You had an accidental spill while fueling up your car and now you can’t get rid of the gas smell? It happens to the best of us. The only important thing is that you act fast because the gas odor is not only unpleasant but it can also be dangerous. So, you should eliminate it immediately. Thankfully, I have a couple of great tips that will help you get rid of the gas smell from both your hands and your clothes in no time!

Can Gasoline Smell Harm You?

Yes, gasoline smell can be harmful. That’s because it contains many dangerous chemicals that can seriously affect your health.

Gasoline can be dangerous even when you’re just inhaling it. Furthermore, in case you smell it on your hands, chances are that there are gas particles still on your skin. When your skin comes in contact with these dangerous chemicals, they can cause irritation, inflammation, peeling, and even burns, pain, and temporary loss of vision.

Thus, if you smell gas on your hands, you should get rid of the odor as soon as possible. In addition, you should avoid touching your face and eyes before you eliminate the gas particles from your skin.

9 Easy Tips for Getting Gas Smell off Your Hands

As I previously mentioned, the smell of gasoline has the ability to seriously harm your health, so you should get rid of it immediately. Luckily, I have great tips that will help you get the gas smell off your hands quickly and easily:

1. Use White Vinegar

If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, then you’re certainly familiar with the amazing cleaning properties of white vinegar. Besides being an effective cleaning solution, vinegar is also great for getting rid of unpleasant smells. In fact, I have an article about the best carpet deodorizers, and a white vinegar solution is one of them.

So, it comes as no surprise that this acid is at the top of my list of the best ways to remove the smell of gasoline. This solution works by breaking apart the bonds that hold the gasoline so that the residue is easier to remove.

Aside from being an effective odor-remover, another important reason why vinegar is a great solution to your problem is the fact that you don’t have to mix it with anything else in order for it to work. Therefore, you should just soak your hands in plain white vinegar, rub the solution well, and leave it on for about a minute. 

After that, you should rinse it off with water and dry out your hands with a towel. You can also add a bit of hand soap in order to make sure that the vinegar is completely rinsed off.

In case you are worried that the smell of gas will linger, I promise you it won’t. The scent will disappear as soon as you dry out your hands.

2. Make a Mixture Out of Salt and Dish Detergent

Another great solution for removing the unpleasant gasoline smell is a mixture of salt and dish detergent. Salt has great odor-removing properties whereas the dish detergent has the ability to break down the chemical bonds of gasoline.  By mixing these two together, you are actually making a scrub that will effectively remove both the dirt and the odor from your hands.

Before you start cleaning, you should put one or two teaspoons of regular table salt into a cup or a bowl and set it aside. Then, you should pour a smaller amount of dish detergent all over your hands. After that, you’ll need to put the salt from a cup on your hands and scrub the mixture into your palms and fingers.

You can leave the mixture for a minute or two before rinsing it off thoroughly with water. If you failed to remove the odor on the first try, you can repeat the process a couple of times.

After you’re done, your hands will not only be odor-free, but they will also be smooth and soft. That’s because salt has great exfoliating abilities.

3. Wash Your Hands With Lemon Juice

Citric acid in the lemon can be really helpful in getting rid of the gasoline smell. Furthermore, the lemon scent is pleasant, so you don’t have to worry about removing it from your hands.

The process of using lemon juice to remove the odor is easy. You will have to squeeze the juice from a lemon and then mix it with the same amount of water. Then, you should rub the mixture into your palms and fingers for about a minute.

The last step is rinsing your hands with water. You can also use a hand wash to remove the remaining juice. Lemon can’t hurt your skin, so you can repeat the whole process as many times as you need to in order to completely get rid of the gasoline smell.

However, in case you have scratches or new wounds on your hands, lemon juice can cause a stinging sensation. Since the process might not be the most pleasant one, it’s best that you avoid this tip and move on to the next one.

4. Make a Paste Out of Baking Soda

As you probably know, baking soda has great deodorizing properties. That is why a paste out of baking soda is another good solution for removing gas odor.

To make a baking soda paste, you’ll need to put one part of baking soda with three parts of water in a bowl or a cup. You should mix this solution well and then apply it onto your hands. You’ll have to rub it for about a minute or two before you rinse it with water. Baking soda can’t harm your skin, so you can repeat this process a couple of times.

5. Try Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract will effectively get rid of the gasoline odor and leave your hands smelling amazing! To make a mixture with vanilla, you will need to put a few drops of the extract into half a cup of water.

