When you finally purchase that nightstand you have long looked for to hold your nighttime essentials, you may be disappointed to find that you need to adjust its height. Perhaps when sitting up in bed, you notice that it’s a bit too close to the ground for you to be able to use it comfortably.

Raising your nightstand, even by just a few inches, can help make it much more practical, allowing you to get better use out of it. If you are not satisfied with the height of your nightstand, you should consider adjusting it now rather than waiting. The general guideline is that your nightstand should be between 2-and 4 inches above the top of your mattress.

In this article, I will dive into some of the most practical ways to make your nightstand taller.

1. Put It on Top of Other Furniture

If your nightstand is too short for your bed, an excellent way to adjust it would be to put it on top of other furniture. This can help raise the height of your nightstand and also help you more efficiently use furniture in your room if you are tight on space. Here are a few pieces that might be well-suited for this purpose:

  • Shoe organizer. If your shoe organizer is made of a strong material such as wood or metal, is flat, and is approximately the same size as your nightstand, then placing your nightstand on top of your shoe organizer will make the former taller and help create more space in your room. Your shoe organizer will now be nicely placed in a convenient area where it’s not taking up more space in your room.
  • Bookshelf. Similarly, you may notice that your bookshelf is the appropriate size and material to place underneath your nightstand. This will also help clear up space in your room and complement the nightstand well, as the two pieces of furniture might look as an extension of each other, adding a nice touch to the aesthetic of your room.
  • Drawers. Another piece of furniture that can go underneath your nightstand is your dresser drawer. Drawers tend to be built with sturdy materials such as wood or metal and can easily support the weight of a nightstand. If they’re the proper shape, they will also look great under your nightstand and will keep your room looking organized.

As you might’ve gathered by now, it’s essential that you first examine the material and shape of the furniture that will go underneath your nightstand. You want to choose something practical, and also something that is aesthetically pleasing. Ideally, it will be the same material, color, and general shape. This will ensure that the furniture you’ve chosen and your nightstand don’t clash with each other.

2. Add a Wooden Base to the Bottom

Perhaps the furniture that you have in your room doesn’t quite fit with your nightstand in terms of shape, material, or color. You may decide that you want to look for something that fits better with your nightstand. If this is the case, another option is to place a wooden base underneath your nightstand. Wood is a good choice because it is simple and also there are several color and style options with wood. There are many different advantages to using a wooden base.

First of all, when choosing this approach, the options are virtually endless. Here are a few ways to add a wooden base to your nightstand.

  • Make it yourself. Suppose you want a sturdy wooden block as a base. In that case, you can make one yourself. As long as you are comfortable using basic tools and have the time to do so, making your own wooden base for your nightstand could be a good option. It requires a few simple materials and tools. By making your own wooden base, you can ensure that the dimensions and material used are tailored to your liking.
  • Buy a wooden block. Another option to add a wooden base to your nightstand if you don’t want to make your own is to buy one that fits your required specifications.
  • Many hardware stores will sell you a wooden block cut to your desired size. If you bring in the proper measurements, an assistant at the hardware store can help you find the appropriate wooden base for your nightstand. The advantage of doing so is that you’ll get to choose the type of wood to use. You can even choose to paint the base to match your nightstand if you wish.
  • Use a wooden crate. You may find yourself in need of an even easier solution for a wooden base for your nightstand. Another great choice is a finished wooden crate. Place the crate upside down underneath your nightstand so that your nightstand rests on the flat surface of the crate. Look for a solid wooden crate in good shape, like second-hand wooden boxes at grocery stores. You could even get these for free.

Adding a wooden base underneath your nightstand may be one of the best ways to adjust the height of your nightstand. The advantage of adding a wooden base to your nightstand instead of using a piece of furniture is you can make your base according to your liking.

You can measure out the proper dimensions and take the time to find your preferred wood type and color. You may also choose to paint or add color to your wooden base, or even varnish it to make it look sleek and modern.

If you’re feeling like making your wooden base, but you’re unsure of how to go about building your own wooden base, here’s a great guide you could follow:

3. Place Something on Top of Your Nightstand

Some people prefer to keep the natural, original look of their nightstand. For this reason, they might be reluctant to put something underneath it for fear of it looking strange. Another option is to place something on top of your nightstand that will make it taller and more practical to use.

Placing items on top of your nightstand is a great option because it helps you also add a personal touch to your nightstand.

There are many options you can choose from when it comes to items to place on top of your nightstand to make it taller. Here are a few of them:

  • Large, decorative books. You may have a few large, decorative books that you can place flat down on top of your nightstand. Decorative books can help add height and some style to your furniture. You can add a personal touch by adding books of interest to you, such as design, photos, or atlas books. This way people can get a sense of things that are important to you just by looking at your books. 
  • Single drawer. You might want to add a significant amount of height to your nightstand. In this case, you can add a full drawer. One good option is this Primo Supply Wooden Single Drawer Unit on Amazon. Not only will it add height to your nightstand, but you will also be able to store additional items inside the drawer.
  • Glass panes. If you don’t want to change the look of your nightstand drastically, consider adding glass panes on top of your nightstand. One option is the SimbaLux Acrylic Plexiglass Sheet. With this glass pane, you can add half an inch to your nightstand. You can even stack several if you want to make your nightstand significantly taller.

