There are many different reasons to purchase an air mattress, and there are almost as many different sizes of air mattresses. If you buy an air mattress for a spare bedroom or temporary bed, then a queen-size mattress might be your best option.

The dimensions for the queen-size air mattress vary between 56-62 inches wide to 76-80 inches long and anywhere from 9-25 inches deep.

So, let’s discuss the specifics of queen air mattresses and why you might want to choose a queen size. I’ll tell you about the most common dimensions for a queen-size air mattress and give you some recommendations based on size and weight so you can find the best one for you!

How Big Are Queen-Size Air Mattresses?

A queen-size air mattress might be a good option if you are looking for a more comfortable option during a camping trip and have a large enough tent. These mattresses are also easier to pack away than larger varieties, making them perfect for people who occasionally have visitors.

Queen-size air mattresses are generally 60x80x9 inches. However, there are several different heights, and they can be up to 25 inches thick.

A larger air mattress, such as a queen-size one, is typically best for a spare bedroom rather than camping simply because most tents will not accommodate the larger air mattress. However, if you have a large tent, nothing beats having all the room and thickness a queen-size air mattress offers.

Queen-Size Air Mattress Dimensions Vary by Brand

Unlike regular beds, air mattress sizes can vary.

Most of the time, the mattress’s thickness is what will change the most by brand. However, the length and width can also be different, usually ranging from 70 to 80 inches long. In some cases, it can be as short as 52 inches.

Coleman air mattresses are one of the better brands. You can pick up an excellent Coleman queen-size air mattress on Amazon for around $70-$140. There are, of course, less expensive options; however, if you plan on any long-term use, it is a good idea to spend a little bit more money. Intex and Beautyrest are also good options for longer-term use.

Enerplex is another good brand. They offer considerable height differences for their queen-size air mattress, ranging between 9-18 inches. They also provide a high-speed, built-in pump, making airing up even a queen-size bed quick.

Examples of Queen Air Mattresses With Different Dimensions

When it comes to affordability, you do not have to sacrifice quality. There are excellent brands of air mattresses, some with manufacturer warranties, all offering queen air mattresses with different dimensions.

So, let’s look at the best queen air mattresses and find one with dimensions and features that fit your needs. All of these mattresses are available on Amazon, so check them out if one interests you: 

Queen Size Coleman Camping Cot: Best For Camping

If you’re looking for a queen-size air mattress for camping, I highly recommend the Queen Size Coleman Camping Cot. I personally love this one because it has a built-in cot.

It comes at only 59″L x 22″W x 78″T. However, weighing in at almost 42 pounds, it is not light, so it’s best for “glamping” or car camping.

Coleman Camping Cots for Adults with Camping Air Mattress, Folding Air...
  • AirTight system is factory-tested to be leak-free
  • ComfortStrong coil system provides better support for...
  • Double Lock valve is dual-sealed to be leak-free
  • Included 4D pump for easy inflation and deflation,...

Beautyrest Hi Loft: Best For House Guests

The Beautyrest Hi Loft comes in at 80″L x 60″W x 17″T, making it one of the largest queen-size mattresses on the market. Its extra length and thickness make it ideal for a truly comfortable night of sleep, so it’s perfect for guests.

However, it packs down incredibly small and only weighs 11 lbs, so it won’t take up too much room when everyone leaves!

Beautyrest Hi-Loft Inflatable Mattress: Raised-Profile Air Bed with External...
  • Queen size mattress is the solution for when you need a...
  • Features a vertical beam construction with built in...
  • Lower angle beam construction creates a 2" recessed...
  • Plush velveteen sleep surface prevents sheets from...

Coleman SupportRest Double High: Best For Long-Term Use

The Coleman SupportRest Double High might not be as big as the Beautyrest, but it’s superbly comfortable and has some convenient features that make it ideal for long-term sleeping.

Its dimensions are 78”L x 60”W x 18”T, giving you an extra thick mattress for supreme comfort. It also has a suede top, which helps keep your sheets on and adds support where you need it most.

The best part of this mattress is its built-in pump, making for easy stowing and blowing up whenever you’re ready to get a great night’s sleep.

Coleman SupportRest Double-High 18" Queen Air Mattress with Built-In AC Pump |...
  • KEEP YOUR PILLOW IN PLACE: The Coleman SupportRest...
  • FEATURES THE AIRTIGHT SYSTEM: Once you find the perfect...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: The Support Lock reinforced...
  • QUEEN SIZE: The dimensions of this airbed are 78" x 60"...

Do Queen-Size Sheets Fit Queen-Size Air Mattresses?

Most queen-size sheets fit queen air mattresses, but if your air mattress is particularly thick, you may need king or deep-pocket queen sheets. Even the longest and widest queen air mattresses can fit in queen sheets, but some double-high air mattresses may be too thick for the pockets.

Why Use an Air Mattress?

An air mattress is an excellent choice if you need a temporary bed because you are traveling or having visitors. While most of the manufacturers recommend against full-time use of an air mattress, many people do use them daily for the bed instead of a more expensive traditional mattress.

Depending on why you want an air mattress can factor into the size you end up with. While the dimensions on the queen-size bed may not vary, the amount of weight you put on the mattress could. Most queen-size mattresses can handle up to 600 lbs, with a few capable of holding up to 700 lbs.

If you recently moved or are planning on moving, or if you know that your residence is going to be temporary, an air mattress may be a good option. The versatile nature of the bed, the ability to store it easily, and the ability to quickly inflate or deflate most brands make it a favorite for many travelers.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of different brands of air mattresses available. While the dimensions aren’t that different from one brand to another, they vary slightly.

Choosing the best one for your needs comes down to deciding which brand you like best, what extras are essential, how you plan to use it, and how much you are willing to spend.

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