Setting up new curtains is almost always a pleasant experience. You take them out, give them a wash, and once they’re nice and dry, you spread them open and hang them in front of your windows. Whether they are transparent, blackout, or any other type, they bring a lot of aesthetic appeal to the room. Therefore, it’s definitely not the most enjoyable sight when you see a lot of wrinkles and creases on them.

Naturally, creasing is expected with curtains, especially new ones. After all, manufacturers have to fold them during the packing process, and even the most highly skilled packers leave a wrinkle or two. And unlike clothes, you can’t always use an iron to straighten curtains — the material may just be a little too sensitive to the heat.

So, what can you do? Well, in this article, we will go over a couple of easy methods to get rid of wrinkles and creases on new curtains. And yes, these methods completely steer clear of standard ironing.

1. Steaming the Curtains

Most home decor experts and cleaners will recommend steaming your curtains, especially if they’re brand new. Of course, before you can do that, you will need to obtain a portable steamer. Luckily, you can buy them online for a reasonable price.

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The first step is to fill the steamer with distilled water and choose the appropriate setting. Once you do, start from the top of the curtain and move the steamer down, line by line. Do the same on both sides of the curtain. Since most wrinkles tend to be caused by moisture, the dry steam ought to get rid of them fairly quickly.

2. Washing the Curtains

New curtains will require a wash, just to make sure you’re hanging a clean set in front of your windows. With that in mind, put them into your washer and choose the appropriate option for the type of curtain you have. Some are made of cotton, others of linen, or even pure silk.

When you’re done with the washing, place the curtain somewhere where you can actually spread it out completely, avoiding any additional creasing. If you have a clothesline and it’s sunny outside, simply hang the curtain out to dry. For indoor drying, lay it down on a flat floor or over a stairway railing.

3. Humidity Process

The humidity process method works best for small creases. It’s similar to steaming the curtains, but it doesn’t involve any gadget that you need to buy beforehand. 

First, take your curtains and place them in your bathroom so that the creases are facing outward. Next, turn the hot water on and leave it for a few minutes. Soon enough, hot steam ought to start forming and filling up the room.

When you have enough steam, close the tap and shut the bathroom door. The captured steam will slowly smooth out the wrinkles. The process will take a while, but you’ll be more than pleased with the results.

4. Hair Dryer

Speaking of small creases, if you want a process that’s a little faster and doesn’t involve you taking the curtain down, try using a hair dryer. Any model will do, but if possible, try to use an extension that narrows the flow of air for better results.

When you plug in your hair dryer, aim directly for the wrinkles, keeping the air stream on them for a little while. Make sure to use a low-heat setting. Otherwise, you risk damaging the fabric. In a matter of minutes, the wrinkles should be all gone.

5. Letting the Curtains Hang

Some people want their wrinkles gone as soon as possible, and for them, the hair dryer method will do the trick. But if you’re not in a hurry to smooth your curtains out, you can always try the good, old ‘hang ‘em out’ approach.

Position your curtain in front of a fan or a window during a warm, sunny day. Naturally, make sure you expose as much of the curtain as possible. Then, simply let the curtain sit there for several hours, maybe even a whole day. Though it will take a while, each and every wrinkle should go away spontaneously due to the curtain’s own weight if exposed to the sun or mild air circulation.

6. Clothes Dryer

It might seem like overkill to some homeowners, but electric dryers can do wonders for wrinkled clothes. In fact, some models (like this one) specifically advertise an anti-wrinkle feature or two.

The process itself is simple enough. All you have to do is use a moist cloth or towel, placing it alongside the curtain in the dryer’s drum. Next, choose the permanent press cycle option and click the power button. The machine will do the rest; not only will the wrinkles disappear, but you’ll also have a fresh, warm, soft curtain to hang over the window.

7. Boiling Water

Steam from a hot shower will help get rid of creases, mainly due to it being at such a high temperature. Generally speaking, if hot air is present next to a moist item, that item will dry faster than usual.

So, with that in mind, how do we use boiling water to unwrinkle curtains? One way involves soaking a towel in piping-hot water and then hanging it (or just placing it) right behind the curtain. The heat that the towel retains ought to remove any creases and folds within hours.

8. Wrinkle-Release Sprays

Judging by the sales and user reviews, wrinkle-release sprays are all the rage this season. There are so many options out there to choose from, and each of them has its benefits. Some of them are even 3-in-1 options, combining anti-wrinkling with air freshening and odor removal.

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The process is rather straightforward. All you have to do is spray the desired amount of the liquid onto the wrinkled spot. Once you’re finished, you need to pull down on the curtain to help it straighten. It’s also important to spray from a distance of at least 10 inches to avoid damaging the fabric with too much liquid.

9. Saltwater Method

Sometimes, you’ll have to soak your curtain in a solution to help it straighten out. One relatively safe method involves mixing water and salt in a pot. A few tablespoons in 1 l of water will do the trick. Once you have your mixture, soak the curtain in it for about 3‒4 minutes. Once the time is up, take the curtain out and rinse off any remaining salt water so that it doesn’t seep into the fabric.

It’s vital that you use warm water for this process. Cold water will not have any effect while piping hot water can damage the fabric.

10. The Water-Vinegar Combo

Vinegar seems to have many different uses around the house, from cleaning to pickling food. For the purposes of this method, make sure to use white vinegar.

Mix an equal amount of white vinegar and warm water, then soak a towel in the mixture. Next, hang the towel behind the curtain and leave it there for a while. After the towel has dried up, remove it slowly. The wrinkles should all be gone by that point.

Make sure not to handle any open flames next to the curtains while the towel is up. Vinegar is highly flammable, and even a tiny amount can cause a massive fire that can spread via the curtains to the rest of the house.

11. Fabric Softener

If you don’t have the right type of vinegar handy, you can do the same method with the drying towel by using a fabric softener. Any brand will do, but make sure it’s liquid.

Pour 1l of warm water into a vessel and add a bit of fabric softener, then mix it all up. When you’re done, soak a towel and hang it behind the curtains. Not only will this method help you get rid of wrinkles in a short amount of time, but it will make both the curtains and the towel smell nice.

12. Hair Straightener

Hair straighteners are actually quite effective when it comes to ironing regular clothes, so they should be able to perform the same with curtains. As you would with shirts or trousers, make sure to drag the straightener along the length of the curtain, starting from top to bottom.

However, don’t use this method on curtains that are made of highly sensitive material like silk.

13. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are a great de-wrinkling tool, whether you use the standard model or the handheld portable one. All you have to do is apply the tip of the hose to the creased spot and use suction to hold it even for a while. Don’t go overboard, though, since this action can actually rip a curtain.

14. Ice Cubes

This method involves placing ice cubes into bowls and then putting them behind each half of the curtain. Of course, when removing the bowls, make sure to part the curtains slowly. That way, you won’t knock down the water in the bowls and get the fabric all wet.

De-Wrinkling Curtains In a Nutshell

Ironing curtains may be an effective way to do away with wrinkles and creases, but it doesn’t always work. Hopefully, this article has helped you decide on the best supplementary method of wrinkle removal. All it takes is some effort and ingenuity, and your curtains will be straight and smooth as silk.

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