Adding material on the top of your nightstand is an excellent option for making it taller without drastically changing the way it looks. A bonus is that when you add something to the top of your nightstand, it can be something personal or decorative that adds your style to the piece of furniture instead of taking away from its looks.

4. Use a Furniture Riser on the Bottom

One of the more traditional ways to make your nightstand taller is to use a furniture riser. Furniture risers are a good option because they will often fit nicely with your furniture. There are different types and styles of furniture risers. For a nightstand, there are three options that might be best suited to your needs. These are castors, bun feet, or traditional furniture risers.


Casters are an excellent choice for adding height to your nightstand. A caster is a wheel with a bracket on it to attach to any piece of furniture with a flat surface. There are a few different types of casters, and you want to choose one that is right for your nightstand. You can choose between a rigid and swivel caster to connect to your nightstand.

The advantage of using a caster to add height to your nightstand is that it will also allow you to move your nightstand quickly. Instead of having to lift your nightstand if you want to move it, you’ll be able to roll it.

This feature can be useful if you want to move your nightstand from one side of the bed to the other. Not to mention how much it can facilitate the cleaning process, as your furniture will be easy to roll out of the way when you want to clean behind it.

Bun Feet

Bun feet are a particularly popular style of furniture riser. They are typically slightly rounded and have tiny legs attached to furniture to add height. You can find bun feet at most major hardware stores.

They are relatively easy to attach to the bottom of your nightstand. Many nightstands already have bun feet on the bottom, so all you have to do is unscrew the old bun feet and screw in your new, taller bun feet.

Bun feet are designed to complement many home furnishings. They are a great aesthetic option for adding height and style to your nightstand. You can also paint or decorate yours to match your nightstand’s color and style.

Furniture Risers

The last option is traditional furniture risers. While these are typically not as stylish, they can be very effective for raising the height of a piece of furniture. One specific advantage of using conventional furniture risers is that many are adjustable. You can make them taller or shorter depending on your needs.

The ability to adjust your furniture risers is a great advantage if you ever want to lower or raise your nightstand again. These Utopia Bedding Adjustable Bed Furniture Risers can be adjusted between 3, 5, or 8 inches and are perfect for placing underneath your nightstand to add height. The best part is they don’t require any tools or screws, and you simply place them beneath your nightstand.

5. Pay a Carpenter to Fix Your Nightstand

If you’re concerned about what different components underneath or on top of your nightstand may do to its aesthetic, you might want to consider hiring a carpenter to fix the height of your nightstand. A professional carpenter can add legs onto the bottom of your furniture to give it additional height.

The advantage of hiring a carpenter to make your nightstand taller is that you can ensure that it will look stylish and aesthetically pleasing. The carpenter can take exact measurements to raise the nightstand to the precise level that you would like. Additionally, the carpenter can help you choose the right material and color that would best complement the rest of your furniture.

This option will surely be the most expensive of them all, but it will likely yield the best results. The average cost of hiring a carpenter can range anywhere from $35 to $90 per hour. If cost is not an issue for you, paying a carpenter is an excellent way to ensure a high-quality fix to your nightstand. They will design legs or an apparatus to ensure your nightstand is exactly to your liking.

6. Lower Your Bed Stand

If you are uncomfortable making changes to your nightstand for fear of ruining the way it looks, the last option is to lower your bed. There are two main ways to do this; shorten the bed stand legs or take the mattress off the bed stand entirely.

Shorten the Bed Stand Legs

You can shorten the bed stand legs on your bed if they’re adjustable. Many bed stands come with adjustable, metal legs that you can shorten or make taller. If you want your nightstand to be higher next to your bed, simply shorten the legs to the desired height.

If your bed frame does not have adjustable legs, you can cut the bed legs to the appropriate height. This option will only work if you have a wooden bed frame or material to cut.

Cutting your bed stand legs may sound complicated, but it is relatively simple:

  1. Measure your bed and nightstand height.
  2. Decide how much shorter you want your bed to be.
  3. Using a tape measure or ruler, mark where you need to cut the legs on your bed frame.
  4. Cut off the excess bed legs using a saw.

Take the Bed off the Bed Stand

If shortening the bed stand legs seems too complicated, either because you cannot cut the material or the bed stand does not have adjustable legs, another option is to take your mattress off your bed frame.

Perhaps you notice that your bed frame is extremely high, and even raising your nightstand with any of the tricks mentioned above will not bring it to the appropriate level.

You can place your mattress directly on the floor. You can also place a wooden plank underneath it. This will allow your mattress to have something firm underneath to support it and ensure that it’s still close to the ground.

This way, your nightstand is guaranteed to be taller than your bed and at an appropriate height. Placing your mattress on the floor also helps if you have a small room in general, as it’s an approach that can open up some space and make the whole area look sizier.

To Sum Up

Here are some of the best approaches you can use to make your nightstand taller:

  • Put your nightstand on top of other furniture, such as a shoe organizer or drawers.
  • Add a wooden base or block underneath your nightstand.
  • Place something on top of your nightstand, such as decorative books or a glass pane.
  • Install a furniture riser, bun feet, or casters to the bottom of your nightstand.
  • Pay a carpenter to add legs to your nightstand.
  • Lower your bed.

Most of these choices are cost-efficient and fixes you can do yourself.

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