 to 8 feet wide. It is a kit that has all in one-it’s got everything you could want that will turn your closet into an organized and beautiful space.

It is a bit more advanced than the other products I have looked at so far-this one will require a little of your time to set up thoroughly, plus you will have to take out all the stuff from your existing closet to install. Don’t let this discourage you-the installation is easy! It just takes a bit of work, that’s all.

The finish on this is beautiful. At first, the photos made it look a bit practical, but the finish looks better in person. It comes with four telescoping rods, five shelves that can be adjusted, and all hardware.

And if you think you have to be handy around the house to install it, don’t worry-it’s not hard at all. Users gave very positive reviews and spoke of how easy it was to install.

Key Features

  • It comes with all mounting equipment
  • Beautiful epoxy coating
  • Features adjustable rods for hanging clothes
  • Features shelving for all your extras like tees, sweaters or bags
  • Made of steel

4. Musclerack Expandable Closet, Room Organizer

With a name like MuscleRack, you know it must be good. It is a chrome finished rack over a steel frame, which is very nice and sturdy. It blends form and function effortlessly and gives your closet a clean but modern look.

The unit comes with two hanger bars that can telescope from 28 inches to 50 inches, features 8 14” x14 “shelves, and also two 28”x 14 “wire shelves.

You can adjust these in 1-inch increments. There are also two support bars with four hooks included so you can store things like ties, belts, scarves, and hats.

Once you get this fully assembled, it stands 55 inches tall when hanger bars are set at 28 inches, and then comes in at 77 inches tall when the bars are fully extended. The hanger bars can hold 50 lbs., and the shelves support a whopping 175 lb. when weight is distributed evenly. 

I like that this also comes with plastic shelf liners. You won’t have to worry about your stuff falling through the cracks-it all stays put. Combine this with leveling feet, and you have yourself a stable shelving unit that will keep all your items neat and tidy. 

Assembly is easy and takes only about 30 minutes. A bonus is that you only need a rubber mallet to put this thing together-the pieces just fit together to create a simple, elegant, but tough closet solution.

Key Features

  • Chrome finish and steel material
  • Assembly is very easy
  • Telescoping rods that go from 28 inches to 50 inches
  • You can adjust the shelves in 1-inch increments
  • Ten shelves in total

5. Closetmaid Shelftrack Adjustable Closet Organizer Kit

It is a beautiful organizer that will make it look like a professional organizer stepped in and took over! You get all the rods and shelving you need to make installation easy and fast.

Bear in mind that you will need some equipment for this particular closet installation. It is recommended you have the following: step ladder, drill, screwdriver, tape measure, pencil, level, saw (if necessary to cut).

I know what you are thinking this sounds way too complicated! Just take a look at the Amazon product page and the helpful videos they have there. You can do this!

This one has all the accouterments you would expect out of a beautiful closet. The shelves are adjustable, and you can raise them up or down depending on what your needs are — got chunky sweaters? Bring them down.

Are you folding summer tee shirts? Bring them up. And the SuperSlide technology is another great thing you will love.

Yes, the shelves do come with liners. It prevents your stuff from falling all over, which can be a real pain point for consumers buying these units.

Superslide Shelving is a continuous slide hang rod. You attach it to a ClosetMaid wire shelf, and you end up getting additional hanging space on your wire shelves.

And lastly, the shelving unit is responsibly made. The components of this shelf system feature recycled steel material.

Key Features

  • You get 132 inches of hanging space
  • You get a shelf bracket, closet rods, SuperSlide shelves, and a hanging track, among others
  • All hardware included for installation
  • Shelving is made of steel but coated in vinyl

6. Trinity Expandable Closet Organizer

I think this one would be best for a child’s room. As you can see, it holds less than some of the other organizers we have looked at, but still does a great job. And with plenty of favorable reviews from other buyers, this is still a great choice.

I do have to admit that we do use this one in my son’s closet. It suits his needs admirably. The rod is perfect for him to hang the dress shirt and slacks he uses for church and school band concerts, plus his school uniforms, while the shelves hold his weekend clothes with ease.

He even uses the shelves on the bottom for his dress shoes. For a young child (aged 10) like my son, this gets the job done.

The installation was very easy. You needed only a screwdriver to complete the whole operation. Once it is all assembled, the measurements come in at the following: (56″- 78”) W x 14″D x 84″H. This does, of course, depend on whether or not you have the rod extended.

