Door closers are great for slowing down the doorway, but high wind can cause problems. When a door closer is forced to close faster than it should, you’ll run into mechanical problems quickly. On top of that, heavy winds can make it hard to close if it’s blowing against the door.

So, do you want to find the best door closer for high wind? If so, try out these products:

  • Wright Products Heavy-Duty Door Closer
  • Lynn Hardware Heavy-Duty Door Closer
  • Lawrence Cast-Iron Door Closer
  • Ideal Security, Inc. Door Closer
  • Touch n’ Hold Smooth Closer by Greenstar

There are plenty of choices to try out, and all of them are designed to withstand the strong forces of wind storms. You’ll be able to try out concealed, spring, and overhead door closers to figure out which one will fit your house the best. Let’s check out the details below!

The Best Door Closers for Windy Days

1. Wright Products Heavy Duty Door Closer

Concealed door closers are some of the best choices for homes because they’re out of the way. If you don’t want something that sticks out in plain sight, then the Wright Products Heavy-Duty Door Closer is the perfect choice for you. It’s designed to open up to 90-degrees, giving you a full opening without being limited.

Whether you have a metal or wood door, you’ll be able to use this product. It has a locking mechanism that works during windy days. You can lock it open or closed, giving you the ability to go in and out without a problem. You can also choose from black or white to match the color scheme of your home.

Another reason that this product is such a hot seller is that it comes pre-lubricated, saving you time and money right away. It also has an adjustable closing speed to fit your personal preferences, and a changeable latching power as well.

All in all, it’s more customizable than the vast majority of door closers on the market, so I recommend buying this product if you enjoy having things work the way you want them.


  • Concealed to keep it out of plain sight
  • Opens up to 90 degrees
  • Compatible with metal and wood doors
  • Strong stopping power for windy days

2. Lynn Hardware Heavy-Duty Door Closer

Next up is the Lynn Hardware Heavy-Duty Door Closer. Unlike the previous contender on the list, this door closer is an overhead model. You’ll be able to see it, but it’s relatively small compared to the average high-up closer that you see in businesses and office buildings. If you choose to go with this product, you can choose from black, silver, and bronze.

It comes with six different closing speeds, allowing you to set the motion without having to use multiple tools to adjust it. A simple turn will increase or decrease the speed. Customize the latching power as well with a similar function. The aluminum and cast iron body are made to be lightweight, but effective against high winds.

What makes this door closer even more worth it is that it comes with all building code requirements across the USA. If you’re worried about using it for the possibility of crossing codes, this product is a surefire way to follow the legal route. It even has corrosion resistance to fight humidity.


  • Comes in three different colors
  • Includes six speed settings and a delayed latch
  • Made out of lightweight, durable aluminum and cast iron
  • Matches all current building codes

3. Lawrence Cast Iron Door Closer

The Lawrence Cast Iron Door Closer is another fantastic overhead type that’s made from high-quality metals. You can purchase it in matte black, painted gold, aluminum silver, and dark bronze, all of which have a powdered finish. This door closer is designed to close as smoothly as possible, but it still withstands high winds.

One of the best features of this door closer is that it’s made to spring open when you push on it. Rather than being tedious and frustrating to walk through, it opens with your movement. When it’s time to close, you can set the speed to your desire. It also latches shut to secure your house, bedroom, or office space.

This door closer is the top-notch Grade 1 standard for storms, wind, and daily usage. Making it an excellent choice for any homeowner. It even passed a test that allows it to be used for 2 million cycles! Install it with the simple instructions, choose one of the six speeds, and lock it when the wind is just around the corner.


  • Spring-powered for easy opening
  • Choose from six closing speeds
  • Top-rated for wind storms
  • Usable for two million cycles

4. Ideal Security, Inc. Door Closer

If you’re worried about wind damaging your doors or their closers, then you’re in luck. The Ideal Security, Inc. Door Closer is a well-protected device that comes with a chain and multiple locking features to prevent your doorways from becoming damaged. You can remove or replace the chain as needed, or leave it off completely.

The company offers this product is brown, black, white, and aluminum to match your home’s color scheme. There’s also an adjustable speed setting to open and close at your desired pace and an adjustment feature for high wind. They even included additional screws and different sizes in case you strip your current set.

Ideal Security, Inc. has been around since the ‘50s, making this product more trustworthy than most other door closers around. You’ll also receive a one-year limited warranty in case your product arrives with missing or defective parts. Note: This bundle includes a chain and brackets, but you can also purchase the door closer by itself.


  • Includes chains and brackets to prevent wind damage
  • Adjustable speed and strength settings
  • Made by a trustworthy, well-known brand
  • Comes with heavy-duty screws

5. Touch n’ Hold Smooth Closer by Greenstar

Last but definitely not least, the Touch n’ Hold Smooth Closer by Greenstar is one of the few contenders that works for glass doors. You can also install it on wood and metal, making it incredibly diverse. It comes in a plethora of colors to match your home’s coloring, including cranberry, sandstone, almond, black, and many others.

This door closer has a smooth closing button to initiate the process, or you can unlock it to close naturally. It’s concealed, so you won’t have to worry about it taking up space around the doorway. Perhaps the most unique feature is that it doesn’t bump or bounce when it’s closing thanks to the patented design.

Much like a few other door closers on the list, the Touch n’ Hold Smooth Closer has an adjustable closing speed as well as a changeable latching force. There’s also a breakaway function that prevents your door from slamming due to high winds. Whether you’re getting it for heavy wind damage or the smooth button feature, this is a top choice for many buyers.


  • Comes with a patented smooth-closing button
  • Designed to prevent wind damage to your doorway
  • Includes a wide variety of colors
  • Adjustable latching force and closing speed


As you can see, there are plenty of door closers to choose from if you want to prevent wind damage. This list has the best of the best, so all you need to do is figure out which one is meant for you. Consider looking through the different styles and colors to make your decision, or pick the one that has the best grade. The installation is fairly simple, but you can follow this guide if you run into a problem.

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