You can add as many drops as you want. However, I advise you to not go overboard, since there’s a chance that you won’t be able to figure out whether the smell of gas is gone or not.

After mixing vanilla extract and water, you should put the solution onto your hands and rub them together. It’s best that you rub for a minute or two, and then check if the odor has disappeared. Then, you will only need to wash your hands with water and soap, dry them with a towel, and you’re good to go!

6. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol has the ability to remove- grease and dirt from the skin, as well as neutralize a strong smell. It’s best that you buy 80-90% one or use a hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are also a great solution for removing odors.

You’ll need to pour a generous amount of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer on your hands and rub them until the alcohol disappears. You can repeat the process as many times as you need.

7. Soak Your Hands in Hydrogen Peroxide

Another way to get rid of the gas odor is to soak your hands in hydrogen peroxide. This solution has cleaning and disinfecting properties, but it can be harmful to the skin when used for too long. So, keep that in mind and wash your hands in case you notice irritation.

To prepare this solution, you should make a mixture of one part of hydrogen peroxide and three parts of water in a bigger bowl. Then, you should soak your hands in the mixture for a couple of minutes, and you’re done.

8. Buy Mechanic Soap

In case working with gas was a one-time thing, there is no reason to buy mechanic soap since my solutions above will do a good enough job. However, if you’re a mechanic, purchasing a special soap that will effectively remove grease and odors is a good investment. You can keep it near your work station and use it every day.

If you want to buy a mechanic soap, but you don’t know which one to choose, I have a couple of products that you should check out. The first one is GOJO Natural Industrial Hand Cleaner.

The cleaner contains pumice scrubbers that will effectively remove dirt, grease, and oils from your hands. This soap comes in a travel-size bottle and a full-sized one, which contains a gallon of the product. Even if you opt for a bigger bottle, it will be convenient to use since it comes with a pump.

Another great product that you should check out is a soap made by Grease Monkey. It is a natural exfoliating soap with charcoal that will quickly remove any grease and odors from your skin.

Grip Clean Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is an effective hand wash that you can use with or without water. It’s highly concentrated and contains small particles of pumice that are not harsh for your skin. This product is natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals or solvents. Therefore, it’s safe for everyday use.

The last cleaner on my list is The Original Tough Nut Hand Cleaner. This hand wash will remove any paint, oil, and grease from your hands as well as get rid of any unpleasant smell. The product won’t dry or crack your hands even if you use it without water.

9. Purchase a Product That’s Made Specifically for Getting Rid of Gas Smell

If you’ve tried everything from my list and you can still smell gasoline on your hands, you may need something that is made specifically for getting rid of the gas smell. The best product on the market is Briggs and Stratton Gas Off Spray.

This spray will effectively remove the unpleasant gas odor as well as residue. Furthermore, it’s non-toxic and safe for your skin.

How to Get Rid of the Gas Smell From Your Clothes

You probably know that gasoline is flammable. Thus, if your clothes are soaked in gas, you should throw them away immediately.

On the other hand, in case you have smaller gas spills on your shirt or pants, the situation is a bit different. There is a way to salvage your clothes and eliminate the odor.

1. Hang Your Clothes for 24h

The first step is to hang your clothes on a clothesline or anywhere else where they can air out and get dry. You should wait at least 24 hours before taking them off.

2. Soak Them in Vinegar

There is a chance that the smell will disappear after a day of air drying your clothing. However, in case the gas odor is still there, you should soak them in vinegar.

You can pour a larger amount of vinegar into a tub or sink. Then, put your smelly items in there and let them sit for an hour or two. After that, you should hang them again so that they can air dry.

3. Wash Your Clothes on the Hot Cycle

After your clothes are completely dry, the next step is putting a bit of dish soap on the stain. Then, you’ll need to wash everything in the washing machine on the hot cycle.

It’s best that you don’t put clothing that isn’t stained with gas in the machine. After the washing process is done, the only thing left is to let your clothes air dry again and the gas smell will be completely gone.

Remove the Gas Smell as Soon as Possible

A lingering gas smell can not only be annoying, but it can also cause serious health issues. That is why it’s vital that you get rid of it immediately. Even though it might seem hard to believe, eliminating the odor can be done in just a couple of minutes! So, you should get to the job as soon as you can.

I hope that you found my tips helpful and that you are now free of the unpleasant odor. If you are interested in reading more articles like this one, you should definitely stay on my website.

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