Having a room with no windows will present a bit of a problem. During the summer, you might find that rooms such as this will get uncomfortably hot. This can wind up making it very tough to enjoy being in the room. If this room in your home is a place that you want to be able to use regularly, then you might be looking for a cooling solution that will work for you.

There are a few different ways that you can go about trying to cool a room that doesn’t have windows. Today, I am going to list nine different things that you can do to cool rooms such as this. It should give you some ideas that you’ll be able to implement in your own home. Take a look at all of the different ways to cool the room below before deciding which ones will work best for your situation.

9 Ways to Cool a Room With No Windows

1. Strategically Angle Fans

One of the best ways to cool down a room with no windows is to simply strategically angle two fans. You might not be aware of this little trick, but it’s possible to push air throughout your home. If you have an air conditioner in another room, then you could try to push the air to that room using the fans. This isn’t that hard to pull off and it can actually make a difference.

There are ways that you can angle fans to help when you don’t have an air conditioner either. For example, you can open a window in another room to cool things down some. Using the angled fan trick, you can try to push the cooler air toward the room that doesn’t have any windows. It should work to cool things down a bit.

2. Install a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are very useful for helping to circulate air. If you need to cool things down and make things a bit more pleasant, then installing a ceiling fan is a logical choice. You’ll be able to install a good ceiling fan that will be able to help you cool down a bit. This can actually be more helpful than you might think it would be, too.

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You see, ceiling fans can push hot air around so that it doesn’t just stay in one place and make things hotter. You can also use this in conjunction with other methods on this list. It’ll help to push the air around the room and make things more efficient. Definitely consider installing a ceiling fan if you want to change things for the better.

3. Use Some Ice and Fans to Cool Things Down

This method might seem a bit funny to you at first, but it’ll actually cool the room down some. You can use a normal fan and place it in front of some ice. You should buy or make a lot of ice to start things off. Place the ice in a bowl that is large enough to hold everything once it melts into liquid form and then put it in front of the fan.

The fan will blow air over the ice and this should help to cool things down a bit in the room. If you sit somewhat close to the fan, then this is definitely going to provide you with relief on a hot summer day. It isn’t exactly a replacement for true air conditioning, but it’s better than nothing. This works better than you’d think and it’s worth a shot if you want to cool things down some.

4. Portable Evaporative Coolers Are Also Useful

If you like the idea of using ice and a fan, then you might find this option even better. Portable evaporative coolers are very easy to use and they can help to cool things down a lot more than just a simple fan. These units look very similar to a standing fan, but they cool things down by releasing evaporated water or ice into the air. You simply place cold water or ice into the tank and this unit is going to evaporate it to cool down your room.

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The cold mist that this cooler is able to create really does feel quite refreshing. Depending on your needs, this might be one of the most affordable ways to keep yourself cool during the summer. These units work great and you’re going to be able to feel much more pleasant if you have one of these in a windowless room. It’s an option that is well worth looking into.

5. Install an Air Conditioner in Your Wall

Another important thing to know is that you can install an air conditioner in your wall. This is only going to be possible if the room has a wall that leads to the outside. The air conditioner needs to be able to vent outside to work properly. These special types of “through-the-wall” air conditioners will work just like window air conditioning units.

This is one of the most practical ways to cool down a room with no windows. The installation process isn’t easy, but it’ll definitely do the job. Depending on whether you’re willing to install a unit in your wall, this might be the only solution that you need. Weigh your options because there are other things that you can do as well.

6. Use a Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioners are really convenient due to the fact that they don’t need to be installed in windows to work properly. The only potential problem is that these units do have a hose that needs to be fed to a window to vent out the hot air. You can use this in a windowless room by running the hose through the wall and into another room. This will allow you to vent the air conditioner using another window while keeping the portable air conditioning unit in the room with no windows.

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It isn’t the easiest solution due to needing to extend the venting hose into another room. Even so, this is going to be a cost-effective way to cool down your room. These units don’t cost a lot of money and they work really well once you get things set up. This could make it very cool in the room even during hot summer days, so it’s worth your consideration.

7. Install a Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless air conditioners are also an option for you to think about. These units can give you a very similar experience to that of central air without having to use ducts. Basically, there are going to be two air conditioning units making this happen. There is an indoor unit that’ll be mounted on the wall and an exterior unit that acts as the condenser powering the machine.

These are fairly simple to install and you don’t need to make a very big hole in your wall to get it to work. A hole that is about three inches should be enough to connect the necessary pipe between the two units. Once you’ve mounted the interior unit and set everything up, you’ll be able to enjoy significantly cooler temperatures in the room. 

8. Keep Appliances Off

Now it’s time to look at some practical ways to reduce the temperature in the room. If you don’t want to go through with installing different types of air conditioning units, then it’s a good idea to keep appliances off whenever possible. Using appliances can raise the temperature in the room and every little bit counts when you’re trying to make things comfortable. Stoves, ovens, computers, televisions, and other appliances will give off heat and make things a bit hotter in the room.

Of course, it might not always be practical to have the appliances off in a room. You want to be able to use the room comfortably and normally, so this might not be an ideal solution. It’s still smart to be mindful of how many appliances you’re using. Knowing that they can impact the temperature of the room should keep you from going overboard.

9. Replace Your Incandescent Lights

In case you aren’t aware, incandescent lights give off heat. These lights run a lot hotter than other types of lights and they’re only going to make things worse in your windowless room. You can mitigate these problems by going ahead and replacing all of your incandescent lights. Using fluorescent lamps or LED lights will be a much better alternative.

More on Making Your Windowless Room Cooler

You don’t have to simply put up with living and sleeping in a windowless room. This room shouldn’t have to be a waste of space simply due to the fact that it lacks windows. It’s totally possible to cool this room down and to use it comfortably even during the summer months. All of the above ways to cool down a room will work nicely, so give them a shot and you’ll be pleased with the results.

Being able to cool a windowless room down substantially is important. No one wants to spend time in hot rooms and it can even be dangerous to do so when the summer temperatures reach their apex. Take the right steps to cool down your room today. It won’t take a lot of effort and there are options that will work nicely for any budget.

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