We can all agree that spiders are one of the most feared and hated species of insects out there. And even though most spiders are harmless, a few species can hurt humans, even when unprovoked.

However, while most people try to avoid spiders at all costs, others don’t shy away from killing them. But that begs the question of whether you should kill spiders, and more importantly, whether doing so attracts more. Let’s find out!

Should I Kill Spiders?

Like any creature, spiders have an important place in the ecosystem. More specifically, in nature, spiders regulate the density of other invertebrate herbivores and predators due to their broad appetites. And, by consuming agricultural pests, such as beetles, caterpillars, and leafhoppers, spiders reduce crop damage. When it comes to households, spiders help by eating other insects that could harm or pester humans, like mosquitoes, flies, and bugs.

Therefore, it’s easy to see why most scientists don’t recommend killing spiders, even if they are present inside our homes. As a matter of fact, research shows that without spiders, humanity would face widespread famine and would eventually go extinct. Unfortunately, few people can control their fear when faced with a spider, which usually leads to the spider’s death.

Does Killing a Spider Attract More?

Most people know that killing some insects has a tendency to attract other members of the same species. For instance, whenever you kill a bee, there’s a high chance that a couple more will show up soon and check the remains of their brethren. Things take an even scarier turn when their queen gets killed, as thousands of bees will flock towards it.

However, spiders aren’t as family-minded as bees and spend most of their life alone, hunting and fending for themselves. As a result, they’ll not seek out other spiders, regardless if they are dead or alive. So you don’t have to worry about dealing with an army of spiders after killing the one that’s pestering you at night.

Nevertheless, a spider’s carcass has the potential to attract other insects, and, in some circumstances, other species of spiders. As an example, the brown recluse spider has a tendency to scavenge the dead bodies of other insects. Therefore, it is possible they could be attracted to another spider’s carcass, even though the possibility is fairly low.

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How to Get Rid of Spiders Without Killing Them

As previously mentioned, you should do your best to avoid killing spiders as they are extremely useful. However, it’s hard to deny the fact that some spiders are simply too annoying or even dangerous to ignore. But, if you find yourself dealing with spiders, there are a variety of ways to get rid of them without actually using lethal force.

Peppermint Spray

Peppermint is a spider’s worst nightmare, making it a perfect anti-spider solution. All you need to do is fill a spray bottle with water and add 25 drops of peppermint oil. Then, spray the mixture throughout your place or directly near a spider and watch it run as fast as it can away from your home. And best of all, you can find peppermint essential oils at most local or eCommerce stores, so no need to worry about that.

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Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is very similar to peppermint spray and is hated by insects, especially spiders. Just repeat the same procedure as the one explained above, and replace peppermint with eucalyptus. Not only will spraying this around your home help you get rid of spiders, but it will also prevent them from coming back.

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Vinegar is the most accessible and used home remedy for spider infestations. So, if you are dealing with spiders, just add half a bottle of vinegar to half a bottle of water and spray it all-around your house. And, if you want to take things even further, you can place vinegar bowls in dark corners or areas in your house where spiders tend to hang out.

Red Night Lights

Generally speaking, insects are attracted to bright lights. However, spiders are the opposite, as they prefer dark environments and have a hard time handling light. As a result, you can use a dark red night light to make certain rooms uninhabitable for spiders. You can also use red night lights in combination with any of the previously mentioned methods for more effectiveness.

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The Bottom Line

Overall, while killing a spider won’t attract more, it’s always a good idea to avoid doing it entirely. And thanks to all sorts of nonlethal methods, anyone can get rid of spiders without hurting them. So, next time you encounter a spider, think twice about stepping on it, as one day, that spider could save you from a mosquito or other pest.

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