The shelves alone make this product worth purchasing. They are sturdy and easy to use, and with that excellent finish, you don’t even need to worry about shelf liners.

They do not hold as much as some of the other items we’ve examined today, but if your needs don’t call for lots of weight to be held, this could be the thing you need. Check it out!

Key Features

  • Beautiful powder coated dark bronze
  • Lovely bamboo boards with stained finish
  • Adjustable rods hold 30 lb. per rod
  • 20 lb. capacity on all shelves

7. Whitmor Deluxe Double Rod Adjustable Closet System

This particular product might win the “best bang for the buck” prize. You get lots of stuff for a great price. I was impressed with this one. 

For starters, you get all the stuff you would expect out of one of these great organizers. There is, of course, the telescoping rod, which extends from 21.5 to nearly 41 inches so you can hang more stuff.

But look a little closer, and you see that this comes with three great storage cubes. You can hide anything in these cubes-for examples, if you live in a studio apartment and don’t have access to a closet, this is the place to hide anything from small holiday gifts to clothing you don’t want displayed, like old tee shirts or underpants. 

There is also a great shoe organizer included, too. What a great way to keep shoes and boots organized-you can easily store shoes for all occasions within arm’s reach.

One thing I did not like about this, but something easy to remedy is the fact that the shelves do not come with liners. It can be fixed by picking up shelf liner paper if you wish.

Round it all out with the Whitmor organizer’s beautiful silver epoxy coated frame, and you have yourself a lovely way to keep things in order.

Key Features

  • Easy to assemble no tools needed.
  • Comes with a shoe organizer and three storage cubes
  • Poles extend from 21.5 to 40.5 inches for even greater hanging space
  • Extendable bars are great for hanging long garments up

8. Tangkula Expandable Garment Rack, Adjustable Closet Organizer System

Once you get this beautiful expandable garment rack assembled, you find that it measures up at 57.5″ -86.5″ x 14″ x 71″, depending on if you have the rods extended.

And even though it is easy to put together and move around, I did find that the weight of this finished product was pretty hefty for such an item: coming in at 176 pounds, this will stay put!

It looks stunning in a closet or even standing freely outside. The sturdy steel framework and the glossy, rust-resistant finish make it a winner.

One thing that irked me a bit was that I could not find the weight capacity for this particular clothing rack. The product description did not list the weight limits for the rod or the shelves.

Therefore, it’s best to err on the side of caution. However, the reviews are mostly positive, and users had no trouble getting it together and using it. With three great colors to choose from-silver, brown, and black- you can be sure that this will look right at home wherever you put it.

Key Features

  • Features two movable clothing rods and 8 storage shelves that have plastic liners
  • Easy to assemble
  • Beautiful finishes on all three options
  • Fits most standard closets

Why You Should Buy a Closet Organizer

Well, put simply, decluttering feels good. After all, think about how satisfying it is to watch Hoarders and take joy in watching their house get clean. Think about the beautiful way Marie Kondo organizes things and helps people get on track.

Those shows make us feel great for a reason-The people in them are letting go of not only the stuff they don’t need but mental issues that caused them stress and sadness.

Holding onto old clothes, shoes and things we don’t need can stress us out. We might look back at a pair of smaller jeans, for instance, and feel poorly about ourselves. I had to realize I was not in college anymore, I had a son and got married-life changes!

So, what’s my point? You should get rid of things you don’t wear or need-donate them or give them to someone who could use them. Then, organize your closet using one of these great products. You will feel great and you will be wearing things that fit and look good on you.

Pro Closet Organization Tips

Here are some handy tips to make your closets the best:

  • Keep like items together-put pants with other pants, and tops with different tops. It will make it a breeze to find the stuff you need.
  • Store items by how often you use them. Put low use items up high and put frequently used items front and center.
  • Divide your closet into zones-work clothes here, gym wear in the next zone, and street clothes in the next zone. You might even buy different color hangers to color-code the zones.

Closet Organizer Alternatives

If you don’t think that these closet organizers are for you, there are plenty of other options out there. You can buy a dresser, for instance-Amazon has lots of great options, and they can hold plenty of goods.

You can keep your foldables neat and tidy in here and then supplement it with a wheeled clothing rack. It is useful if you find an organizer won’t fit; you don’t have time to assemble it or need a different approach to keeping things clean.

Wrap Up

Now is the time to get organized! You, too, can have a closet that you can be proud of. Stop dreading opening the closet and instead opt for one of these organizers. The ability to reach in and quickly get anything and everything you need is going to be worth it!

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